Killer Instinct: Hisako is Scary Awesome!

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Hisako’s release trailer has both story and gameplay reveals.

Last weekend saw the release of the ‘Ghost Girl’ Hisako in Killer Instinct Season 2. The relatively lengthy spot shows off what appear to be cinematic elements, showing the background of this latest (and so far scariest) fighter to join the KI lineup.

A vengeful spirit, Hisako was a Samurai Lord’s daughter in Feudal Age Japan. When renegade soldiers attacked her village and killed her father, she took up his naginata and fought the raiders, killing many of them. Though she herself died in the process, the villagers erected a shrine in her memory. Hundreds of years later, Hisako is awakened from her eternal repose by the desecration of her grave by an outside organization (three guesses on which organization that is). Now she seeks revenge on those responsible.

Hisako’s trailer is freakin’ awesome- the voice acting (which I assume is also her in-game voice) is pretty much perfect, including the music and mood changing from playful and reminiscing to outright creepy and effed-up raging. The cinematic scenes I think may be scenes from Hisako’s Story Mode, which may give a hint to how awesome the mode will be once it’s finished for Season 2 characters.
So far I’ve been playing Hisako and she’s bloody fun to play, despite having relatively fewer moves to use compared to other fighters. Her design, animation and fighting style just prick the right nerves to make her my total favorite character in the game right now!

Of course, the trailer also teases the next fighter to be released- no other than fan-favorite Cinder. After that, all that is left is the elusive, enigmatic ARIA. I have to admit, Iron Galaxy has done an incredible job of keeping KI alive and slashing since they possessed- er, took over the reigns of the franchise. Can’t wait to see what happens next- for now though, I’ve got me a date with my new undead muse…

Killer Instinct’s Hisako: Giving Grudge Matches a Whole New Meaning…

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Hisako is looking scary awesome.

Recently, during Pax 2015, Iron Galaxy debuted the latest addition to the Killer Instinct roster. Known earlier as the ‘Ghost Girl’, this creepy competitor has now been revealed to be named Hisako, and as anyone can see, she looks like she just crawled out of some cursed videotape and then into KI.
Inspired by Japanese Horror films such as The Ring and Ju-on (The Grudge), Hisako is certainly the most unconventional female fighter to come a long in like, forever. Well, arguably the slot of grotesque female in a fighting game is also shared by the ferocious Mileena from Mortal Kombat, but heck… Hisako’s design, animation and execution is brilliant.

I certainly am more intrigued at this character than I was for the lumbering Man-Mountain Aganos. Hisako is scheduled to be unleashed on the Xbox One sometime before the end of March. I’m just hoping she stays on the other side of the screen…

Killer Instinct Season 2 ‘Maya’ Trailer and New Character Reveal

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Maya and the all-new character revealed at TGS!

I thought it was still about a day away but nope- the long-awaited debut trailer showing off Killer Instinct Season 2′s femme fatale, Maya, has just debuted over at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show 2014. The spot is similar to previous debut spots for characters in KI, showing off their moves and stage. Maya is certainly a tall one, and she translates well into the game from her concept art (which was all we had to go on for quite a long time).

Shown off was Maya’s dual-wielding dagger style, which I have to say went and looked as I thought it would. She certainly fits in with the whole combo-heavy style of game. Have to say though, along with the stage, I really, really wish she still had her classic (or even an updated) Jungle Girl look- the armored thing just isn’t working for me- hoping the Customizations or her Retro Outfit are accessible sooner rather than later.

Also included in the video debut was a short intro for KI’s first all-new character- who appears to be an ancient Mummy. Okay, we already have a Skeleton Warrior, why a Mummy? Is this Darkstalkers or something? Eeh. Hoping this guy is interesting but I don’t really like him off the bat.

Maya will be available in KI’s Season 2 starting October 15, 2014 on your Xbox One’s via XBox Live.

Killer Instinct Season 2: Maya Revealed!

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Warrior Queen Maya returns in KI’s Season 2.

