Skullgirls New Character: FUKUA!

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Eat your heart out, Decapre!

Skullgirls one-ups Capcom’s Ultra Streetfighter IV by coming out with their own super-awesome, emo palette-swap/clone character, Fukua! Okay, it’s pretty obvious that this is an April Fool’s joke and a good-natured ribbing from the folks at Lab Zero to the big boys at Capcom. But what’s even more awesome is that Fukua is more than just a trailer- she’s actually REAL.

Fukua is indeed a Filia clone, but she has her own moves, stance, personality, supers… she IS an actual character. AND you can actually play her in the PC version. According to Lab Zero, she may be rolled out in Skullgirls Encore for consoles if the reception to her is positive enough.

So Happy April Fool’s indeed!

Skullgirls To Be Taken Off PSN, XBox Live

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Yet another round of battle for this excellent 2D fighter…

In yet another sordid affair in the storied and colorful saga of Lab Zero and their crowd-funded fighting game, Skullgirls, Konami recently requested the game be de-listed (removed) from PSN and XboxLive. Lab Zero and Konami, their publisher, recently parted ways- obviously not on the best of terms. The whole story is a bit sketchy but you may find more info on it here.

Fortunately, the Steam version of the game is unharmed and is the version to get, I say- sadly there are probably more beat ‘em up fans on consoles. Still, get it on PC if you can. In any case, Lab Zero is seeking another publisher with which to release the game on console- although this will involve yet another round of development time, a new build and all that awkward jazz.

All this and the game is still awaiting release of several more additional characters and content funded by countless fans on IndieGoGo. Wishing Lab Zero success from here on. More as it happens, people.

Skullgirls Growing… and Growing…! Squigly is a Go-Go!

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Lab Zero’s First DLC character gets a warm welcome from the Internet.

Yesterday, Lab Zero started their campaign on IndieGoGo to raise $150,000 funding for the continuation of game development on their 2D fighter Skullgirls, specifically for the release of their first DLC add-on fighter, Squigly. As with most such funding campaigns online, it has 30 days to do so.

Well, they just went over the 150,000 dollar mark in less than a DAY.

Congratulations to Lab Zero for reaping such goodwill from beat ‘em up fans and gamers from all over. It’s of course not over- depending on how much they ultimately raise, there may be more added characters and reveals from the Skullgirls’ universe. Already 7 new characters have been revealed, surely tantalizing fans even more.

The Internet has spoken. We want more Skullgirls!

I look forward to this game on my PC in the near future. Heheh.

Keep Skullgirls Growing! Beat ‘Em Up Fans, UNITE!

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Fast Tube by Casper

The video pitch for Skullgirls’ continued growth! Fight fans, get to it!

Indie online funding sites are awesome- it goes to show the power of social media and perhaps at present one truly awesome way that power can be harnessed. Sites like Kickstarter are places where great projects and ideas go to get a chance to come true. Well, now the awesome 2D fighting game Skullgirls has turned to this avenue. In case some aren’t aware of the travails of the Skullgirls’ dev team, here’s the deal. Despite the success of Skullgirls, the actual game creators and devs, Lab Zero’s, were still sadly laid off by Reverge Labs, thus they’ve gone back to indie status. They still believe in their game and their characters though, and through Indiegogo are trying to get support to continue to grow their game by DLC characters as they intended.

Initially, Lab Zero’s goal was $150,000 to fund the development and execution of their first DLC charater, Squigly (who is seen in the vid doc above). But depending on how much they ultimately earn, this could grow into much more- as in, more DLC fighters to be introduced and perhaps added to the game in time.

So far, response from the online community has been nothing short of awesome, with more than $100,000 being pledged in just a matter of hours! With 30 days still to go, who knows how much Skull Labs will raise? I’m hoping they get enough to start thinking SEQUEL. Heh.

Anyway, if you bought their game, why not spend the paltry $5 at least to give your support to these awesome beat ‘em up devs? The more you give, the more you get- including goodies like steam activation codes for the game’s eventual release on PC, OST, wallpapers and more. I intend to give this my support after I look through Indiegogo (if it’s like Kickstarter, I’ll probably give my pledge soon). If you want to pledge, head on over to the ‘Keep Skullgirls Growing’ pitch page.

Skullgirls Creator Interview at Game Art HQ

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Fast Tube by Casper

One more Friday Night Fight as Skullgirls heads for release!

The much-anticipated 2D fighter, Skullgirls, is set to release shortly this month. It’s about time, since fight fans have been wanting to get their hands on this Download-Only brawler since last year. With cool character designs and gameplay tweaked and made by fighting fans for fighting fans, this may be something really special.

To pass the time before the impending release, why not read this cool interview by Game Art HQ’s GBK with the creator of the Skullgirls’ IP, Alex Ahad. The article is pretty extensive on background info on the game, the characters, their fighting game influences and prospects for the future of this promising fighter.

Skullgirls is out this coming April 11 on PSN and XboxLive.

