Gamespot Previews the Neo Geo X Gold

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Neo Geo X Gold… hopefully it won’t cost a fortune.

If you’re a fighting game fan, you surely know about SNK and their range of cool fighting games- Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of Fighteres… Younger gamers might not remember the Neo Geo- aside from being the arcade unit system, it was actually sold and available as a home console… a VERY expensive console that few really got into.
Well, here’s a comeback of sorts for SNK and the Neo Geo library- the Neo Geo X Gold is a pretty hefty system that includes a docking station/console and a portable handheld/controller. Once again, this is more about nostalgia and authentic arcade look and feel than anything else- these games aren’t exactly cutting-edge.
Sadly I won’t be getting this. I’ve already got all the portable gaming goodness I need (more on that soon), and neither the Neo Geo X or even the PS Vita looks to be something I need to get through the day. Still, heck- you could spend 200 dollars on worse thing…