The Latest Resident Evil Trailer is… Just. Watch.

Fast Tube by Casper

Desperation makes for a gripping watch.

With all the freakin’ fighting games and RPGs out or coming out, there’s this little title called RESIDENT EVIL 6 that just may get lost in the shuffle… NOT! Nope, this latest chapter in Capcom’s classic and often embattled Survival-Horror series is looking great and gruesome, and looks to be the title to get when October shuffles in. This latest cinematic spot has the production values, music and action of a big budget Hollywood action-suspense blockbuster- and no Milla Jovovich in sight. If this doesn’t get your heart pumping for some undead-killing, mutant-fighting action, then you’re probably already a zombie…

I’ll get myself properly psyched for this by playing the demo (which I just DL’ed a couple of days ago from PSN). The game is out next week! Get ready.

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