Skyrim Modding: Unique Shops and Inns

Brodual’s latest video takes on The Real Warmaiden’s, Overflowing Magic.

If there’s one thing about the land of Skyrim that is pretty blah, it’s the fact that mostly every Inn and Shop in the province look the same. You’ve got many establishments in the various Holds with some very colorful names, but they don’t look the part. Wouldn’t it be cool to step into an Inn or Shop and have a memorable trip there everytime?

The latest vid by Brodual showcases one very nice overhaul of Whiterun’s weapons shop/blacksmith, Warmaiden’s. Another nice mod that accomplishes this kind of change was presented some time ago, called the Bosmer Drunken Huntsman.

I wonder if modders out there would do the same for many of the other establishments throughout Skyrim.

For example, Falkreath’s Dead Man’s Drink would do well to have a bit of a visual aesthetic a bit influenced by the town’s huge graveyard, even if only to humorous effect. Maybe it could extend not only to the furnishings or ambience, but to the staff clothing- how ’bout servers dressed up as Necromancers?
Solitude’s The Winking Skeever- well, how bout the proprietor’s stuffed pet being put on display on a beloved pedestal near the entrance?

The Inns could also reflect the general character of the city- Riften’s Bee and Barb could be done up to look more shadowy to fit the thieves’ guild presence, with private booths lining the sides to accomodate shady dealings. Markarth’s Silver Blood Inn could have portraits of that infamous clan displayed on the walls, or have an inordinate amount of silverware and flashy bling on display- just begging for an enterprising thief to make off with them.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more such overhauls for Skyrim’s places; every little bit just keeps this game fresh and new, even three years on. Darn awesome.

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