Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Marie Rose DLC Confirmed for March

The Loli Cometh.

Team Ninja Producer Yosuke Hayashi just confirmed at the recent JAEPO (Japan Arcade Expo) that Marie Rose, the currently arcade-only additional fighter to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, will hit consoles next month. Details though are as yet vague- we don’t know if she’ll be free or paid DLC. I expect though that other regions will get the petite warrior soon after Japan does, if not at more or less the same time.
Can’t say I’m that excited for Marie Rose’s arrival, but a new fighter is a new fighter. There has already been rumor of another new fighter to be added to DOA5U (arcade first, apparently), which is again causing speculations to run in the DOA forums. It is rumored to be an existing character, which makes me hope it’s another VF fighter- perhaps Aoi? Or maybe Eileen to have a similarly-sized partner for Marie Rose? Heheh. We’ll see.

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