Blizzard Debuts Overwatch

Blizzard emulates Pixar in this awesome Cinematic Trailer for their upcoming new shooter.

Late last week at Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard threw down tons of debuts, the biggest of which being their new upcoming multiplayer trailer, Overwatch. While I’m not into this kind of game (and even less into MP), I am totally loving this CG trailer. The 5-minute plus long short film has it all- uber-cool villains and heroes, party-pooping big bros, pesky but cute little brothers and LOTS of action.

Right away I love the characters, the art style, all of which seems to meld looks from the best of Capcom, Image Comics, Joe Madureira and such- which gives the game its distinctly cartoonish but cool aesthetic. Very much like Team Fortress 2 but slicker and more anime or comics. If this game has a Single Player campaign, I just may check it out. Or at least I’ll be collecting the cinematics. For now though, I am watching this so much. Sadly this may impede on my enjoyment of Big Hero 6, which will probably look so understated compared to this…

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