Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Shutting Down

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Read it and weep(?).

This just in today- the F2P single-player Soul Calibur: Lost Swords on PS3 is closing shop. On November 30, the game will cease operating and will no longer be available for play.

To put it bluntly, I am not shedding tears on seeing this bare-bones, regurgitated placeholder go. Really. However, given the message at the end of the above video, there may be hope that Namco-Bandai will bring back their sword-fighting franchise in a proper sequel/full-priced game. Here’s to Project Soul getting their groove back on and releasing a full-fledged Soul Calibur game in the hopefully near future.

On the other hand, if they suddenly announce a Soul Calibur Pachislot game, I will most probably throw up.

Project Soul Holds Character Poll: Next-Gen Soul Calibur in the Works?

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The Soul Still Burns!

It’s been a while since the last Soul Calibur game, and while Soul Calibur V was probably not the most successful game in the franchise, it was a quality fighter (if only it wasn’t lacking in characters or hamstringed by a distinct lack of single-player content). Sadly, its lackluster performance made a lot of fans fear it may have been the last chapter of the Tale of Souls and Swords.

Well, unfortunately, the subsequent release was the Free-to-play travesty that was Soul Calibur: Lost Swords- just a rehashed cash-in.

Still, I hope that the apparent good performance of LS was enough to make Namco-Bandai consider making another SC game.
Well, that may be in the works- just over the weekend, Project Soul has posted that they may be working on ‘something huge’, and as part of this, they’ve asked fans to vote for their favorite character in a poll. So if you want to give your vote in for your favorite fighter ever in Soul Calibur, go on over here (PC version) or here (Mobile Version).

Soul Calibur Lost Swords: The Lone Gamer’s Review

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This F2P Time and Money Sink should have stayed lost.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Sigh. I guess it was inevitable, given the apparent failure of Soul Calibur V to meet the expectations of the Namco-Bandai masters. On one hand, that could have been the end of the Tale Eternally Retold right there… and perhaps this would have been better. But nope, NB resurrected their beloved franchise as a zombified version of itself with Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is a way to get your money. That’s all there is to it.

On Twitter, the Project Soul Twitter continually tries to sell the game with cheesecake poses of the female characters in lingerie or swimsuits, doubtless trying to draw in hot-blooded gamers like Dead or Alive does. In fairness to DOA, at least they sell DLC stuff that builds on an already solid game. Lost Swords is not even that much. The cheesecake does not exist in the game aside from the fan service outfits. The game itself is so bare bones and joyless, it is ridiculous.

Lost Swords has one mode- a single player ‘Quest’ divided into chapters with some useless text blocks of ‘story’ that makes utterly no sense or context- it’s also totally generic to any character, which means it really doesn’t matter. All there is to the game is one-round fights with three or four enemies per chapter. Defeat them to move forward. There are some missions that may unlock a playable character, or get you some gold or items.

Oh, and you start off with just one playable character- Sophitia, the longtime veteran Soul Calibur fighter killed off in SCV. For some reason (perhaps fan rejection of SCV’s killing of their beloved fave) they brought her back for this non-canon Free-to-play garbage- heck, I’ll say it… they brought her back to sell the damn game, of course.

You unlock other fighters in missions that come randomly. You get to play missions by using AP points, which you get periodically. Finishing rounds or chapters nets you chests of stuff (random loot, mostly junk to sell or use for crafting). Losing a round means you have to start over, unless you use a ‘Continue Ticket’. Continue Tickets and AP Potions (which let you play missions) are sold, by the way, for real money. Free to download, but yeah, you are encouraged strongly to pay.

On the one hand, you can play without paying anything. But really, why do that? If you want to play a single player Soul Calibur, why put up with a cut-down roster, no modes, no Character Creation, No NOTHING except load times, load times and load times?

Bottom-line, this Free-to-play time and cash sink is really a disgrace. If you ever loved Soul Calibur and wish to play it, go get a copy of Soul Calibur IV or Soul Calibur V and play to your heart’s content- everything is there to be played, with many modes, varying difficulty, at no charge after you buy the game.
There’s really NO REASON to play this Lost Swords atrocity- no new stuff to be seen, no new characters, no multiplayer, no innovations, no story worth experiencing, NOTHING. Not unless you want to make the soulless gods of Namco Bandai happy that you are throwing money at them.

To play this is to reward laziness and greed. Please don’t.

For shame, Project Soul. First that Tekken Regurgitation crap, and now this. Crap.

Soul Calibur Unbreakable Soul Revealed: It’s another F2P ‘Fighter’

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Yet another F2P Soul Calibur… on iOS.

