Namco-Bandai Reveals New F2P Fighter: Rise of the Incarnates

Posted in Fantasy, Fighting Games, Game Advertising, Game-related Events, Gaming, PC Gaming, Rise of the Imperfects on April 22nd, 2014 by thelonegamer

Yikes! Here I though Heihachi couldn’t grow any older.

Man. It seems that the days of Namco-Bandai playing around in F2P (Free-to-Play) fighting games hasn’t ended yet… just in is the Announcement Trailer for Rise of the Incarnates, a F2P arena fighting game from the makers of Tekken.
On the bright side, this doesn’t seem to be ragging on NB’s more established franchises, but a new title altogether. It’s apparently a 2-on-2 fighter more in the vein of Anarchy Reigns instead of a standard beat ‘em up like Tekken, Soul Calibur or Streetfighter. The environment seems post-apocalyptic, with some rather unhinged characters with over-the-top attacks.

Oh, and it’s on PC! Wowsers. Anyway, to find out more about this upcoming fighter, check out the game’s official website.

Man, when I hear ‘Rise of-’ in a title, it just makes me think of ‘Rise of the Imperfects’… hopefully this is nowhere near as crappy.