Tekken Talk Previews Tekken 7′s Latest PS4 Build

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Tekken folks talk the talk.

We are about two months away from one of the most long-awaited, anticipated game releases of all time- Tekken 7. MAN, Tekken fans and fighting gamers have been waiting for more than seven years for this latest KOIFT game. Not since Tekken Tag 2′s release on PS3/Xbox360 in 2010 have we had a Tekken come home. Well, from all indications, Tekken 7 looks to be worth the wait. It seems to be filled to the brim with content out of the box, with even more stuff coming in post-launch (we hear, and we hope). Additional fighters, more items, costumes and customizations, game modes and stages… and of course, the conclusion of the Mishima Saga which supposedly will end with either the death of Heihachi or Kazuya. Which will prove canon? Maybe we’ll find out in another six or seven years… ARGH. Will I be still playing games then? MY GOD, YES… I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO HAHAHAHA.

Kidding aside, hell- who can think about the next decade when the next couple of months will surely be a blaze of hype for Tekken 7? Namco-Bandai seems to be pulling out a lot of stops to make certain Tekken 7 sells, and with the positivity so far, I see that bearing fruit instead of the noisy but sadly overly-complex and rather lackluster Tekken Tag 2. THIS time though, it’s different- this is a canon Tekken, and fans will be behind this all the way. At least, I am. I plan to keep on this like a hawk for the next several weeks. Just a wee bit more waiting, everybody. I’m gonna have my bloody, grimy fingers on this in due time.

Oh right; I bought this game on PC. Deluxe version, preordered so I get Eliza day one. Expecting new character reveals in the next two months leading to release. Man, it’s a great time to be a Tekken fan.

More DOA5 Last Round Updates, DOA Xtreme 3 Announced!

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5 Hours of DOA5 Fandom and Wackiness here.

During yesterday’s Dead or Alive Festival stream, Tecmo-KOEI revealed some tantalizing news for fans of the sexy brawler. First off, August 11 will see a new update to the game (1.04) which will add balance fixes as well as a new ‘Fireworks’ Nighttime stage as well as a new ‘Lovely Summer’ DLC costume set.

The next few months will see updates as well.

September will see a Crossover Costume DLC pack themed with the Nihon Falcom‘s Legend of Heroes and Y’s series.

October will bring a Crossover DLC with Square Enix’s Schoolgirl Strikers as the theme.

A third DLC pack that will crossover with Tatsunoko Productions will bring Yatterman and Hakushon Daimao-themed outfits to DOA.

But that’s not all! Looks like Team Ninja’s support for DOA5 Last Round will be extending to next year, as Spring 2016 will see another new stage AND a New Character added to the game- another female character, btw.

All of this, plus a new entry into the summer-themed Dead or Alive Xtreme spin-off series has also apparently been confirmed to be in development. Some sources have mentioned that this is supposedly exclusive for Japan and Asian release but I’m sure DOA Fans in other territories will be clamoring for it to be released their way. More on all these as news come along then.

Streetfighter V Latest Info!

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It may be a little delayed, but here’s the latest information on Streetfighter V as a whole from the recent SFV Panel at EVO 2015.

• Streetfighter V will be moving away from Capcom’s past practice of disc-based updates and sequels. The initial SFV disc will be the only one you’ll ever need.

• There will be 16 Characters playable at launch.

• Four of the initial 16 fighters will be all-new, original characters. The first of these is the just-revealed Necalli.

• All system updates will be available for all players free. Post-launch gameplay content can be unlocked/earned with two types of currency. Fight Money is earned by playing the game and can be used to earn/unlock content. However, there is as well Zenny- currency that is bought with real money that can be used to buy content instead of using Fight Money. Zenny is for those who are impatient and want to unlock stuff right away.

• Aside from the initial 16 fighters, additional characters will be added to the roster regularly post-launch to keep the game fresh.

This all sounds pretty good. I am glad that there will eventually be more characters aside from the rather slim-sounding 16. Streetfighter V will be available exclusively for the PS4 and PC in Spring 2016.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round Teaser Vids

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Fight vids like this show off new bits like outfits and hairstyles.

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is still headed for a February release on pretty much every platform save portables. Team Ninja has been a bit sparing in their release of video for their upscaled sequel, but thankfully they have said that they will be releasing more video to show off their game. So far we’ve seen short matches which usually show off some new costumes for the characters, and every little bit just makes me want this even more. I dunno- basically it’s the same game as DOA5U, but with two new additions to the roster (Mecha-Raidou and the so-far unrevealed female) and upscaling to 1080p resolution (for PS4 and XB1), but I am kinda getting the feeling that there will be little nice bits and bobs of new things to see.