The first I saw of this mysterious title was some time ago, with that pretty meh trailer which contained nothing but a logo and text. Well, there are now images to go with it, and we now have what is the latest in a disturbingly growing number of free-to-play ‘fighters’ from Namco-Bandai.
Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul is an iOS F2P Card Fighting Game. Similar to Tekken Card Tournament (also on the appstore), the title is a combination of deck-building, stat-hustling and some 3D fight scenes starring the Soul Calibur cast.
Out now on the Japanese store at least, the game apparently stars Cassandra and Edge Master, but you can probably play as some other fighters. It has the Elemental upgrades for weapons like Soul Calibur Lost Swords, but of course there’s no real time fighting as all moves are done by tapping your available cards to attack or defend. There’s apparently a story behind it all about yet another shard of Soul Edge, and so forth.

As with TCT, this has IAP in the form of gems you will need to buy decks or cards to make your fighter stronger. PVP elements are also available.


When oh when will we see a real Namco-Bandai fighting game again? Well, not right now.

EDIT: Launch Trailer posted.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Launch Trailer

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The Single-Player, F2P Calibur is almost upon gamers (in Japan).

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords has been in limbo for a while, with its launch date pushed back after the beta testing, but it seems the F2P Hack ‘em Up is ready to be unleashed.

The latest trailer shows off most of the playable fighters (including a very much alive Sophitia- really, one of the worst things SCV did was kill her off), various enemies including a Giant Skeleton, Character Customization, looting defeated enemies and a world-wide network of opponents/players.

I just find myself so underwhelmed with this- pretty much every asset in it (save the Giant Skeleton) can be found in past Calibur games already available on PS3, including all the customizations. WHY oh WHY would I spend extra bucks to subscribe or purchase credits or such for this game? Why not just take out my perfectly-good copies of SCV or SCIV and play that till my eyes bleed? Maybe the US version of this game (when it someday arrives) will explain this in detail.

Really hoping that someday we’ll see another Soul Calibur, hopefully on a Next Gen platform. Even a remastered version of SCV on PS4 would be a sure buy for me. Darn, just give me something to work with, Namco.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is out in Japan on February 6.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Trailer (Another ‘Free-to-Play’ Quickie)

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Honestly- this is getting old.

To be honest, I’ve been waiting in anticipation of TGS 2013, but well- I should have known. I actually DID hope that perhaps there may be something to Soul Calibur: Lost Swords. It’s the latest of Namco-Bandai’s wave of ‘Free-to-Play’ quickie games, this one a single-player thing. What does that mean? What could I possibly get from this single player F2P?

Just basing on the trailer, all I can get is that Siegfried, Mitsurugi and OOOOH Sophitia is in the game. Is the return of Sophie supposed to make this exciting? I can’t get past the simple fact that this trailer is all hollow fireworks, regurgitated from SCV and given slightly new coats of paint. I only have the slimmest of hopes that this will be anything more than just another Tekken Revolution.

Perhaps it would have been better if you just sold this game on the APPSTORE. There, I’d buy this in a second. But on console… NO.

What IS it, Namco-Bandai? What is it with recycling your old games and trying to sell them as new crap? I already bought your SCIV and SCV. Why would I buy a stripped-down version of these games (which I fully expect what Lost Swords will be, judging from TR). At least Tecmo’s DOA5 Ultimate has actual new stuff in terms of moves, characters and refinement. Here, you just add more flashy lights and actually take AWAY stuff, which you’ll sell back for change. WHAAAT?

When I see something from Tekken or SC that isn’t regurgitated and redone but all-new, I’ll be interested. Till then- well, I’ve got all the games I already bought from you to occupy me. Profound sadness.

The Making of Soul Calibur V: Behind the Game

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Fast Tube by Casper

Behind the scenes of one of the year’s best fighters.

This might be quite a bit late in the posting but hey, I just found this myself today. Someone was nice enough to post the 30-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette on the Making of Soul Calibur V. The vid’s been on YT for a few months, so hopefully it will stay there for any fighting game fan to watch and enjoy for the duration. If you’re a SC fan who didn’t pick up the SCV Collector’s Edition, you’ll want to watch this. The vid brings you into the rooms of the members of Namco-Bandai’s Project Soul (led by director Daishi Odashima) who talk about the game and the thinking that went into its production. Worth a watch, even if it’s a bit anti-climactic at this point. Heh…

I think that Soul Calibur V performed fairly well since its release, so hopefully there will be another chapter to the Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Told someday- perhaps within the coming year? We’ll just have to wait and see. Crossing swords and fingers!