Skullgirls Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Fast Tube by Casper


Reverge Labs marks today with the debut of one lethal lady who doesn’t just break hearts- she extracts, dissects and transplants them. It’s Valentine, of course, Skullgirls’ lethal Ninja Nurse. This medical-themed menace comes with a full array of equipment for hospitable homicide- everything from scalpels to I.V.’s, tranquilizers, bodybagged-and-toetagged corpses and her own personal, portable O.R. The only thing I didn’t see was a defibrillator, but there’s probably one there somewhere. This slinky new challenger looks to rival even the leggy Parasoul in looks and skills- she’s certain to be a favorite.

Skullgirls still doesn’t have any solid release date for it’s PSN/Xboxlive release, but there may be one very soon given that Valentine’s probably the last fighter in the default lineup to be announced for now. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Incoming Fighters! Incoming Fighters! Tekken 3D Prime, SF X Tekken and Skullgirls

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Portable ferrous-flavored pugilism on offer this month!

Yeah, I’m neck-deep in fighting game bliss right now, what with my recent acquisition of the gorgeous-looking and gorgeous-playing Soul Calibur V (review to come soon!). Still, that doesn’t mean I’m totally fixated on Ivy and the gang. There are no less than three fighting games of high quality that are coming very soon.

First off is Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3DS). Have to say, I’m really disappointed with the lack of any Character Customization- in fact, the lack of any feature that has me excited. Having a mini, 3D version of the Tekken: Blood Vengeance film is not really anything to get excited about. HECK, I own the freakin’ thing with Tekken Hybrid. I have the movie on my phone. Who needs another copy? ANYWAY, this is at the very least Tekken 6-style fighting on the go, which is fine since I loved Tekken 6. I think the graphics are at least better than the PSP version (although the PSP had customization to a degree), and the 60fps animation should be cool. I guess I’ll be picking this up ’cause… well, it’s not like my 3DS is awash in games now, is it? Iron-fisted 3D fighting is out later this month, right in time for Valentine’s. For now, check out a gallery of screenshots just posted recently.

Next is Streetfighter X Tekken (PS3, Xbox360, PS Vita), which is due for March. The game has gone gold, which means it’s done, done, DONE. There are still fighters to be revealed or shown off, which may or may not include Alisa Bosconovitch and Lei Wulong, whose presence in the game was kinda-sorta-pretty much given away by an ESRB rating. In any case, this looks entertaining at least, so I’ll be grabbing this when it arrives. Check out the SF devs’ blog entry marking this last waypoint till release.

Finally there’s Skullgirls, that downloadable fighting game with the awesomely cool, cartoony visual style and pretty mature fighting (according to the Australian ratings board). The game still has a vague release date, but it should be out in the next couple of months. A new video preview has been posted by the devs, showing off a Story Mode and other cool features. Certainly looks great, so definitely I’ll be checking this out when it arrives on PSN and Xboxlive… soon.

Fast Tube by Casper

Story Mode and other features revealed.

So many fighters, and it’s just February 4! There’s even bigger brawlers to come in the months ahead, so stay tuned. Later then!

2011 Beat ‘Em Up Roundup!

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With just a few weeks left before we end 2011, the big fighting games have made their mark and are set for our very near future. I think it’s a good time to just look back and forth at what came, what’s coming and what we have to look forward to.

Namco-Bandai’s flagship fighting franchise had a pretty interesting year, with titles being announced en masse. The Iron Fist crew made or will make an appearance pretty much on every platform- from PS3 to Xbox360 to Wii and 3DS, PSP and even a presence on iOS via the cute free Tekken Bowl app. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hit arcades in Japan and Korea, and is primed to head off for international venues later on. A Holiday 2012 release for TTT2 on console has just been announced during the Spike TV Videogame Awards, although details are still pretty vague.

Tekken X Streetfighter, the Tekken Team-produced crossover fighter we know pretty much nothing about, is supposedly underway in development. We’ve seen some art of Ryu and Chun-Li rendered by Tekken’s official artist, and they look pretty good. Harada and company are apparently still deciding whether the game will be tag or single play-centered; I’m hoping for single… Tag Team is a bit overdone by now. I’m really much more intrigued and excited for this than the Capcom equivalent, due to the conceivably much more radical change of seeing the cartoony World Warriors in the semi-photorealistic Tekken style.

On the portable side, Tekken 3D Prime Edition hits the Nintendo 3DS in early 2012. What this package seems to be is a straight port of Tekken 6, with the full lineup of characters. Disappointingly, the game apparently has no customization feature, and touts only new stages and card collection as it’s extra activity. Yeah, I’m buying this but it looks pretty meh.
For now though, fans have the Tekken Hybrid package to chew on- while the visually impressive Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie will entertain for a while, it’s probably the Tekken Tag 2 Prologue demo which will occupy players for the duration. At just four characters available it seems kinda slim, but it’s a pretty good way to dip your toes into the game’s initially intimidating Tag mechanics, as well as a tantalizing glimpse of the fighting game awesomeness destined for consoles in late 2012.