At their panel during EVO 2014, developer Iron Galaxy revealed their second character to come in Killer Instinct’s sophomore season. Set to appear alongside the previously-shown T.J. Combo is the warrior woman Maya, who originally debuted in the original KI2. Just as before, this femme fatale fights using dual daggers, which this time apparently can be leveled up in power, and will entail a bit of risk and reward as these weapons may actually be left on the ground and need to be recovered after some specific attacks.
The character design has also seen a bit of updating- and while I love the stylistic upgrade (gone is the ‘Janet Jackson’ clone look of before’s game), I expect (nope, DEMAND) that her classic ‘Jungle Queen’ look be available, at least as a set in her accessories or alternate costumes. Heheh.

No videos yet shown of Maya in action, but I expect that to arrive soon. Of course, this reveal will surely disappoint fans expecting Cinder (who was assumed to be the one teased at the end of T.J’s trailer), but I am ecstatic to see more of the fairer sex entering the arena for KI. More on this as we get it.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 to Add 8 More Characters, No Mercies!

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Bring back Kim Wu and Maya, Iron Galaxy!!!

According to this article from Shoryuken, Iron Galaxy has just announced what gamers can look forward to in Killer Instinct. Season 2 will add eight more fighters to the game’s bare-bones roster, and will also bring back the ‘No Mercy’ finishers from the earlier games (KI’s answer to Fatalities).

No word yet on just who the eight additions will be, but as of right now there are eight existing KI characters not in the game- T.J. Combo, Riptor, Tusk, Maya, Kim Wu, Cinder, Eyedol and Gargos. Of these so far MIA’s, Eyedol and Gargos were bosses so I doubt they will take precedence over the others. It has already been mentioned that original, all-new fighters like Sadira may be added aside from existing characters, plus we have the new End Boss ARIA to look forward to as well.

I am really stoked for this- sadly the recently-added Arcade Mode and Character Endings just disappointed me more than anything else. This game really needs more, QUALITY content for it to be all that it can be. Hoping Iron Galaxy does their work fast though- I want these updates last year.

Killer Instinct: Who is… ARIA?

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Killer Instinct’s Secret Ending teases the fights to come.

Killer Instinct is still ongoing development, and with the exit of Double Helix as developers with the latest patch and updated comes the entrance of Iron Galaxy and possibilities of the future. In recent livestreams, it’s already been hinted that the game’s recently-added Arcade/Story mode will further be enhanced, hopefully with more cutscenes, rival battles and more, ahem, substantial endings. In any case, the Secret Ending you unlock in KI teases something for the future- an all-new character and possible Final Boss for Season 2.
Known as ARIA, this mysterious being is mentioned in some of the character endings and is apparently the power behind the supposedly-being-revived UltraTech (KI’s Shadaloo/evil corporation, FYI). Who is he/she? What is he/she?
I do hope that whatever ARIA is, it’s not the blank shape that has so far been revealed. Let’s have something/someone with a lot more character and bad-assedness. Plus I am looking forward to the return of more fighters in Season 2.

KI goes on, which is great. Let’s see the goods, Iron Galaxy!

Killer Instinct Story Mode, Season 2 Info! AT LAST!

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Killer Instinct Central just posted information on the XBox One’s DLC fighter’s near future developments, gleaned from the latest livestream on the game from Microsoft.
For starters, April 9 will bring the update that will add Story Mode/Arcade Mode (YES!!!), Fulgore and Sadira’s Classic Costume to the game, as well as a Spectator Lobby and a new Stage for Shadow Jago.

Season 2, which will be talked about more soon, will add a lot more to the existing Story Mode (more cutscenes, dialogue between rivals is being thrown about), including a New and NASTY Final Boss, who will be playable. You can apparently get hints of things to be added in Season 2 from some of the Story Endings. Oh, and depending on how you beat your enemies, there will be multiple endings.

For a comprehensive list of the latest info, check out here.

