Blizzard Debuts Overwatch

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Blizzard emulates Pixar in this awesome Cinematic Trailer for their upcoming new shooter.

Late last week at Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard threw down tons of debuts, the biggest of which being their new upcoming multiplayer trailer, Overwatch. While I’m not into this kind of game (and even less into MP), I am totally loving this CG trailer. The 5-minute plus long short film has it all- uber-cool villains and heroes, party-pooping big bros, pesky but cute little brothers and LOTS of action.

Right away I love the characters, the art style, all of which seems to meld looks from the best of Capcom, Image Comics, Joe Madureira and such- which gives the game its distinctly cartoonish but cool aesthetic. Very much like Team Fortress 2 but slicker and more anime or comics. If this game has a Single Player campaign, I just may check it out. Or at least I’ll be collecting the cinematics. For now though, I am watching this so much. Sadly this may impede on my enjoyment of Big Hero 6, which will probably look so understated compared to this…

Far Cry 3: ‘Voices of Insanity’ Behind-the-Scenes

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Fast Tube by Casper

Goddamn, they cast this guy perfect.

Ubisoft certainly has pulled out all the stops in marketing Far Cry 3‘s cast, even so far as putting out these pretty slick trailers featuring the actual voice actors and apparent live models for the in-game characters. Actor Michael Mando certainly made an impression with his chilling but engaging portrayal of lead thug Vaas Montenegro, coming up with an enemy you truly love to hate. I’m having a ball with the game so far… and looking forward to seeing more of Vaas later on as I make my way through Rook Island. For now, check out these two entertaining spots… certainly a new way of showing off talent, eh?

Fast Tube by Casper

I want some of what he’s having.

Far Cry 3 First Day Impressions

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Far Cry 3′s Vaas Montenegro in a pensive moment.

Anyone who has read this blog for a bit will probably know that I’m not the biggest shooter fan. I’m more of a fighting game freak, and quite a bit of an RPG nut. But then, that’s the funny thing about Ubisoft’s latest, Far Cry 3. It’s a superior first person, lone wolf adventure that strikes quite a few chords in this Lone Gamer’s heart.

For starters, I do kinda identify with the in-game hero, AKA Jason Brody- promising college boy, athlete and a bit of a slacker who finds himself in a desperate battle to save his friends and younger brother from a horrible fate- being sold off into slavery by modern-day pirates. Jason starts off as the unprepared wet-behind-the-ears guy to his older brother Grant, who seems at the start pretty much made for this kind of situation. But it doesn’t take long for things to spiral into madness leaving Jason firmly in spotlight. I find the way you elevate Jason from a quivering wreck in the prologue to a hardened, badass warrior to be pretty satisfying and empowering.

Secondly, the Rook Islands, where the adventure takes place, is an awesome open world playground that is a joy to explore and frolic in. Perhaps a bit too joyful I think- how can Jason keep himself troubled over rescuing his friends when he can just spend hours leisurely hunting the wildlife, driving the countryside in various free vehicles or best of all, practice the fine art of killing on an army of utterly despicable bad guys? Well, to his credit, hunting animals is the only way to fashion vital equipment like holsters that will allow you to carry a whole arsenal into battle, ammo and medicines you’ll mix up yourself.

And then there’s the cast of troublemakers you’ll encounter in your time on Rook- from the eerily likable but totally demented Vaas to the chummy Dennis, characters are wonderfully expressive and animated- you’ll be hard put to find a more menacing yet fascinating off-kilter menagerie of villains and allies to tussle with. Granted, I’d probably put a bullet into each of their skulls but I’ll remember these buggers fondly.

I’ve so far been enjoying my time playing FC3- even if I’ve been dying a LOT. Animals are particularly dangerous, and it’s far too easy to just walk into a mob of bloodthirsty thugs when you’re just enjoying the sights. But slowly and surely, I’m building Jason’s skills and racking up those kills. I certainly haven’t had this much fun with a shooter in a while. I’ll see about a full review once I’ve given this its due time.

Now if you’ll excuse me- I gotta hunt me some sharks.