More DOA5 Last Round Updates, DOA Xtreme 3 Announced!

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5 Hours of DOA5 Fandom and Wackiness here.

During yesterday’s Dead or Alive Festival stream, Tecmo-KOEI revealed some tantalizing news for fans of the sexy brawler. First off, August 11 will see a new update to the game (1.04) which will add balance fixes as well as a new ‘Fireworks’ Nighttime stage as well as a new ‘Lovely Summer’ DLC costume set.

The next few months will see updates as well.

September will see a Crossover Costume DLC pack themed with the Nihon Falcom‘s Legend of Heroes and Y’s series.

October will bring a Crossover DLC with Square Enix’s Schoolgirl Strikers as the theme.

A third DLC pack that will crossover with Tatsunoko Productions will bring Yatterman and Hakushon Daimao-themed outfits to DOA.

But that’s not all! Looks like Team Ninja’s support for DOA5 Last Round will be extending to next year, as Spring 2016 will see another new stage AND a New Character added to the game- another female character, btw.

All of this, plus a new entry into the summer-themed Dead or Alive Xtreme spin-off series has also apparently been confirmed to be in development. Some sources have mentioned that this is supposedly exclusive for Japan and Asian release but I’m sure DOA Fans in other territories will be clamoring for it to be released their way. More on all these as news come along then.

Dead Fantasy’s Monty Oum Passes Away

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A Preview of Monty’s Dead Fantasy 8 at AKon22.

You may or may not have heard of the name Monty Oum, but if you surf the web a lot and watch anime, you may have seen some of the earlier work of this late web animator. He became known mostly for his cross-over Machinima videos, featuring characters from different franchises clashing together in battles you’d probably only see otherwise in fan fics or fanboy wet dreams- such as his first work, Haloid (bringing together Halo and Metroid) in 2007.

The Released episodes of the Dead Fantasy Series.

His most popular work is arguably the Dead Fantasy series, which threw together characters from the fighting game Dead or Alive against the heroes of Final Fantasy. It was all done using the actual models from the games, but with fight scenes and an eye for angles and dramatic effect that would do Hong Kong fight choreographers and anime directors proud. The Dead Fantasy series would go on for six episodes in the next few years, until Monty went into a prolonged hiatus, showing only brief previews of upcoming parts afterwards.
When Oum announced his employment with Rooster Teeth as a web series animator, his indie works were put on hold. Ten days ago, he was hospitalized and in a coma following a severe allergic reaction to a routine medical procedure. Despite all efforts including crowd-sourced funding to support him, Monty Oum passed away on Feb. 1, 2015. He was 33.

I don’t really know if the cool videos Monty created were art, but they were definitely entertainment and brought many a fanboy dreams to eye-opening reality. One can only imagine now if only he was given a chance to, at what he could have accomplished with his wonderful eye and imagination for action-fantasy. Thanks for the awesomeness, Monty.

DOA5 Last Round’s New Fighter Revealed (Updated with Trailers)

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Introducing… Honoka!

A couple of days before her trailer will reportedly debut, Dead or Alive 5′s latest (and last?) new character has been revealed. Her name is Honoka, a schoolgirl apparently possessing some ‘secret power’. Little is known so far about her since only a rather low-res Famitsu scan and the screenshot above have been found online. So far, all we know is that she has pink hair and apparently has the biggest breast size of all the female fighters(!).
She seems to know or has some relationship with fellow newcomer Marie Rose, since they seem to have a special tag team intro (and they even kind of resemble one another). Her fighting style is named Honoka-Ryu, which probably is self-taught or self-made. So what’s the story with the pirate glove? Is she an actual martial artist or a ‘magical girl’ combatant? IS SHE ACTUALLY LUCKY CHLOE IN DISGUISE???

Well, the trailer for her debut should answer some of these questions, sometime tomorrow (the 15th). We’ll see then.

Honoka’s Reveal Trailer arrives.

