Tekken 7: ‘Jack’ Reveal Trailer

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Upgrade Complete!

Today, Namco-Bandai just revealed the intro trailer to the latest addition to the Tekken 7 roster- none other than Jack-7. Well, he pretty much looks the same as ever, save perhaps for the green glowing parts. Aside from that- well… I dunno. I’m really not into the big guys of fighting games, and Jack just bores me to tears. I guess his fans will be happy.
There’s already a BIG guy on the roster, Gigas, who was shown off some time ago. Apparently I forgot to post about the weird big bruiser with the tendrils (what is it with T7 and tentacles?), so I’ll post his trailer here as a by-the-way. Heheh.

And here’s Gigas’ trailer, which I missed spotlighting.

Have to admit, I am not really pumped by reveals as of late. They look almost exactly as they did before, it’s kinda boring. I wish they’d give returnees some sort of progression, a new outfit or look- kinda like what they gave Jin. Hopefully Nina, if and when she is revealed, looks cool. We’ll see… perhaps in another couple of weeks when the next character reveal happens.

Tekken 7: Yoshimitsu Returns!

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My, Yoshi… you are looking… different.

Just yesterday, Flying Wonkey tweeted that a new character would be revealed and released very soon for Tekken 7- none other than Yoshimitsu. Well, today Katsuhiro Harada revealed the character art, pics and even a trailer for the returning Manji Ninja. Yoshimitsu has always sported a new look in every new incarnation- from looking like a samurai to a demon samurai to a demon cyborg samurai to a… bug thing. Well, now he adds tentacle creature to that list. Yep, looking like a Lovecraftian Cthulhu Creature sporting slimy tentacles, Yoshi is certainly as odd now as he has ever been. What’s the story behind that? I’m sure we’ll never know. Heh.

Yoshimitsu’s debut trailer.

Anyway, according to Avoiding the Puddle, Yoshi will be released in the arcade version of Tekken 7 on May 12. Can’t way I’m a fan of this oddball, but hey, he’s new and he’s… slimy. Yay!

Tekken 7: Josie Rizal Makes her Arcade Debut!

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The Maven from Manila makes her arcade debut.

Today, April 21, marks the debut of new challenger Josie Rizal in the arcade version of Tekken 7! Already a few vids have been posted on Youtube (such as the one above), showing the young kickboxer in action. Admittedly, her moves and style are very similar to veteran (and MIA) fighter Bruce, which are leading some to speculate he won’t be returning.

Well, I think Josie moves a bit faster and has a lighter feel than Bruce, and I do love her cool spinning kicks. No telling when us gamers in Manila will be able to get play with Josie ourselves- but till then thankfully Tekken 7 footage is not rare these days. So, with Josie out, who’s next to be revealed?

Tekken 7: Josie Rizal Debut Date Set!

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Filipino Tekken Fighter Josie is ready to fight!

Some time ago, the Tekken Team introduced the latest totally new addition to the Tekken 7 roster, Filipino Kickboxer Josie Rizal. Whether it was planned or not, this virtual character’s debut certainly was felt throughout the world of social media and the internet, trending worldwide soon after she was introduced thanks to the Filipinos’ penchant for supporting anything and everything Pinoy with their texts and emails.

As well-known as Josie has become, her introduction hasn’t come without some controversy, with objections to the character’s name (inspired by the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal) being voiced by some supposed representatives of government or some sort of authority. A supposed TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against Josie’s release by an agency of the Philippine Government turned out to be a hoax or April’s Fool Joke, and the supposed agency involved i the fiasco has officially denied giving any such ruling or opinion on the matter.

Bottom-line, Josie Rizal is coming to Tekken 7, and now there’s a release date- April 21. She should be then playable in Japanese arcades, so we are certainly stoked to see just how well she plays.

Tekken 7: Jin, Devil Jin and Filipino Fighter Unveiled on NicoVideo! (Video Added!)

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All-in-One: Character trailers for Josie, Jin and Devil Jin.

On today’s special Tekken 7 stream on NicoVideo Japan, Katsuhiro Harada (still ongoing) just presented three additional fighters who will be in the game. Each of the new fighters was shown in a short character video, showing their portrait art, then a bit of action including their Rage Art. First shown was Jin Kazama, who was just recently revealed to be an alternate Sub-Boss in Arcade Mode. After him was shown his supernatural alter-ego, Devil Jin, who aside from some more brutal moves seems largely the same character (apparently he got moves from Angel in TTT2).

The first Filipino Tekken fighter is introduced today!

The true new character shown off is the female character ‘leaked’ recently online. It’s confirmed- she’s a Filipino fighter, and her name is Josie Rizal. For non-Filipinos out there, her name is obviously a play on Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero. Her fighting style is, as I thought, Boxing and Escrima (kickboxing), the former apparently inspired by Manny Pacquiao. Her fighting looks very fast and furious, and my Filipino bias aside, very exciting to look at.

