I am HYPED for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt!

Several reviews for The Witcher 3 are already up and RAVING.

Man, the wait is killing me! Bar any unexpected weirdness, in about a week or so, gamers should have their copy of what appears to be one of the finest Action RPGs to come along in a long time- CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt. If you love RPGs in the vein of Skyrim or Dragon Age: Inquisition, this much-anticipated sequel has been on your radar for years. It has been delayed some times, but the wait should soon be over. Heck, some lucky bastards probably are already playing the damn game, thanks to some game stores releasing the game early.

There are so many reasons why I am so freakin’ excited for W3, regardless that I have not finished or played to any considerable length either of the two previous games. The length of time between games is quite long, so each game is significantly different from the previous one- so I am hoping they fix the clunky-feeling controls for this finale. Also, it is great that it seems that playing the first two games is not required to know the story of The Witcher 3. Through various ways- flashbacks and even recreating choices made in the earlier games should adequately get newbies to the Witcherverse up to speed.

That said, it shouldn’t be hard to find your footing and get engaged in this harsh, but beautiful world. The Witcher 3 is of course based on a series of Polish fantasy novels- Gerelt of Rivia, the protagonist and titular Witcher, is a white-haired, cat-eyed monster hunter who pretty much combines all the best qualities of various Lone Wolf heroes like Batman, Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, Wolverine and so on.

He’s got a rough, gruff voice, but depending on your choices he can be anything from sympathetic to mercenary in his dealings with others. What does not change though is his motivations- whereas previous games dwelt mainly on the political schemings and plots Gerelt found himself embroiled in, The Witcher 3 is more personal. His main goal is to find the two women who mean the world to him- basically his family- and screw anyone who gets in his way. The trick is, the opposition in this case is the rather sinisterly-named Wild Hunt- an otherdimensional army of supernatural warriors who may or may not be immortal and unkillable. YIKES.

The Gamesradar Review.

Aside from that though, Gerelt will have to get used to exploring his world and surviving. And what a world it is- while apparently not a single open world you can walk end-to-end, the setting of The Witcher 3 is a HUGE continent composed of several vast zones, each of which contains multiple cities, villages and a multitude of encounters, quests and adventures to be found within.
Besides his personal quest, Gerelt can go on Monster Hunting- he IS a Witcher after all, and that’s what Witchers do. But unlike in other games where going after creatures is pretty pedestrian or by the way, in this game, it’s all about preparing for a potentially lethal encounter, discovering what your foe really is, tracking it down and perhaps even finding out something deeper at work in whatever is causing the real danger at hand. Monster CSI? That could probably be another subtitle for this game.

Besides the combat and monster-hunting, I have to say I am just loving how this game LOOKS. It may be a bit superficial to be so enamored in the cosmetics, but damn- the character models look head and shoulders above anything seen in the games of previous gens- even a game as recent as Dragon Age Inquisition looks so- um, ugly (yes, I am looking at all those wonky faces) compared to the cast of the Witcher 3. And no, I am not just referring to the supermodel mugs of Yennifer, Ciri or Triss- even the odd peasant your encounter are so gorgeous in their plainness- they look unique and have characters all their own, which is refreshing after having to contend with games that reuse character models or gloss over the supporting NPC cast.

There are things I am wary of- The Witcher 3 is, of course, a single story- that of Gerelt and his family/loved ones. It’s not a sandbox adventure like Skyrim where you create your own tale. But that’s fine- and with a story where your choices can lead to a HUGE number of endings (36 supposedly!), replay value seems to be covered.

Man, just a week left of waiting to what may be THE RPG of this year.

I don’t think I’m gonna make it. Sigh…

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