Yes. OH, YES.

It may be a bit ironic, but with all the awesome-looking games coming for the current-gen consoles, it’s a 20-year old RPG from the days of the original Playstation that has gotten me (and I bet, millions of gamers my age) all excited and feeling explosions of joy inside. That game is, of course, Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.

To be fair, the REMAKE is key. We want this game reimagined, redone in current-gen spit and polish. And it’s coming. Judging from the trailer, it is looking AMAZING. Imagine it right now- Midgar, detailed like you won’t believe. The cast of characters, looking better than they did in the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children CG movie, but in real-time graphics. The music. The action. The feels. For the first time ever, this is going to be one game BETTER than we remember it.

Man, if this game is everything it seems to be… it will be goddamn awesome. But it’s coming. Oh my gosh, it’s COMING.

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