Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Unleashed!

Posted in Action Adventure, Batman Arkham Knight, Game Advertising, Game-related Events, Gaming, Open World Games, PC Gaming, PS4, Xbox One on March 5th, 2014 by thelonegamer

A New Batman for the Now-gen Consoles.

Just a few hours ago, the first trailer for the newest Batman game was released online, and boy does it look interesting. Batman: Arkham Knight appears to be separate from the previous Batman releases, albeit they still have the word ‘Arkham’ in the title. Perhaps this renews the saga after Origins, with a now-more seasoned Batman taking the fight to a rapidly-escalating criminal element in Gotham City. The trailer sports a new art style, with new versions of Harley Quinn and Two-Face taking center-stage… and where there’s Harley, you know that Mister J. can’t be too far away.

Info about the game mechanics talk of an open world, a drivable Batmobile and, most interesting bit of all, how that it’s ONLY for the New or Now-gen consoles. Yep, Arkham Knight is for PC, PS4 and XBox One only. So if you want a piece of the new Bat, you better have the new system. Wow. Well, it seems that we may have a system-seller in the making here. We’ll see. This game is set to be released within the year, so stay tuned on this same Bat-Channel. Heheh.