Who Says Barbarian Girls Can’t Be Gorgeous?

Game of Thrones’ Ygritte (Rose Leslie) is one hot babe in a cold, cold wasteland.

Back when I started playing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC, one of the first mods I installed were body and face replacers which made the characters in the fantasy world, particularly the hardy, just-as-tough-as-the-males women, a bit more attractive. Okay, scratch that- a LOT more attractive. Let’s just say that I just found haggard wrinkles and pale faces not too engaging.
To my credit, I didn’t go for the heavy-makeup look of popular mods like Bella’s Better Females, but rather with the more natural but smooth and comely look of Coverwomen. So now, whether it’s a highborn lady in Solitude or a scullery maid in Dragonreach, a female warlock in some dungeon lair or a bandit woman encountered in the wilds, most often these women are quite lovely and can look great on the cover of a magazine (or at least be very successful hand-or-foot models…). There are those that may go ‘pooh-pooh’ on this bit of fanservice, saying that it goes against the lore of the land.

It’s a fantasy land with hard people, bitten by the winter cold and tested by fire and battle, may be the mantra; so if the devs made the women look as strapping as leather, that’s the way it should be… right? NAH. Hey, I can have a world of hot babes if I want- it’s my game on my PC. And who says fantasy women in a fantasy land can’t look great?
I mean, these people aren’t savaged- they have MAGIC and alchemy that can instantly heal- something we here in present day, civilized Earth don’t have (unless I missed reading some revolutionary new medical news). Who’s to say these people don’t have something mundane like makeup, lip gloss or eye shadow? And just because Lydia (or Jordis, et al) is a trained warrior, who says she doesn’t have a compact and kit in her pockets?

And here’s one more argument to my side- take a gander above at the photo of the Wildling Spearwife, Ygritte (played by gorgeous red-head Rose Leslie), who made her debut in the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. That’s certainly one babe who looks AMAZING despite living in the most cruel, cold and deadly region of Westeros. Wildlings must have really talented beauticians in their ranks. Heheh.

Anyway, just a wee bit of fan service. Haven’t been back to Skyrim for a bit, but I’ll probably go back once and keep playing as my Mage and prep up for the eventual coming of Dawnguard for the PC. Still a bit off, but who knows, we may be back into our modded personal fantasy lands in no time. The babes are waiting.

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