As someone who bought the XB1 and KI, I am STARVED for content with this otherwise pretty cool and solid fighter. Really looking forward to next week’s additions, and to Season 2. NEED MORE CHARACTERS. BADLY. Oh, and please bring back Maya. Heheh.

Fulgore Trailer Hits! Arcade Mode Teased! FINALLY! (UPDATED)

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Ultratech unleashes its bad boy.

It’s been a long time coming, but the arrival of the much-awaited classic Poster Boy for KI is almost here with the arrival of the launch trailer for the almighty Fulgore. A combat cyborg/android created by evil corporation UltraTech, Fulgore is the nemesis of Orchid and Jago, and he’s got the tools to lay waste to all who stand against him, including stealth and some bright, burning LAY-SERS. Awesome.

Oh, and even better, the trailer ends with a tease for additional content for the game as well, including the LONG-AWAITED Arcade Mode (I assume this is Story as well), which will finally give this otherwise bare-bones fighter a bit more to do in terms of single-player modes.

What can I say? I am certainly impressed by the character’s looks and the ‘heaviness’ he brings. And that Big Freakin’ LASER… loving that sound. Oh, and I can’t wait for the damn Arcade Mode. I am liking what appears to be in-game cutscenes. Please let there be a lot.
This is a bit bittersweet as this is the final bit of content for Double Helix, which I feel did a great job in bringing Killer Instinct back. All I can hope for now is that the next developer takes up the slack with even better stuff, with MORE characters and MORER content to come and sooner rather than later.

For now, stay tuned and just enjoy that trailer!

UPDATE: The new developer for Killer Instinct has been revealed to be Iron Galaxy, the maker of fighting game conversions like Streetfighter III Third Strike Online Edition, Darkstalkers Resurrection and Marvel VS Capcom Origins. Their first original fighting game was Divekick. For more details and IG’s plans for KI, check out the article from Polygon.

Killer Instinct Launch Trailer Teases Fulgore, Spinal

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The killer robot (and KI Posterboy) makes his return in this new trailer.

It seems like fight fans have been waiting forever, but Killer Instinct for the XBox One is pretty much here. Of course, we outside the US have to wait a while, but hey, when XB1 finally arrives at my digs, it will hopefully bring with it a more complete KI. To celebrate their launch, Double Helix released this spiffy new trailer showing off the initial roster of characters, as well as the first two DLC fighters who will be available post-launch; Spinal in January and then Fulgore in March. For now, check it out!

Darn, when will the XBox One be available in Manila? I wants one!

Killer Instinct: B.Orchid Revealed by IGN (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: Here’s the full stream from IGN revealing Orchid on Killer Instinct.

As promised about a week ago, IGN showed off the latest build of the upcoming XboxOne exclusive fighter, Killer Instinct. Featured in particular was the latest character revealed and the second female so far in the roster- none other than Black Orchid. The special operative certainly did not disappoint, sporting her trademark dual weapons (now apparently charged fighting sticks), her cat-transformation and her signature attacks. Of course, the trailer and her intro also showed off her assets- hey, she IS after all the original Miss Fan Service of the game.

Orchid certainly looks easy on the eyes, and her moves make her seem like a more balanced fighter and someone whom a lot of players will surely be picking up simply because she’s the Hot Heroine Chick. I definitely like her techno-outfit, which gives her a Lara Croft Tomb Raider/secret agent vibe.

Also shown off in the stream was a sample of the ‘Accessories’ that characters may be sporting in the game- which included a new mask and sword for Jago, goggles and bracelets for Sabrewulf and, Halo Fans snicker- an Elite getup for Glacius. I wanted to see Sadira’s and Orchid’s but hey, I guess they’re going to keep that under wraps and us in suspense.

Finally, the Orchid Reveal trailer also showed off the next character tease- none other than Captain Jack Spinal! Well, JUST Spinal I guess. Heheh. He definitely looks pretty creepy and more formidable than ever before (I guess it’s the clothes). Darn, November is here, the XBoxOne is almost here- and this game as well. Will I be getting it? We’ll see. Soon enough.