Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade: Who is the Female Tengu?

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Team Ninja shows more of this intriguing new fighter.

We posted earlier that Team Ninja has been teasing a probable new character for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade for the past week or so, posting pics of someone wearing a Tengu mask. Well, speculation that this new character is not the old DOA2 End Boss but a female have just been confirmed as TN has posted a couple of pics showing more of the character, in particular a very female-looking pair of lips, chin, jawline and, well, beauty mark. We know its a female- Who or what is she? Why is she wearing a Tengu mask? What fighting style will she use?

Hopefully more of this intriguing newcomer will be revealed soon, and I hope more on DOA will be shown off this coming E3. I say, DOA on Next-Gen systems already, Team Ninja! Come on!

Infinity Blade III Updated with ‘Blademasters’!

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Chair takes us through the newest additions to their awesome iOS slasher.

If you’re like me, Infinity Blade III is one of the titles you’ll never take off your iOS device, and if so, this is going to pay off HUGE today when you update the game. Chair has added gobs of new content yet again, upgrading your game to a new chapter- Blademasters!

The update sees the return of an old rival- Ryth from Infinity Blade II. He’s gotten a lot stronger and is aching for a rematch, along with cool new Solar Trans weapons (AKA Lightsabers!!!) to use in the duels. Aside from that, there’s also a totally new foe to encounter- The Collector, who is pretty scary since if you lose to him, he takes your freakin’ weapon (you gotta face him again and win to get it back).

Aside from that, there are quite a few new options to make the game a lot more streamlined and accessible, such as the option to use your in-game credits (Which I now have THOUSANDS of somehow) to hurry up upgrading and such. There’s also a silly but pretty cool new Customization mode where you can color Siris or Isa with a new coat of paint, or give them some cool/funny animations. Not quite a Create-a-Deathless mode, but it’s very cute and much appreciated for a game that has been out for months and months.

Not sure if there’s an Infinity Blade IV coming (there should be!), but hey, there’s still tons more fun in Infinity Blade III. If by some reason you still don’t have the game, it’s currently on sale at just $2.99 on the AppStore. Go get it now and start slashing!

Killer Instinct: Season 2 to Add 8 More Characters, No Mercies!

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Bring back Kim Wu and Maya, Iron Galaxy!!!

According to this article from Shoryuken, Iron Galaxy has just announced what gamers can look forward to in Killer Instinct. Season 2 will add eight more fighters to the game’s bare-bones roster, and will also bring back the ‘No Mercy’ finishers from the earlier games (KI’s answer to Fatalities).

No word yet on just who the eight additions will be, but as of right now there are eight existing KI characters not in the game- T.J. Combo, Riptor, Tusk, Maya, Kim Wu, Cinder, Eyedol and Gargos. Of these so far MIA’s, Eyedol and Gargos were bosses so I doubt they will take precedence over the others. It has already been mentioned that original, all-new fighters like Sadira may be added aside from existing characters, plus we have the new End Boss ARIA to look forward to as well.

I am really stoked for this- sadly the recently-added Arcade Mode and Character Endings just disappointed me more than anything else. This game really needs more, QUALITY content for it to be all that it can be. Hoping Iron Galaxy does their work fast though- I want these updates last year.

Ultra Streetfighter IV: Decapre’s Alternate Costume Revealed

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Gladiator Decapre.

Capcom just released the artwork today for new character Decapre’s alternate costume in Ultra Streetfighter IV. The look for the character is an even more twisted, exaggerated take on the masked, psychotic assassin, featuring a full face mask, chains, padlocks and leather straps. Kinky! It actually reminds me a bit of Painwheel from Skullgirls with a little bit of Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

The costume was designed and drawn by Udon, who also did the alternate costumes of the four other extra fighters in USFIV, and is designed to give her a ‘fantasy’ feel.

