Streetfighter V: Nash is Back

And it’s not Kevin Nash.

Back in the first Streetfighter V trailer, we already had a teaser of this returnee to the franchise. Well, finally, the cat is fully out of the bag and in the open. Charlie Nash, the supposedly deceased best friend of Guile, is alive and very well… and looking a lot darker and evil.

I dunno- perhaps it’s the Frankenstein-like patches of prosthetic skin, the sinister chakra point on his forehead and his new darkness-based abilities (which apparently include an assassination-type Super or Surprise move) that seem to give an evil vibe to me. Obviously, someone brought ol’ Chuck back from death’s door… and it may not have been the good guys. In fact, the teaser at the very end of the trailer (which pretty much confirms the return of everyone’s favorite Psycho-powered dictator) may be showing us who Charlie’s new commanding officer is…

I am liking the way the stages seem to have these funny non-lethal but humiliating ‘Fatality’-esque ending areas like the Noodle House in the first demo vids, and the cool cutscene effects of the Supers/Ultra move from Nash on Chun-Li. Gameplay concerns aside, I am loving the aesthetics and the vibe of the game so far. Can’t wait!
Hey, with Shadaloo seeming to be back in force with this game, I am wondering how long it will be before we see a certain Killer Bee being teased…

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