Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Web-series is Now LIVE!

It begins here.

It’s been long in the dreaming and the making, but Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist is FINALLY here. Once just a pipe dream in the minds of friends Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, this amazing endeavor has hurdled over obstacles to become reality- and is now quite possibly the most true-to-the-source and game-accurate live-action adaptation of Capcom’s Streetfighter ever seen. Just from the first ‘Episode Zero’ video above, which is pretty much just a 2 and a half minute fight scene, you can see the respect and adherence to the videogame that spawned this web-series; the performers look as close as they can get to the videogame counterparts. The fighting action is hard-hitting and fierce, and straddles the line between fantasy and real almost perfectly; if I didn’t know any better, I’d really believe these guys are performing freakin’ Fireballs and Hurricane Kicks. The action onscreen is that legit.

Just from this first vid, I am convinced. There’s still of course 12 episodes to go for me to watch, but I think the cast and crew of Assassin’s Fist has done what so many others have failed to do in the past, and that’s create a live-action Streetfighter that’s true to the game. Awesome.

The Entire First Series (which I hope is just the first of many) has been uploaded and ready for watching on Machinima. You can also visit the Assassin’s Fist official site here. If you’re a fighting game fan, you simply cannot miss this. Go and watch it. NOW!

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