Tekken 7 Customization Items!

Even this early, you can customize your Tekken fighter with stuff in Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 just made its gameplay debut today via the Location Tests in Japan. The game is obviously in a very early state- animations aren’t all in (or in placeholder state), there are loading times (the game is supposedly running on a Windows PC) and no music in some areas but… hey, the game has Customizations and Items in it already!

Well, not a lot. Surely there will be much, much more in the finished game. But even this early, it’s cool to see that the Tekken Team know that this admittedly cosmetic feature is in the game for sure. Even better, I think that T7′s Customization Feature is already better than Tekken Tag 2′s.

Dragunov does his Voldo impression.

The proof is the existence of an item like Dragunov’s ‘Blade Hands’. It’s a specific/separate item for the Hands, which was not present in TTT2 (which had Hand Items attached to Upper Garment/Clothing, and Footwear attached to Pants). This points to more slots to customize (hands, feet, torso, legs, head, hair, etc) which was the way it was in Tekken 6 (which has the best customization of the Tekken series IMO).
With just this little detail, I am at least a bit reassured that T7 is going in the right direction. Still making up my mind about ‘Supers’ in the game, but hey, let me be happy for now. Heheh…

You can check out pics of T7′s Customization items at Shoryuken.

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