Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Trailer and Release Date Revealed!

The most faithful live-action adaptation of the Shoryu-Saga is almost here.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist, the web/TV series adapting the origin story of Ryu and Ken just got a new trailer (seen above) showing off a ton of new footage and intense fight scenes. We also get the release date- the series will be upped on Machinima on May 23, and ala Mortal Kombat Legacy ALL 12 episodes will be available for viewing on the same day (so you can watch everything in one long marathon viewing).

I am thinking though- 12 episodes? How long is each episode? This may be the most extensive telling of the Hadou Origin ever. Hoping it’s really as good and engaging as it looks. I am also hoping this lasts a lot longer and proves more successful than MK Legacy was. We’ll see though, in a couple of weeks.

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