Musing About Tekken Revolution and the Next Canon Tekken

Ah, Tekken. It’s been so freakin’ long since the last good one- in my book, that was Tekken 6. That was the last time I was excited and addicted to playing this fighter- in arcades and on my PS3, trying to master Bound combos, unlocking customizations and dressing up my fighters as silly or as sexy as I could (as could be allowed by the customizations, that is).

Then came Tekken Tag Tournament 2, with its noob-unfriendly complicated fighting system, maddening cutbacks to the customization, the loss of everyone’s individuality in terms of intros and win animations, the setting aside of the canon storyline from T6 (leaving us hanging with what has since happened to the Zaibatsu-G Corp War and the fate of Jin Kazama after the events in the Scenario Campaign storyline) and basically just putting Tekken at its current tenuous situation.

Yeah, you may say I’m being overly negative with TTT2- to be honest, I don’t hate the game, but it sorely disappointed me in that it could have been so much more, but the content just went off in some off directions. In any case, if the game was successful, then why has it since been abandoned by the Tekken Team after launch, with them putting all their focus since on the atrocious F2P Tekken Revolution?

I am hoping though that Tekken Revo, as much as I dislike it and have refused to get into it- is a sign of a return to classic Tekken. Classic meaning single player focused play. Yes, Harada talked before of how TTT2 changed the game landscape of the franchise and how many supposed that tag team play would remain in any future Tekken titles- but that was a different time. Tag Team play has since proven to be unpopular save to the elite players who master the complex combos. Tekken Revo was a return, a back-to-basics game… and perhaps something to prepare the public and the gamers for the next and canon Iron Fist.

When the next Tekken- ideally Tekken 7 (Tekken X SF will probably be a separate entity altogether, although I am indeed intrigued and expactant of that)- it will be a deeper, more involved Tekken Revo. Redo the graphics and elevate it to Next-Gen quality, redo the animations as Tekken 6 did for Tekken 5/DR, give everyone on the roster updated looks and return/update their individual styles, intros, win animations. Get back into the storyline and fill out the game with the requisite single player and multiplayer modes- Arcade, Story, Team Battle, Survival, Team Attack and such. Make space for a fan service mode. Give the CG endings more length AND substance this time, and not just incomprehensible or pretentious shit too- just TELL the character stories. Push the plot forward.

New characters- I say add some of the new concepts talked about recently into T7 instead of wasting them on TR. Vampire Girl? Fine. Tekken Force Lady? Sure. Ganryu Girl? Why not. Salmon? Are you goddamn crazy?

I am not sure when the next canon Tekken will arrive. I think for sure it will arrive on PS4 and XBox One, as part of the 2nd or 3rd generation of games on the systems. The Japanese devs are just playing it safe and making sure of the installed user base. But inevitably, they’ll come.

Hoping I look back on this article to see I was right on at least a couple of things. Anyway, till then, I’ll still be playing Tekken 6 on my PS3.

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