Anyways, the game will also be available on Steam (already preordered!), so PC players will also be getting DOA awesomeness this Valentine’s month. Whoopie!

Preorder swimsuit DLC and offers are plenty online.

Tekken 7 Arcade Trailer Debut!

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First 60FPS, direct-feed action of the Iron-fisted Sequel!

At long last, we FINALLY get a bonafide trailer for upcoming beat ‘em up, Tekken 7! This is a throwback to those awesome spots of old, complete with a monumental Japanese Voiceover shouting out stuff we can’t understand but doubtless talking about the various game modes and features of the game. The footage is mostly of the game’s flashy action, the two new characters, Claudio and Katarina, plus the new Rage Arts. Towards the end it also mentioned the arcade online play and Character Customization features.

This is all in preparation for the game’s arcade debut, set in Japan for February 2015. Who knows when it will hit other regions, but hey, this is a great start. Finally getting a bit of that old excitement for this franchise back…

New Tekken 7 Alternate Costumes/Customizations!

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Tekken 7′s Customization will supposedly be ‘deeper’ than before, according to Harada.

At the recent Bandai-Namco business meetings where the Japanese release date for Tekken 7 Arcade was announced, several screenshots of some characters dressed in new, alternate costumes were revealed. The characters featured were Asuka Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Leo Kliesen and Sergei Dragunov. Both Asuka and Ling were dressed in skirted numbers, with Ling’s being very similar to an outfit set she had in Tekken 6. Leo sported a dashing ‘Prince’-like outfit complete with a wide-brimmed hat with a feather, making him kinda look like Raphael from Soul Calibur. Finally, Dragunov was in a full-body military stealth suit.

Very nice start- I am hoping that these outfits aren’t simply one-piece outfits but composed of pieces you can mix and match with other sets and customizations. The apparent return of some stuff last seen in T6 is a good sign anyway- Customization was one of the most popular features in previous games, although it was slightly dumbed-down in TTT2. Perhaps Tekken 7 will see the best system yet.

I have to say though that the devs still have a LOT to do on this game’s look. The visuals are still WIP, with lots of effects like shadows and lighting, optimization still not implemented- I am not liking how Asuka looks a bit- er, cartoony- in the above pic- Soul Calibur V’s character faces looked much better than that. But I’m hopeful that the game will bowl us over in the final version.

You can check out Shoryuken’s article with all the released screenshots over here.

Tekken 7 is set for a release in Japanese arcades in February 2015.

Tekken 7 Customization Items!

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Even this early, you can customize your Tekken fighter with stuff in Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 just made its gameplay debut today via the Location Tests in Japan. The game is obviously in a very early state- animations aren’t all in (or in placeholder state), there are loading times (the game is supposedly running on a Windows PC) and no music in some areas but… hey, the game has Customizations and Items in it already!

Well, not a lot. Surely there will be much, much more in the finished game. But even this early, it’s cool to see that the Tekken Team know that this admittedly cosmetic feature is in the game for sure. Even better, I think that T7′s Customization Feature is already better than Tekken Tag 2′s.

Dragunov does his Voldo impression.

The proof is the existence of an item like Dragunov’s ‘Blade Hands’. It’s a specific/separate item for the Hands, which was not present in TTT2 (which had Hand Items attached to Upper Garment/Clothing, and Footwear attached to Pants). This points to more slots to customize (hands, feet, torso, legs, head, hair, etc) which was the way it was in Tekken 6 (which has the best customization of the Tekken series IMO).
With just this little detail, I am at least a bit reassured that T7 is going in the right direction. Still making up my mind about ‘Supers’ in the game, but hey, let me be happy for now. Heheh…

You can check out pics of T7′s Customization items at Shoryuken.

Killer Instinct Season 2: Maya Revealed!

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Warrior Queen Maya returns in KI’s Season 2.

At their panel during EVO 2014, developer Iron Galaxy revealed their second character to come in Killer Instinct’s sophomore season. Set to appear alongside the previously-shown T.J. Combo is the warrior woman Maya, who originally debuted in the original KI2. Just as before, this femme fatale fights using dual daggers, which this time apparently can be leveled up in power, and will entail a bit of risk and reward as these weapons may actually be left on the ground and need to be recovered after some specific attacks.
The character design has also seen a bit of updating- and while I love the stylistic upgrade (gone is the ‘Janet Jackson’ clone look of before’s game), I expect (nope, DEMAND) that her classic ‘Jungle Queen’ look be available, at least as a set in her accessories or alternate costumes. Heheh.