I have to admit, I laughed out loud when I heard her name. She speaks in English, by the way, instead of speaking in Filipino/Tagalog (so far). Josie’s design, or probably her costume, were apparently designed by Mari Shimazaki, the artist who did Bayonetta (from what I heard in the stream, with my bad Japanese), with input from MadCatz’ Mark’MarkMan’ Julio (who is Filipino). According to MarkMan, Josie’s name is a tribute to the Philippines’ National Hero, Jose Rizal.

According to Flying Wonkey on Twitter, Jin will be released on March 31, Devil Jin on April 7. Josie is still TBA but perhaps she’ll be playable mid-April or so.

Tekken 7: Jin Kazama Sub-Boss Battle Discovered! (Updated with Video)

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Jin is back in the Hood…

Just last week, some images of supposedly unreleased characters were leaked online soon after the launch of Tekken 7 in arcades. During Final Round 18, the Tekken Team teased that any such leaks of characters wouldn’t necessarily mean these will actually be in the game… well, at least Tekken’s Emo Boy Jin Kazama is back in action- well, at least as a Sub-Boss for the game. This was tweeted by Harada recently, revealing that, if certain as yet unknown conditions were met, Jin would replace Heihachi as the 4th Stage Sub-Boss.

No footage yet, but Avoiding the Puddle posted several pics of Jin in-game, sporting his slick new hoodie outfit. So, what happened to Jin after the events of Tekken 6′s Scenario Campaign?

If Jin was presumed dead and missing since the events of Tekken 6′s Scenario Campaign, he might no longer be head of the Mishima Zaibatsu- has leadership of the company reverted to Heihachi? Or has Kazuya taken over? The whole story probably won’t be made clear even in the Arcade version- we may all have to wait till the (inevitable) console release for all these plots to be unraveled in full. For now though, Emo Fans rejoice- Jin’s back. As if he ever really went away…

I assume that Jin is the first Time Release character, or perhaps he was just released as the game’s alternate Sub-Boss. He’ll probably be playable and part of the roster eventually. This is pretty exciting and it really looks like the Tekken Team is harkening back to the classic days of going about things for the newest Tekken. Awesome!

Videos of Jin Kazama in Tekken 7 have surfaced, with the 8+ minute video being that long mainly due to the player blocking most of the time, mainly just to see his moves. He also gets one of his win animations from Tekken 6 too.

Jin and his old man finally meet again.

Tekken 7 @ Avoiding the Puddle

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Aris of ATP interviews Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray at Final Round 18.

It’s an exciting time to be a Tekken fan, with the recent release of the arcade version of Tekken 7. You may have missed the game’s appearance over the weekend at Final Round 18- as of right now, there are hours of HD Tekken 7 footage available for viewing on Youtube. But you might miss the fact that Katsuhiro Harada (sometimes through Tekken Team Member/Interpreter Michael Murray) were onstream, talking about the game and answering questions from MarkMan. Well, in case you don’t want to scan through all those episodes, arguably the most information you can glean can be found in the video above.

Avoiding the Puddle is pretty much THE place to find Tekken info, and they score a cool hour of talk with the Tekken Devs about Tekken 7, prospects of the game’s development, bits on the console version, time release characters and the future of this hot fighter.
I really don’t see the console version coming out any time soon, but I am thinking that it may be reasonable to expect it maybe by late this year, perhaps the holiday season? That would be an awesome year-ender. By then we might probably see the whole roster (time release fighters included) revealed and the arcade version having a good run in the arcades. But that’s just me. We’ll see, shall we? MAN, I am so hyped for this game!!!

Tekken 7 @ Final Round 18: Thoughts and Impressions

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Lucky gamers got to try out Tekken 7 last weekend.

Over the weekend, Katsuhiro Harada attended the Fighting Game Event Final Round 18, bringing with him the final version (some would say, even more final) of Tekken 7 Arcade. While it was only the lucky gamers at the event who actually got to play the game, thankfully the videos were streamed online on Twitch and later posted on Youtube, so fight fans all over the world FINALLY got a very good look at how the game actually looks (well, better than most previous videos available).

First off, I think the game looks AMAZING. Character models are large and wonderfully detailed. For some reason, in low-res, they just look really bad- but in HD it’s plain to see the fighters look pretty good. Of course, I have to give particular attention to the ladies (the guys look buff and tough, yawn). Lili Rochefort, whom gamers have remarked looked ‘fake’ in previous videos, I think looks slightly older (and her dress teasingly shorter than ever) and even more beautiful- definitely better than her TTT2 look (though I still love her younger Tekken 6 incarnation). I still think there’s a bit of weirdness to her hair, but overall- she is still the most striking of the ladies. Asuka Kazama I have to say looks cuter but I honestly preferred her more mature and detailed look in Tekken 6; here she seems younger (and I do really dislike her new ‘cute’ wind-up intro) and more- um, anime-ish? Still, I can never not like my Osaka Brawler.
Alisa Bosconovitch’s animation makes her move more like a robot, which really works- she looks better than ever. Ling Xiaoyu looks cute and overall moves a lot more fluidly, which makes me want to play her a bit more.

