Phoenix Wright and Nova UMVC3 Trailers

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I’m not really a fan of Marvel VS Capcom 3, nor am I even vaguely interested in the upcoming Ultimate upgrade- however, this trailer is something to see. Of course it debuts Capcom’s popular gaming lawyer, Phoenix Wright, using his courtroom skills to lay waste to some of the galaxy’s most deadly villains. Seeing Doctor Doom finally pronounced GUILTY is indeed priceless. Heheh. Oh, and afterwards there the trailer for Nova thrown in for good measure… ho-hum. There should be more news and footage of UMVC3 and other fighters from Capcom, particularly Streetfighter X Tekken, over the weekend as NYCC kicks in. Stay tuned then!

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Revealed! (UPDATED!)

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Hawkeye’s getting quite some billing for a guy who shoots arrows- hype for 2012′s Avengers?

Though this fighting game bombshell may have been intended for a reveal at Comicon just a day or two from now, Amazon kinda let the cat out of the bag when it posted the item on it’s online catalogue. Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, which is due in mid-November, will add in 12 additional characters to the original roster, to a total of 50 combatants to choose from.
For now, four of the new fighters have been unveiled- from Marvel it’s Ghost Rider and Hawkeye, while Capcom brings in Firebrand (from Ghosts and Goblins) and Strider Hiryu. Aside from the new characters, the game will feature gameplay rebalancing to make the game more accessible to various levels of players, and enhanced modes such as the much-requested Spectator Mode. Speaking of spectacles, check out this hot upgrade’s trailer.

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The Mash-up gets even madder!

Have to say, I didn’t get Marvel vs Capcom 3- not my style of game, none of my characters in it. We’ll see in the added fighters if there’s a reason for me to give this a look. Let’s see what else this game has in store in Comicon later this week. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Game site Giant Bomb has posted information on the whole roster slated for this Ultimate upgrade. To see all 12 of the upcoming combatants along with character art, head on over here. All I can say is- I have no use or interest in this sausage fest. Moving on then…

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Reviewed Tekken Style

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I mentioned this on Twitter yesterday, and I guess I’ll elaborate a bit. While I’ve been talking and posting updates about Capcom’s Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds, I’m passing on it. It’s not that I hate the game or think it’s crap- it’s just not for me. The Fighting Genre isn’t actually just a one, united field- it’s a continent in itself with myriad nations with their own culture and language. I don’t speak Capcom Versusian, unfortunately.

I’m the kind of player who likes to see the action happening before me at a pace I can savour and enjoy. I like seeing animations as silky and detailed as possible, to appreciate the intricacies of a throw, the way a character looks so bad-ass or sexy when they perform their moves. I like the dance of feints and sidesteps, the baiting of traps and striking when the time is right, when an opening is exposed. Marvel vs Capcom 3 isn’t quite of these parameters.

MvC3 is all about speed- it’s all about teaching your right hand fingers tried-and-tested routines of combos and doing them over and over at faster and faster speeds. If you’re not pressing buttons, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re waiting and biding your time, you’re not in the right mindset. MvC3 is not about that- it’s about filling the screen constantly with combo pyrotechnics and pouring it on and doing this constantly till all three opponents are dust. Hell, if you don’t try to finish the fight as soon as possible, more often that not the fight will end in a Time Out (unless you set the timer on infinite).

Gameplay aside, the game’s look, while pretty, certainly, just hits me as… bland. Yeah, the characters (particularly the Marvel side) are well-done, but the cel-shaded models just lack… oomph. That’s all I can say. They look good, but not great.
In particular though, I utterly hate that all the alternate costumes are just colors- Capcom, why can’t you follow the Namco-Bandai or Sega work ethic when it comes to Character Customization? The models are in 3D already, dammit. How awesome would it have been for MvC3 to have had Tekken or VF-style customizations, even to a lesser degree?

Then there’s the modes and the presentation of a story. Early on MvC3 was touted as having a more story-heavy premise; the Power Point-style endings reveal that as false. So really, there’s no reason to get MvC3 if you’re looking for a narrative- it’s just all about the gameplay and getting better at it, which I really don’t see myself doing. Bottom-line, the Single Player Experience, particularly Offline, is very lacking, and that’s it for me then.

Once again, this is all my personal taste and preference. The reviews for MvC3 have been positive to praising. So if it’s a game you feel you like, go for it. But I guess for a more in-depth review of the game from a different franchise’s viewpoint, I guess this unique evaluation from Avoiding The Puddle says the stuff best. Check it out.

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ATP tells it like it is.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Galactus Trailer Unleashed!

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The Galactic Luchador is here to play!

Some time ago vids of Marvel vs Capcom 3′s final boss filtered onto the web, but were quickly silenced (a bit). Well, some time later, Capcom has finally released the official trailer showing off the Ultimate Bad Guy in the game. You have to hand it to MvC3- there’s no villain bigger than Galactus. You start off the fight battling some metal versions of the main villain team (Wesker, Doom, Akuma and Dormammu), then move onto the Big Kahuna himself. Big G’s pretty excellently rendered, and quite an intimidating sight. Still, while he shouldn’t be a pushover, he shouldn’t be impossible as well. Players can take on the Planet Eater in about a week and a half, when MvC3 is out in stores everywhere.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Intro is EPIC!