While these alts haven’t been seen aside from the concept sketches/art, I assume we’ll be able to get these outfits with the game when it releases later this year. I also assume they’ll look a lot better in-game. Hopefully. The game releases in June 2014 on PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

To get a larger version of the artwork, head on over to Fighter’s Generation.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: MORE New Characters Coming!

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Okay, some pretty awesome news for both Dead or Alive fans and fighting gamers in general. Team Ninja has been supporting their latest itineration of DOA, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate many months after release- with new outfits aplenty and even a couple of new fighters- the upcoming Marie Rose (due next week in the next update for DOA5U) and Phase 4 (first in Arcade, then eventually to console). But apparently that’s not all she wrote for Ultimate.

Just in from Team Ninja’s Twitter is the following intriguing post:

We announce officially that we will have more fighters to #DOA5UA first, then #DOA5U, after Marie Rose & Phase 4, coming next week.

Yep, it seems that there will be more fighters coming for DOA5U, hopefully no more clones like P4 but totally new challengers like Marie. Unfortunately, according to TN’s Twitter as well, it may take some time before the new Characters will be available in a lower-priced bundle for DOA5U- perhaps 6 months (YIKES). Personally, I’d buy a new disc they call DOA5 Ultimate PLUS if it has more than three or four all-new challengers. Heck, why not call it Dead or Alive 6 already?

Anyways, this is great news- I just wish Team Ninja would announce their next-gen plans already- I wanna see Kasumi, Christie and all the DOA crew on my XBOne or PS4 already. For now though, this has made my weekend. Keep it up, Team Ninja- you’re doing great in my book.

Fighting Game Musings: Attack of the Clones

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Ultra SFIV has Decapre, DOA5U has PHASE 4.

Almost coincidental with the recent release of Ultra Streetfighter IV‘s trailer/reveal for the masked Shadaloo Doll Decapre as the game’s 5th new fighter, Tecmo also posted the trailer for their own new character spotlight.
For now limited to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate‘s arcade version is the super-powered Kasumi clone, codenamed Phase 4. As you can see in the trailer above, P4 mainly uses the style of the original Mugen Tenshin heroine, but added her own dark and misty teleports and even more insane speed to the mix. The combos scream BOSS babe, and I wish that they had just added her into the game months ago as the game’s actual boss instead of the odd, Shang Tsung-shapechanging weirdness that we got.

Of course, there will be those groaning at yet ANOTHER clone added to fighting games, and cursing these devs for their laziness. Sad to say that I really have to agree with these sentiments, although if the character had enough cool uniques, it wouldn’t hurt too much. But really, IMO while her moves are flashy and eye-catching, P4′s design is just kinda boring.

To be honest, if I were given a choice between P4 and Decapre, I’d pick Decapre as the better clone. She surely controls far more differently, and I just wish they changed more of her basic attacks and animations to be more unique from Cammy’s. Phase 4, if and when she comes to console as a playable, will surely control very similar to Kasumi (since EVERYONE plays similar anyway, as the game runs).

In any case, these clones are just ways to extend a game’s interest- I can’t wait to see these games move forward onto their next chapters, and these clones outgrow their originals to become truly their own character- hey, Mortal Kombat and Tekken do it all the time, why not DOA and SF?

Ultra Streetfighter IV’s Fifth Character Revealed: Decapre

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The Fifth New Fighter gets her own trailer.

AAAAND… it’s Decapre.

I was hoping for Gouken’s Daughter instead of a DOLL, but oh well- at least it’s the coolest and most sinister of the Dolls.
Decapre (It means December in Russian) is one of Bison’s Elite Shadaloo Dolls, resembling Cammy but wearing a black mask and using claws for combat. She first appeared way back in Streetfighter Alpha 3 (amongst the other Dolls) but was unplayable. She also appeared later in the Udon Streetfighter II Turbo comic, ambushing an escaping Cammy.
Somehow, this Cammy clone has gone beyond the other Dolls and gotten into the game- she was noticeably not among the Dolls beaten up by Juri in the SSFIV OVA AFAIK, so perhaps that will figure into her story?
Still, I’m a bit peeved at how Ono and Capcom have been selling that this character hasn’t been guessed by many, but in fact was on top of the list of potential new characters for a long, long time.

Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed. However, it could be much worse.

Anyway, bright side is that she doesn’t play at all like Cammy since she’s- get this- a CHARGE character (think Guile). I am just hoping they use the time from now till release to tweak her animations to be very different from Cammy’s. PLEASE. Also, it looks like she gets some cool anime cutscenes- I hope she gets to tussle with Juri- and the Russian accent doesn’t hurt.

Decapre joins Elena, Poison, Rolento and Hugo on the Ultra SFIV roster, coming later this year (June for Digital Upgrade/Download, August to Retail) to consoles and PC.

UPDATE: I’ve added IGN‘s 10-minute commentary vid on the new challenger. Check it out to see what this Doll has in store for the rest of the roster.

10 Minutes of Decapre-ness.

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions from SorcererDave

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Jingles tells it as he sees it.

There are many, MANY video commentaries and pre-reviews on the Elder Scrolls Online on Youtube. I’ve watched quite a few- from Angry Joe, Gopher and now, SorcererDave. Why would I choose this vid in particular to watch and post here on my blog? First off, SD is one of my Skyrim LP Idols, and perhaps one of the most thoughtful such LP-ers on the ‘Tube, with awesome RP vids aplenty. The guy, aside from having an awesome English voice (totally different from another English LP-er I really like) is very astute, honest and just plain cool.

He also looks at ESO from a Single Player perspective, one that I in particular share (being The Lone Gamer after all). So far the views he and the other vids I have seen seem very similar in their thoughts about the Elder Scrolls Online. I myself don’t see it as being ‘Skyrim with Online features’. It’s not, and it never will be. It’s an MMO. Will I subscribe to it? Almost certainly not. But I do want to keep tabs on it, being an Elder Scrolls game. I do wish Bethesda success in it, for I do want them to move on and start doing the next Elder Scrolls proper sequel (although I am still deep into Skyrim).
Anyway, give it a watch if you’re thinking about ESO. A lot of serious thought went into this vid, and it’s worth a look see.

DOA5U Marie-Rose Trailer… in English!

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For us non-Japanese gamers!

Nice of Tecmo to post a fully-translated version of Marie-Rose’s debut trailer, complete with all the info and her English voice acting. As mentioned previously, MR will be free but her costume will be sold as separate DLC (with a special price for getting the whole set). Looking quite good, I have to say. Can’t wait to get this mini-minx later this month.

New Character in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Marie-Rose Release Date

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The new fighter for the roster is… another Kasumi clone?

It is positively awesome that up to now, Team Ninja is still supporting Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate with new content and DLC, penny-pinching be damned. According to Famitsu, the new Loli character Marie Rose will be released (at least in Japan) this coming March 25. Marie-Rose will be FREE DLC and will come with the upcoming 1.05 patch.

Also revealed are some screenshots and images of the now-confirmed new fighter- named apparently Phase 4. As mentioned in past rumor, this Hooded Kasumi Clone appeared in the ending (and in the game’s story mode as well) and was a sinister loose end at the end of the game. Perhaps now she’ll be back and continuing the evil plans Donovan and Rig have in store for the DOA fighters. For now, Phase 4 will be arcade-only, but I expect she’ll come to consoles later this year.

Anyway, there may be many disappointed in the identity of this new character, but if she plays differently from Kasumi or Alpha-152, that will be awesome. Then there’s Marie-Rose, who will surely be something fresh to play with in this now-veteran beat ‘em up.

The support’s been good and all, TN, but I do hope you guys have plans for Next-Gen, okay? For now though, check out the new screenies and images over at Famitsu.