As for the new girls- I still think Katarina is the least interesting in both looks and fighting style- I just don’t find her moves exciting. Perhaps it’s the shades as well- I wanna see her eyes to connect with her.
As for Lucky Chloe- I really think that the hatorade with her was misplaced… I think her ‘Dance-Dance’ Revolution fighting style is both interesting and pretty cool to see in action. I definitely will give her a try; I think she’s very close to personality to Eileen in VF, which is a good thing.

As for the rest, Shaheen the Arabian Assassin has lots of slick moves, and I do like the flowing motions of his costume. Lars’ new look with the half-cape is also pretty slick. Claudio? Meh. Still I find him a bit stiff, but I guess I like him better than Katarina. The Dramatic Real-time Slow-Mo effect at Sudden Death Finishes is also turning out to be something pretty Awesome, and should make for lots of wonderful WOW moments for both players and spectators alike.

Now I guess I really want to see more of the Customizations, but it seems that this will be revealed, along with New Characters, in the weeks and perhaps months ahead. Overall though I am very happy and hopeful with Tekken 7… here’s to the game not taking too much time to make it to our arcades- and eventually, our consoles.

Anyway, with the Tekken Team very much wanting to get their game out to various Events, we may be seeing more of T7 on Youtube and other media. I think it’s well worth watching the episodes of Final Round 18, not only for the hours of Tekken 7 HD gameplay but also lots of talk between Harada, Michael Murray and MarkMan which may give little tidbits about the game, it’s upcoming features and surprises that may be coming down the line for our favorite Iron-fisted Fighter. More as we get it then!

Tekken 7 Mystery Girl: Is She Filipino?

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Is this Potential Tekken Fighter a Pinay?

Okay, among the supposed leaked images from Tekken 7 recently surfaced online, its THIS one in particular that has me intrigued. Aside from being the cutest of the bunch (though Jin is pretty slick, I have to admit- no homo), there are things about this new babe that has me thinking she may be Filipina.

For starters, even if she IS, this young lady won’t be the first fighter from the Philippines in a fighting game- Talim, from Soul Calibur, is of course a young priestess from our archipelago. But signs seem to be pointing to this direction with this new character.
Of course, pretty obvious is her brown/tan skin and black hair, which marks her probably from Asia- specifically Southeast Asia. That may be anywhere from Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines. How do we narrow it to Manila’s shores? Well, her outfit. Her top, with the characteristic wide sleeves is very reminiscent of traditional Filipino female dresses (baro’t saya). The overall color scheme of her outfit- yellow, blue, red and a wee bit of white- is exactly that of the Philippine Flag. Plus the little details- the telltale rays/spikes seen on her necklace, her belt buckle and on her sandals (on the parts near her knees and toes) bring to mind the rays of the sun (also from the Filipino flag). With all these, taken together, I would be VERY surprised if she wasn’t indeed a Filipina.

If so, though, what would she be? Aside from Pinoy stickfighting (Arnis or Kali, used by Talim), a probable Filipino martial art she may use is Eskrima or Sikaran (kicking); well, she certainly has the legs for kicking. What could her name be? Maria, maybe? Tari (the blade used in cockfighting)? Sita? Hmmmm.

The Philippines is, without a doubt, Tekken Country. Harada has visited the Philippines before, to promote Tekken, and of course in Tekken Tag 2 they even added a Stage from Manila Bay into the game. Perhaps after all the requests, the Tekken team has finally decided it’s time to for a Pinoy Fighter to join the Iron Fist Tournament. We’ll see… not sure though how I’ll react if I hear her say ‘Kamusta!’ in the game.

Of course, this is all just speculation on my part. For all we know, she might not be Filipina- heck, she might not even be an actual fighter. But hey, we can dream, can’t we? Heheh…

Tekken 7: New Fighters Leaked? Jin Kazama Sighted!

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Who’s that girl?

Tekken 7 has just been launched in arcades, and already we’re seeing some ‘leaks’ care of Flying_Wonkey and some very inquisitive fellows in Korea who apparently have data-mined the contents of either the game or Tekken 7′s website assets. What they’ve found and shared online are several intriguing images of character models/art which may point to as-yet-unreleased and unnannouncced characters for the roster.

First off is the young female in the pic above, who kind of reminds me of Talim from Soul Calibur. Some are speculating that this so-far unnamed female may be a Chang- I doubt that she’s a daughter or another generation of Michelle or Julia’s- it certainly can’t be that long since the last game seeing as how Asuka, Lili and Ling don’t look much older than they were in Tekken 6 or TTT2. What nationality is she? The ethnicity of the costume isn’t familiar… we’ll just have to wait and see.
Aside from Miss Mystery, images of Jin Kazama/Devil Jin have also surfaced, and he is looking good. Then there’s a hulking, massive-looking bio-mechanical thing in some kind of body armor or suit that some are describing as Diablo and Marduk’s love-child… um, yeah. Nancy-3 perhaps? It’s all very intriguing, and points to the simple fact that there’s TONS more to Tekken 7 on the way. According to the reports, there is far more content- characters, customizations and more coming to the game later down the line. I’m pretty excited and have high hopes for this latest Tekken indeed!

To see the recently leaked images, check out here.