Dead Island Gameplay Walkthrough

Fast Tube by Casper

‘Hitting on a girl’ takes a new meaning in this game…

After the emotional CG trailer, it was inevitable that Dead Island would finally show it’s nitty-gritty; actual gameplay. Well, this quite lengthy vid shows off about 11 minutes of in-game action and interaction. DI is basically a first-person and less comedic version of Dead Rising. It’s a melee-heavy survival horror open world romp, set on a gorgeous tropical island paradise. Sounds pretty cool, and the vid gives me high hopes.

I particularly like the setting, the way your character’s dialogue ‘levels up’ as your experience with killing (re-killing?) zombies pile up. Predictably the presentation is a bit rough still, and even the supposedly live characters look kinda zombie-ish. Still, I think I may be taking an undead-heavy vacation in the near future. For now though, check out the vid above.

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