Mortal Kombat X’s Story Trailer Kicks ASS!

Netherrealms continues to show everyone how to do the Story Mode…

When the previous Mortal Kombat (MK9) came out a few years ago, it came with something pretty revolutionary- a Story Mode that was actually EPIC. Long but engrossing to watch and having the right balance of watching and playing, MK9 pretty much set the standard that every fighting game would probably need to try and top from there on in. Well, NR raises the bar yet again with the sequel. Just the trailer is pretty much blockbuster movie quality, promising a quite impressively scaled saga starring both returning favorites in the franchise and the new blood descendants and all-new additions to MK’s ever-growing lore. I am really stoked to see what happened at the end of the previous game coming into MKX, how and why previously-deceased fighters like Kitana and Kung Lao are back, and from where the series goes from here. Damn, Ed Boon and company have their act together and then some. I want this movie- er, game, NOW.

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