Skullgirls New Character: FUKUA!

Eat your heart out, Decapre!

Skullgirls one-ups Capcom’s Ultra Streetfighter IV by coming out with their own super-awesome, emo palette-swap/clone character, Fukua! Okay, it’s pretty obvious that this is an April Fool’s joke and a good-natured ribbing from the folks at Lab Zero to the big boys at Capcom. But what’s even more awesome is that Fukua is more than just a trailer- she’s actually REAL.

Fukua is indeed a Filia clone, but she has her own moves, stance, personality, supers… she IS an actual character. AND you can actually play her in the PC version. According to Lab Zero, she may be rolled out in Skullgirls Encore for consoles if the reception to her is positive enough.

So Happy April Fool’s indeed!

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