Tekken Tweetbits! Clues to the Next Tekken Games?

Katsuhiro Harada, head of the Tekken Project, let out some intriguing little tidbits for fans on Twitter today. They may be just little farts of info, but they may also be something to think about going into the next couple of Tekken titles. The first bit regards Tekken X Streetfighter- supposedly Harada is considering that the Streetfighter characters will play with their usual 6-button configuration, while the Tekken fighters retain the Iron-fisted 4-button layout. Will TxSF be literally a game that clashes two totally different play systems?

The other little bit may potentially be something that affects perhaps Tekken 7- or whatever the next canon Tekken chapter will be called. As one gamer asked Harada who won Tekken 6, the replay that came was a simple ‘Not Jin’.

That sadly only opens this subject up to a lot more questions. Were the events in Scenario Campaign canon? Was the winner Lars? Or perhaps Kazuya and his ending showing him carrying a defeated Devil Jin? Intriguing and maddening but sadly, we won’t probably learn the true answer for a good long while. This year will see the development of Tekken X Streetfighter and the eventual release of the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Tekken 7 is still at least a couple of years away. I’ll probably still be a gamer and Tekken fan then, so no skin off my teeth. But will you? Stay tuned then, gamers! We’ll get there together… someday!

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  1. tomiNo Gravatar Says:

    What i long for, is a good story mode by official creators, something which every fan of Tekken has probably longed ever since early days. But i speculate if this will never truly happen.

    I enjoyed Scenario Campaing technically(wandering around the places looking for treasures), but, critically stating, story lacked screentime for several favorite fighters, had only few worthwhile cut-scenes, brought much more questions than answers and ended in rather displeasingly bitter taste in mouth.

    As fo Blood Vengeance, i wont even go there, Curses!

    We can only hope for the beast, and fear the worst.
    (of course, this is only my statement, and far away from universal opinion)

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