Tekken 7 Arcade Trailer Debut!

First 60FPS, direct-feed action of the Iron-fisted Sequel!

At long last, we FINALLY get a bonafide trailer for upcoming beat ‘em up, Tekken 7! This is a throwback to those awesome spots of old, complete with a monumental Japanese Voiceover shouting out stuff we can’t understand but doubtless talking about the various game modes and features of the game. The footage is mostly of the game’s flashy action, the two new characters, Claudio and Katarina, plus the new Rage Arts. Towards the end it also mentioned the arcade online play and Character Customization features.

This is all in preparation for the game’s arcade debut, set in Japan for February 2015. Who knows when it will hit other regions, but hey, this is a great start. Finally getting a bit of that old excitement for this franchise back…

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