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Up and at ‘em, bub!

Just saw what is apparently the full, final intro movie to Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. It’s not hard to go onto Youtube and look for it. Running at almost 4 minutes, the intro shows of a variety of characters in action, including many introduced later in the course of the game’s development such as Phoenix, Rad Spencer, She-Hulk and more.

Unlike the various trailers shown before, the Capcom and Marvel heroes aren’t fighting, but now working together against the powerful villains ranged against them. There’s quite a lot of action, a bit of comedy thrown in at Mayor Haggar’s expense (in a sequence that I think kinda went a bit too long), but the final bit with Ryu and Wolverine should get pulses pumped for some EPIC combat.
Even if the spastic pop-up/pop-in gameplay isn’t quite my speed, I’m quite intrigued enough at the story element of this game to get this mash-up beat ‘em up once it launches in a couple of weeks. For now, if you’re not averse to some spoilers, whet your appetites with the intro above.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Boss Fight: Galactus, Baby!

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The bigger they are, the hard- OH MY FREAKIN’ GOSH! He’s BIG!

Here’s a vid of Marvel Vs Capcom 3′s BIG, bad boss, Galactus. The Devourer of Worlds himself, in the cosmic-powered flesh. You apparently battle clone versions of a boss team before taking the Big Kahuna himself. Like Onslaught and Abyss in previous MvC games, Galactus is HUGE, taking up most of the screen while your teeny-tiny fighters chip away at him with their best. The Big G just may take the cake for the largest boss yet in a fighting game, and if you fail at beating him he takes the Earth! Well, study the vid while it’s up (who knows if Capcom doesn’t have it taken down) so you can do better at defending us all from cosmic doom in a few weeks.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has a Character Model Viewer, Mission Mode

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X-23 shows off her goods.

What do you get for saving the world? Scratch that, what do you get when you save two worlds? Well, apparently in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, you get a Character Model Viewer which lets you ogle the fighter you just beat the game with. PlayrBitz just posted several vids of the viewer along with the game’s Mission mode. Check ‘em out! It’s only a few more weeks till some Marvel-Capcom Mashing!

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Every good fighting game needs a Mission Mode!

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Hsien Ko and Sentinel Added!

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One more Darkstalker in the mix.

Two more fighters are revealed as Marvel Vs Capcom 3 inches its way to the February release. These two fighters surfaced earlier this week via some dubious-looking mag scans, but they eventually turned out to be legit. I find the choices kinda odd- Hsien Ko, of all fighters in DS? She’s a cool design, no question, but the choice seems very left field. But then again, that’s my feeling on a LOT of the Capcom characters- they all seem so ragtag and diverse when compared to the Marvel side, who all belong to one universe. They also all seem so cartoony and underpowered at least in appearance (not in combos and supers, of course). I’m sure though that this won’t be a problem once the players get their combos running. Check out the vids then. I wonder if this is it? I guess we’ve still got Galactus to be shown off officially before the game is unleashed.

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The bigger they are, the bigger their Super.

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Akuma and Taskmaster Gameplay

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New villains join the fight!

It’s not that far from the February release date of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, but the hits just keep on coming with the reveal of Akuma and Taskmaster. These two villains are pretty formidable- Akuma is of course Capcom’s iconic martial arts demon and the scourge of many a player in countless beat ‘em ups. However, this is probably the first game appearance of his Marvel counterpart- The mysterious, skull-masked Taskmaster may not be known to those not well-versed in comics lore. He’s a criminal mercenary with Photographic Memory- basically he can mimic any physical movement just by seeing it once, allowing him to take various attacks and fighting styles and use them as his own. Perhaps not quite in the league of Doctor Doom, but he’s pretty tough.

Both of these brawlers won’t be available off the bat- you’re gonna have to earn ‘em. Akuma is unlocked after earning 2000 player points in-game, while Taskmaster will require 8000.
Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds is out February 16 for the PS3 and Xbox360.

Two More for Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

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Jean Grey AKA Phoenix blazes into the conflict.

The gradual reveal of characters for Capcom’s latest crossover fighter continues with two more iconic fighters thrown into the mix. For the Marvel side is Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix, the former Marvel Girl turned Galactic Force of Nature. Thankfully for this game her ability to manipulate the very fabric of reality and incinerate whole planets has been toned down to the odd fireball, screen-clearing firebird and a bunch of sexy drop kicks. Oh, and apparently she can switch into the nastier Dark Phoenix, which should please comic aficionados out there.

Matching this Cosmic Crusher from the Capcom side is… Mayor Haggar. Well, he may not have the power to flatten suns, but he can piledrive with the best of them AND hammer out city ordinances like few others. Anyway, check out the vids (in HD) and get ready for all the spastic fighting due in a month or two.

This may be Mayor Haggar’s Final Fight… Nah.