Okay, I have to say I am honestly, legitimately disappointed with this newcomer. At least Marie Rose had her own unique moves and fighting style, but Honoka’s moves (judging by the trailer) are a mish-mash of borrowed stuff from various fighters- Hitomi, Jann-Lee, Zack, Helena, Kokoro- even perhaps something from the big man grapplers (and a thin girl doing a crushing bearhug just looks odd). The thing that sets her apart is her apparently ‘magical’ glove, which we will probably find out about as the game arrives. Aside from her rehashed moves though, I am also not liking her token timid and perky, saccharine-cute schoolgirl character. Hell, since I’m not really a boobs guy not even her huge boobs are a big plus for me. Oh well.

The Japanese version of Honoka’s trailer.

Okay, strangely enough, I am not as annoyed as I was with Honoka watching the Japanese trailer. Perhaps it was due tro her english voice that made me dislike her the first time. However, I still don’t relish the idea of another character who copies moves from other fighters. This is in her story, making her kinda like a female, kid version of Raidou- which leads me to suspect perhaps she’s related to him in some way. Anyhoo, that’s that. Next up is the February release of DOA5LR, which I eagerly anticipate.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade: Female Tengu Reveal Trailer

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What will Team Ninja think up next?

Hot on the heels of the images from the latest Famitsu magazine is a trailer for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate showing off its latest upcoming challenger- none other than the Female Tengu (still not sure if this is her actual name though). Voiced by seiyuu Akemi Sato, this winged lady seems in all appearances to fight in the same way as the original Tengu did, with flying attacks and wind gusts blown by the fan she wields. So those who were clamoring for the return of DOA2′s end boss- he’s back, just with boobs. The trailer above shows off her gameplay along with several outfits.

Have to say my feelings are mixed. The design is very Japanese and- well, I guess a bit of an acquired taste. I never liked the Tengu character- hated it, actually. Just because its now easier on the eyes doesn’t change that much. Still, a new character is a new character, but then again- both this La Femme Tengu and Phase 4 (both expected to come to consoles in a late June update) are not really new- well, not totally new. Team Ninja is stretching the meaning of the word with these latest add-ons. Well, at least Marie-Rose IS really all-new. Sigh.

Anyway, check out the trailer. So DOA gets their own sexy supernatural vamp, eh? Heheh.

UPDATE: The Female Tengu is apparently named Nyotengu. Either that or Tengurl (Ew).

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: First Look at Female Tengu?

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Is this DOA5U’s mysterious Female Tengu?

I found the pic above posted by user LilStormCloud on the GameFAQs forums, and I think its legit. This may just be the first clear look at the mysterious new character being teased by Team Ninja. So she isn’t just a girl in a Tengu mask, but an actual supernatural being, literally a female version of DOA2′s late end boss.

Of course, ‘Female Tengu’ is probably not her actual name- well, at least I hope it isn’t. I also hope it isn’t ‘Tenga’, which I read somewhere online. Heh.

Also, this post from Gematsu says that Female Tengu, along with Kasumi clone Phase 4 will be added to the console versions of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in late June- this is as yet unconfirmed but would be awesome if true. I am thinking that we’ll find out more- and hopefully get a trailer or so- this coming E3.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade: Who is the Female Tengu?

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Team Ninja shows more of this intriguing new fighter.

We posted earlier that Team Ninja has been teasing a probable new character for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade for the past week or so, posting pics of someone wearing a Tengu mask. Well, speculation that this new character is not the old DOA2 End Boss but a female have just been confirmed as TN has posted a couple of pics showing more of the character, in particular a very female-looking pair of lips, chin, jawline and, well, beauty mark. We know its a female- Who or what is she? Why is she wearing a Tengu mask? What fighting style will she use?

Hopefully more of this intriguing newcomer will be revealed soon, and I hope more on DOA will be shown off this coming E3. I say, DOA on Next-Gen systems already, Team Ninja! Come on!

New Character Being Teased for DOA5 Ultimate Arcade?

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Tengu? Probably not.

For the past week or so, Team Ninja has been tweeting some intriguing pics, which seem to point at a new character that will likely be added to the roster of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Arcade). The pics have been of what appears to be a Tengu mask, which may lead one to believe that the little-lamented End Boss of DOA2 may be headed back to the game. But looks can be deceiving; astute viewers have commented that the character in the pic has shoulder-length hair (or a pigtail hairdo), which may point to it being a female character. Speculation is that it’s a new female and HUMAN, just wearing a Tengu mask. Some speculate that it may be an Ayane clone (haven’t seen where this has come from). And perhaps it’s just me, but the mask seems to be a FEMALE Tengu, judging from the eyelashes. Huh.

