Tekken Tag 2, Soul Calibur V @ EVO 2011

Fast Tube by Casper

Gamespot has posted the whole Namco-Bandai fighting game panel in several parts, so check that out.

I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning yesterday as I watched the events of EVO 2011 stream before me. After what seemed to be hours of Bob and Law battles in the Tekken 6 finals, the Tekken devs showed off the latest build of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which featured a new element called Tag Crash, where your partner dives in from above when you make a tag. The new TTT2 build was showcased in a special 5-on-5 Tournament Battle with EVO’s best Tekken players.
On other things, Harada reiterated that the Tekken Hybrid package is a PS3 exclusive. They also encouraged the crowd to show support via cheering (which they recorded) for a late 2011 release of Hybrid instead of an early 2012 release (I wonder if that really works). Hoping indeed we get our special PS3 Blu-ray sooner rather than later.

Fast Tube by Casper

A New Generation of Souls Begin Their Saga!

As for Soul Calibur V, director Daishi Odashima was present and showed off the latest version of his WIP Slash ‘Em Up, featuring in-game footage aplenty of the various fighters, including new combatants Z.W.E.I., Natsu and Ivy.
Zwei is shown to have an unconventional fighting stance (reminds me of Miguel in Tekken) but buffs up his offense by summoning his pet wolf-headed spirit, Ein. ivy seemed her usual self, but was reportedly much easier to use. Finally, Natsu the new ninja girl seemed to be even more adept at teleports, at one point blinking in and out above an opponent with nimble kicks- pretty cool.

Two generations of kick-ass swordplay- Xianghua and her daugher (and new SCV entrant) Leihua.

One big reveal for SCV was that there would be a new character- Leihua- who is the 15-year old daughter of Soul Calibur veteran Xianghua. Sad news for ‘X’ fans, the spritely sword-dancer has apparently retired from fighting. Of course, the big question on most fans’ minds was- who’s the daddy? The devs weren’t talking of course- teases!

From here on, I’m hoping for smooth sailing for these games’ development. I think the devs are headed home for now to take a short break, but hopefully not too long as we want these games yesterday! More as we get it then!

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  1. SannaNo Gravatar Says:

    Leihua has Kilik’s necklace if you look closley. That pretty much says who’s the father. ^^

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