Skyrim Let’s Play Spotlight: Pemulisian

Farewell, Friend. For now!

In my Skyrim Let’s Play addiction, I’ve watched/am watching/will watch a TON of vids from various channels on Youtube. One of the best ones is by Pemulisian.

Pem’s Skyrim LP tells the story of Annaig, a young court mage from the Breton lands of High Rock. When her adoptive parents, the king and queen of her province, are murdered one night and herself abducted, Annaig finds herself lost in an alien land- Skyrim- and must somehow find a way to survive, grow powerful and perhaps someday- seek vengeance.

Pem is, by the way, a guy telling a female heroine’s story- something he takes into account and it doesn’t really ever have a negative effect on his storytelling. Listening to his mellow voice is pretty easy on the ears and lends to a relaxing watch and listen.

Like many LPs, Pem’s Skyrim Let’s Play is modded, and has a definite story to tell which he has written out and executes with some custom-made or placed in-game events or content- such as unique characters or messages that further Annaig’s story and search for the conspiracy that destroyed her life in High Rock. It’s very interesting to see how he does it, and something that I think I can take notes from for my own series. Very cool.

His storytelling isn’t overtly comedic, it’s even quite heavy on the gravitas and poignancy at some points. But it’s always a pleasure to watch.

Currently, Annaig’s Story has ended at two seasons totaling 301 episodes (with the last one being a self-commentary/evaluation hour). That’s HOURS an hours of awesome Skyrim LPing that anyone interested in this brand of videogame storytelling/entertainment would do well to check out. I certainly will be re-watching this series again very soon.

Will we see Pem in Skyrim again? Supposedly so, though not in the near future- in his approximation he’ll let 6 to 9 months to a year before he comes back to the series.
Well, all I can say is I’ll be waiting and watching. Thanks as well for his wonderful words of encouragement to me, and for including us in his final video. I am flattered beyond words and it all just makes me want to improve my own stuff all the more.

Thanks, Pem and Annaig! Till we meet again!

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