Streetfighter X Tekken, Soul Calibur V DLC Now Available

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Fast Tube by Casper

Asuka makes such a cute ninja…

Depending on how you feel about DLC, you may or may not be interested in knowing that more content is now available on both PSN and Xboxlive for a couple of recent fighting game releases. For Capcom’s Cross-over Brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken, there are Extra Colors for Character Customization (FREE) and Characters Bad Boxart Megaman and Pac-Man (FREE) as well as the Swap Costumes for the regular cast of fighters.

The Swap Costumes of course show each fighter dressed up more or less as a character from the opposing franchise. So above for example you’ll see Asuka Kazama dressed up as a Ninja like Ibuki (although she actually strikes me more like MK’s Kitana…).
The Swap Costumes can be bought individually or in ‘Grab Packs’ which lump all the Tekken Fighters in one package, all the SF Fighters in another. Not all the outfits are that good so perhaps only completists will want to get the package deals, and just pick the ones that they’ll actually want to use.

On the Soul Calibur V front, there are several DLC packages available which include one for Headgear, one for ‘Active Wear’ (Japanese School Swimsuit and Gym Outfit, one for Maid Uniforms and an Initial Character Costume Pack which lets you use several of the P1/P2 outfits of the default roster for CAS. Probably the most useful pack is the Character Costume pack, with the Active Wear and Meido Packs for gamers with that particular Japanese fetish leaning. As a completist I’ll probably try to get them all just because. But that’s just me.
Anyways, I picked up the Tekken Characters’ Swap Outfits earlier today, but the SCV DLC wasn’t available then. I’ll try again tonight and give more in-depth thoughts once I’ve played with these bits more.

Take a Gander at the First Soul Calibur V Customization Item DLC!

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Aren’t we cheeky? Well, Ivy is, with this little number.

I just went online tonight and checked out the Asian Playstation Store. Pleasantly enough, there’s now finally Soul Calibur V content on offer. Most of it are downloadable Music Tracks from previous Soul Calibur/Soul Edge games you can play (you DO know that SCV supports custom soundtracks, don’tcha?). Now, I’m really not that into game music, so that went kinda ignored. The real treat for me is the Soul Calibur V Customization Pack 1 (Sing$2.59). The DLC pack contains 3 Additional Female Underwear, 2 Additional Face Paints, 2 Texture Patterns and 2 Costume Items (considered Neck Items) that are worn on the Back. Obviously (or not?) the Undies are for Girls only, but male CAS can use the other stuff.

Is it worth it? Well, if you like your game babes and are underwhelmed by the lingerie so far available by default in the game, then yeah. It’s just spare change- and what else will I use the pre-loaded money in my PS Wallet anyway? I AM irritated that these bits weren’t already in the game to begin with… surely just a ploy to get some extra profit- heck, the darn bikinis are basic stuff. Man, Namco loves to make money. Lucky for them I love spending it. I’m also kinda hoping that if the Customization DLC sales please NB, they’ll force Harada and the Tekken Team to finally give the babes better and sexier stuff in TTT2, instead of just giving all the good stuff to the GUYS. MEH.
Anyway, you can find bigger pics of all the rest of the DLC pack items here.

Soul Calibur iOS Arrives on the AppStore

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Fast Tube by Casper

Console quality fighting action on the go?

Perhaps as a nice prelude to the big release of Soul Calibur V at the end of the month, Namco-Bandai got their mobile guys to port the classic Soul Calibur (back from the days of the Dreamcast and Original Xbox) to their iOS platform. While this kinda sounds cool, there are a lot of caveats.
First off, the game costs $11.99- pretty pricey for an app, but still I guess nowhere near as expensive as some Square RPGs on the appstore. The complete game roster of 19 fighters is available, with Arcade, Survival, Extra Survival (Sudden Death), Time Attack, Museum and Practice modes on offer. No Story Mode it seems, at least for now.

The files size is about 215 MB, which is large but not overly so. However, it requires an iPhone 4 or 4S, iPod Touch 4th Generaton or an iPad2 to run- and from the vid above it doesn’t seem to run that smoothly. If you factor in that much of SC’s appeal is silky-smooth animation, this may dash quite a few gamers’ dreams of heavenly beat ‘em up action on the go.

Lastly, despite being called Universal, the game apparently won’t run on iPad1. So if I get this, I’ll only be able to play it (at least until some patch addresses this) on my iTouch.

My Touch is already full of fighters- Streetfighter IV Volt, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat 3 and Infinity Blade 2. Adding in Soul Calibur would probably be another nice feather in that cap. I’ll decide if I get this or not later tonight when I get home to the Sanctum and have access to my iTunes. So far though I’m at 40-60, against getting it. What I actually, really, totally and truly want, after all, is Soul Calibur V. Oh well…