No videos yet shown of Maya in action, but I expect that to arrive soon. Of course, this reveal will surely disappoint fans expecting Cinder (who was assumed to be the one teased at the end of T.J’s trailer), but I am ecstatic to see more of the fairer sex entering the arena for KI. More on this as we get it.

Soul Calibur Lost Swords: The Lone Gamer’s Review

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This F2P Time and Money Sink should have stayed lost.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Sigh. I guess it was inevitable, given the apparent failure of Soul Calibur V to meet the expectations of the Namco-Bandai masters. On one hand, that could have been the end of the Tale Eternally Retold right there… and perhaps this would have been better. But nope, NB resurrected their beloved franchise as a zombified version of itself with Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is a way to get your money. That’s all there is to it.

On Twitter, the Project Soul Twitter continually tries to sell the game with cheesecake poses of the female characters in lingerie or swimsuits, doubtless trying to draw in hot-blooded gamers like Dead or Alive does. In fairness to DOA, at least they sell DLC stuff that builds on an already solid game. Lost Swords is not even that much. The cheesecake does not exist in the game aside from the fan service outfits. The game itself is so bare bones and joyless, it is ridiculous.

Lost Swords has one mode- a single player ‘Quest’ divided into chapters with some useless text blocks of ‘story’ that makes utterly no sense or context- it’s also totally generic to any character, which means it really doesn’t matter. All there is to the game is one-round fights with three or four enemies per chapter. Defeat them to move forward. There are some missions that may unlock a playable character, or get you some gold or items.

Oh, and you start off with just one playable character- Sophitia, the longtime veteran Soul Calibur fighter killed off in SCV. For some reason (perhaps fan rejection of SCV’s killing of their beloved fave) they brought her back for this non-canon Free-to-play garbage- heck, I’ll say it… they brought her back to sell the damn game, of course.

You unlock other fighters in missions that come randomly. You get to play missions by using AP points, which you get periodically. Finishing rounds or chapters nets you chests of stuff (random loot, mostly junk to sell or use for crafting). Losing a round means you have to start over, unless you use a ‘Continue Ticket’. Continue Tickets and AP Potions (which let you play missions) are sold, by the way, for real money. Free to download, but yeah, you are encouraged strongly to pay.

On the one hand, you can play without paying anything. But really, why do that? If you want to play a single player Soul Calibur, why put up with a cut-down roster, no modes, no Character Creation, No NOTHING except load times, load times and load times?

Bottom-line, this Free-to-play time and cash sink is really a disgrace. If you ever loved Soul Calibur and wish to play it, go get a copy of Soul Calibur IV or Soul Calibur V and play to your heart’s content- everything is there to be played, with many modes, varying difficulty, at no charge after you buy the game.
There’s really NO REASON to play this Lost Swords atrocity- no new stuff to be seen, no new characters, no multiplayer, no innovations, no story worth experiencing, NOTHING. Not unless you want to make the soulless gods of Namco Bandai happy that you are throwing money at them.

To play this is to reward laziness and greed. Please don’t.

For shame, Project Soul. First that Tekken Regurgitation crap, and now this. Crap.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade: Female Tengu Reveal Trailer

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What will Team Ninja think up next?

Hot on the heels of the images from the latest Famitsu magazine is a trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate showing off its latest upcoming challenger- none other than the Female Tengu (still not sure if this is her actual name though). Voiced by seiyuu Akemi Sato, this winged lady seems in all appearances to fight in the same way as the original Tengu did, with flying attacks and wind gusts blown by the fan she wields. So those who were clamoring for the return of DOA2′s end boss- he’s back, just with boobs. The trailer above shows off her gameplay along with several outfits.

Have to say my feelings are mixed. The design is very Japanese and- well, I guess a bit of an acquired taste. I never liked the Tengu character- hated it, actually. Just because its now easier on the eyes doesn’t change that much. Still, a new character is a new character, but then again- both this La Femme Tengu and Phase 4 (both expected to come to consoles in a late June update) are not really new- well, not totally new. Team Ninja is stretching the meaning of the word with these latest add-ons. Well, at least Marie-Rose IS really all-new. Sigh.

Anyway, check out the trailer. So DOA gets their own sexy supernatural vamp, eh? Heheh.

UPDATE: The Female Tengu is apparently named Nyotengu. Either that or Tengurl (Ew).