If it’s a masked female, it seems to have shades of Kunimitsu? A masked Kunoichi? I am definitely on board if it’s a new DOA girl with a mask gimmick. Hoping that details will be revealed soon, perhaps this coming E3? We’ll see.

DOA5U has seen several new fighters added, though as of right now only Marie Rose has been added to console versions. Phase 4, the hooded Kasumi clone, is still arcade-only. Team Ninja has already announced that new characters will be added to the roster soon.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: MORE New Characters Coming!

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Okay, some pretty awesome news for both Dead or Alive fans and fighting gamers in general. Team Ninja has been supporting their latest itineration of DOA, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate many months after release- with new outfits aplenty and even a couple of new fighters- the upcoming Marie Rose (due next week in the next update for DOA5U) and Phase 4 (first in Arcade, then eventually to console). But apparently that’s not all she wrote for Ultimate.

Just in from Team Ninja’s Twitter is the following intriguing post:

We announce officially that we will have more fighters to #DOA5UA first, then #DOA5U, after Marie Rose & Phase 4, coming next week.

Yep, it seems that there will be more fighters coming for DOA5U, hopefully no more clones like P4 but totally new challengers like Marie. Unfortunately, according to TN’s Twitter as well, it may take some time before the new Characters will be available in a lower-priced bundle for DOA5U- perhaps 6 months (YIKES). Personally, I’d buy a new disc they call DOA5 Ultimate PLUS if it has more than three or four all-new challengers. Heck, why not call it Dead or Alive 6 already?

Anyways, this is great news- I just wish Team Ninja would announce their next-gen plans already- I wanna see Kasumi, Christie and all the DOA crew on my XBOne or PS4 already. For now though, this has made my weekend. Keep it up, Team Ninja- you’re doing great in my book.

Fighting Game Musings: Attack of the Clones

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Ultra SFIV has Decapre, DOA5U has PHASE 4.

Almost coincidental with the recent release of Ultra Streetfighter IV‘s trailer/reveal for the masked Shadaloo Doll Decapre as the game’s 5th new fighter, Tecmo also posted the trailer for their own new character spotlight.
For now limited to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate‘s arcade version is the super-powered Kasumi clone, codenamed Phase 4. As you can see in the trailer above, P4 mainly uses the style of the original Mugen Tenshin heroine, but added her own dark and misty teleports and even more insane speed to the mix. The combos scream BOSS babe, and I wish that they had just added her into the game months ago as the game’s actual boss instead of the odd, Shang Tsung-shapechanging weirdness that we got.

Of course, there will be those groaning at yet ANOTHER clone added to fighting games, and cursing these devs for their laziness. Sad to say that I really have to agree with these sentiments, although if the character had enough cool uniques, it wouldn’t hurt too much. But really, IMO while her moves are flashy and eye-catching, P4′s design is just kinda boring.

To be honest, if I were given a choice between P4 and Decapre, I’d pick Decapre as the better clone. She surely controls far more differently, and I just wish they changed more of her basic attacks and animations to be more unique from Cammy’s. Phase 4, if and when she comes to console as a playable, will surely control very similar to Kasumi (since EVERYONE plays similar anyway, as the game runs).

In any case, these clones are just ways to extend a game’s interest- I can’t wait to see these games move forward onto their next chapters, and these clones outgrow their originals to become truly their own character- hey, Mortal Kombat and Tekken do it all the time, why not DOA and SF?

DOA5U Marie-Rose Trailer… in English!

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For us non-Japanese gamers!

Nice of Tecmo to post a fully-translated version of Marie-Rose’s debut trailer, complete with all the info and her English voice acting. As mentioned previously, MR will be free but her costume will be sold as separate DLC (with a special price for getting the whole set). Looking quite good, I have to say. Can’t wait to get this mini-minx later this month.