Tekken 7: Yoshimitsu Returns!

My, Yoshi… you are looking… different.

Just yesterday, Flying Wonkey tweeted that a new character would be revealed and released very soon for Tekken 7- none other than Yoshimitsu. Well, today Katsuhiro Harada revealed the character art, pics and even a trailer for the returning Manji Ninja. Yoshimitsu has always sported a new look in every new incarnation- from looking like a samurai to a demon samurai to a demon cyborg samurai to a… bug thing. Well, now he adds tentacle creature to that list. Yep, looking like a Lovecraftian Cthulhu Creature sporting slimy tentacles, Yoshi is certainly as odd now as he has ever been. What’s the story behind that? I’m sure we’ll never know. Heh.

Yoshimitsu’s debut trailer.

Anyway, according to Avoiding the Puddle, Yoshi will be released in the arcade version of Tekken 7 on May 12. Can’t way I’m a fan of this oddball, but hey, he’s new and he’s… slimy. Yay!

3 Responses to “Tekken 7: Yoshimitsu Returns!”

  1. thelonegamerNo Gravatar Says:

    Have to admit, Gigas kinda bores me. He looks like a generic enemy, and I am not liking his moves- all just meh pounding and punching- I wish they had more grapples or stuff using his cable things. As it is, his moves bore me to death. Never really liked big, slow guys.

  2. TomiNo Gravatar Says:

    I actually like his new look. GLORIOUS!
    Good old Yoshi…

  3. CamyronNo Gravatar Says:

    Awesome to see him, just wouldn’t be Tekken without Yoshimitsu (and his revolving door of costume changes). Looking forward to seeing him in action.

    Also, why no post on Gigas? (The big red guy that was leaked with Jin and Josie). There’s a trailer out for him and everything.

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