Soul Calibur V
The return of this classic fighting series happens in late January or early February, with new fighters and old in the lineup. With a few slots still unrevealed, we may see some character surprises very soon. Really something to look forward to, thanks to the new gameplay mechanics, the truly impressive Character Creation mode and an intriguing storyline in a Story Mode apparently influenced by the impressive Mortal Kombat in-game narrative.

Surprisingly, we’ll also be seeing the Tale of Souls and Swords on Apple gadgets, as Soul Calibur will be released soon on iOS. Looks cool- if it plays great, it should be pretty awesome. With Streetfighter IV Volt and King of Fighters already on iOS, this makes the appstore a force to be reckoned with in terms of fighting games. What’s next? How about a real Tekken on my iPad?

The past couple of months have seen a lull in the previous steamroller of a marketing train for Capcom’s current baby, Streetfighter X Tekken. This came after a pretty controversial reveal of the game’s Gem System- a way for upgrading or augmenting characters that has raised the hackles of many players. We’ve gone quite a while without any new character reveals, but Ono has given teases that there may be announcements made in January and perhaps late December- still many fighters to be unveiled, apparently. The game is supposedly in the home stretch of development, and should be ready for release in March 2012.

Released last month on PSN and Xboxlive was Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with new characters like Dr. Strange and Phoenix Wright joining the chaos. UMVC2 will join Streetfighter X Tekken among Capcom’s offerings on PS Vita. Upcoming is a new mode called Heroes and Heralds which will have players either becoming the world’s embattled defenders or throwing their lot with Galactus as his silver-skinned servants.

Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition just saw a free update that further tweaks the gameplay and character balancing.

I’m really intrigued at this gorgeous 2D fighter. The last couple of months have shown off two more character reveals in the dismember-happy Miss Fortune and the thuggish Painwheel. This looks promising and should be a hardcore beat ‘em up fan’s fave once it actually launches next year.

Dead or Alive 5
Got mixed feelings about this. The game visually has gotten upgrades, and Team Ninja is promising a lot- some of it not totally appealing. The game may become a QTE-fest, with flashy stunts in place of actual technique. Still, an upgraded, refreshed DOA is surely something to look forward to. I just hope it’s a real change and revision from the last game, and not just a slight inch-forward. The game’s currently at 15 percent completion, but is supposedly set for release in 2012. I say late 2012, if at all.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Since the announcement several months ago for this humongous DLC fighting upgrade, we’ve heard little, if anything at all. Hoping that the silence means that the Sega devs are hard at work making this as complete a package as possible. Meanwhile, a new revision adding more costumes has debuted in arcades, which I hope makes it into the console release as well. I can’t wait for this- hoping it arrives sooner than later. Look for this on PSN or Xboxlive in Summer 2012.

So many fighters, so little time left in 2011. This year I think saw the fighting genre finally back in the limelight and basking in fans’ appreciation. Next year looks to be a banner year for the Beat ‘Em Up, with titles aplenty coming and hopefully more will be announced. I think we’re all going to be busy blogging and brawling all year in 2012. Awesome!

Skullgirls New Character Revealed: Painwheel

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Painwheel: What you get when you cross Mai Shiranui with Leatherface…

Reverge Labs’ Skullgirls just got a new challenger debuted over at Shoryuken, right on the heels of the recent Miss Fortune Reveal. However, this new fighter isn’t as cuddly as the pun-loving immortal catgirl- she’s just nasty. In fact, the deranged and twisted Painwheel is bad news for anyone coming up against her, sporting steel rotors on her back and some gnarly nails (and no, I’m not talking about the ones with black polish). Head on ever to SRK over here for all the gory details.

Skullgirls Video Blowout: Miss Fortune Walkthrough

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Fast Tube by Casper

Heads-er, hats off to Mike Zaimont and Alex Ahad for such an awesomely cool character!

Skullgirls, the upcoming all-girl (initially) 2D fighting game developed by Reverge Labs is something special. It’s hardcore. It’s a fighting game fan’s fighter. It’s gorgeous and awesome and really, really out there- as in, out of the box. And even with the really cool characters shown off so far (including Hands-for-a-Hat Cerebella or Panty-flashing Princess Parasoul), this is excellently shown off by the newest character revealed in the roster so far- Miss Fortune. She’s an anthropomorphic Catgirl, but not just any Catgirl. She’s a murdered-but-then-mystically-resurrected and technically immortal Catgirl with the gruesome but totally awesome ability to detach parts of her body (since she was dismembered prior to her ‘rebirth’).
As you can see in the walkthrough video above (narrated by Skullgirls’ creator Mike Z.), that ability can have some truly interesting applications in combat.

I’ve always known Skullgirls is something else- and this proves it. Miss Fortune’s design and execution rocks. She could teach Alisa B. in Tekken a thing or two on how to really use her head!

Skullgirls is out in early 2012. After seeing this, I’m sold. Keep working on your game, Mike Z. I want it. Now.