Soul Calibur V as Digital Download for PS3, Xbox360

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Retell the Story of Souls and Swords all over again!

According to a recent announcement from Namco-Bandai, Soul Calibur V should be available as a full digital download game starting today, April 23, on both PSN and Xboxlive. The game will be available at a discounted price of $19.99, though I’m not sure how this will translate into Singapore dollars on the Asian PSN (if it becomes available here). In any case, if SCV comes out in my parts as a DL game, I’ll probably grab it. Already own the game on disc, but having it as a digital release means I won’t use the PS3′s drive to play it, which is always better. Also, the PSP Soul Calibur Broken Destiny should be available for PSV as well.

If only Tekken 6 and TTT2 were available here in Asia as well as DL games… oh well. Perhaps on PS4..?

Anyway, been pretty quiet. Still playing Skyrim, trying to get into Bioshock Infinite, which runs great on my PC but for some reason I just keep putting playing it off. I dunno. Working quite a bit this week, but hopefully I’ll have a long weekend to kick back and play some games coming up. Crossing fingers!

The Making of Soul Calibur V: Behind the Game

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Fast Tube by Casper

Behind the scenes of one of the year’s best fighters.

This might be quite a bit late in the posting but hey, I just found this myself today. Someone was nice enough to post the 30-minute Behind-the-Scenes featurette on the Making of Soul Calibur V. The vid’s been on YT for a few months, so hopefully it will stay there for any fighting game fan to watch and enjoy for the duration. If you’re a SC fan who didn’t pick up the SCV Collector’s Edition, you’ll want to watch this. The vid brings you into the rooms of the members of Namco-Bandai’s Project Soul (led by director Daishi Odashima) who talk about the game and the thinking that went into its production. Worth a watch, even if it’s a bit anti-climactic at this point. Heh…

I think that Soul Calibur V performed fairly well since its release, so hopefully there will be another chapter to the Tale of Souls and Swords Eternally Told someday- perhaps within the coming year? We’ll just have to wait and see. Crossing swords and fingers!

More Tekken Costumes in Upcoming SCV DLC?

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On to other games in terms of Customization! A recent image surfaced online that was apparently taken from an upcoming batch of DLC for Soul Calibur V. The image included a large amount of items/costume pieces, including armor from Hilde and Astoroth and the Tekken Tag 2 costumes for Asuka and Jun Kazama. Now, it would be freakin’ awesome if the next DLC indeed included the huge amount of stuff in the image, but I’d be satisfied with just the additional Player character and Tekken costumes seen in it. This past DLC pack for SCV was pretty boring as heck (fireman uniform? Really?), but this upcoming bunch looks pretty promising.
Daishi Odashima on Twitter has said that the next update of DLC is coming on May 22. We’ll see then. You can see a nice pic of the SCV items over at Fighter’s Generation.

Streetfighter X Tekken, Soul Calibur V DLC Now Available

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Fast Tube by Casper

Asuka makes such a cute ninja…

Depending on how you feel about DLC, you may or may not be interested in knowing that more content is now available on both PSN and Xboxlive for a couple of recent fighting game releases. For Capcom’s Cross-over Brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken, there are Extra Colors for Character Customization (FREE) and Characters Bad Boxart Megaman and Pac-Man (FREE) as well as the Swap Costumes for the regular cast of fighters.

The Swap Costumes of course show each fighter dressed up more or less as a character from the opposing franchise. So above for example you’ll see Asuka Kazama dressed up as a Ninja like Ibuki (although she actually strikes me more like MK’s Kitana…).
The Swap Costumes can be bought individually or in ‘Grab Packs’ which lump all the Tekken Fighters in one package, all the SF Fighters in another. Not all the outfits are that good so perhaps only completists will want to get the package deals, and just pick the ones that they’ll actually want to use.

On the Soul Calibur V front, there are several DLC packages available which include one for Headgear, one for ‘Active Wear’ (Japanese School Swimsuit and Gym Outfit, one for Maid Uniforms and an Initial Character Costume Pack which lets you use several of the P1/P2 outfits of the default roster for CAS. Probably the most useful pack is the Character Costume pack, with the Active Wear and Meido Packs for gamers with that particular Japanese fetish leaning. As a completist I’ll probably try to get them all just because. But that’s just me.
Anyways, I picked up the Tekken Characters’ Swap Outfits earlier today, but the SCV DLC wasn’t available then. I’ll try again tonight and give more in-depth thoughts once I’ve played with these bits more.

Soul Calibur V March 21 Patch Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Soul Calibur V still burns HAWT with upcoming goodies!

Namco-Bandai seems to be still very much behind their Other fighting franchise, with latest sequel Soul Calibur V, getting quite some attention over the weekend, thanks to the announcement of a new update patch and upcoming customizations. The trailer above reveals that SCV will get a horde of gameplay and character tweaks via a free update this week, on March 21. Aside from that, an in-game store will be setup in SCV where players will be able to get new customization pieces for Creation Mode. The new stuff will start coming in on April 3, and there will be monthly updates afterwards.

Have to say that this is just well and proper- there seems to be a lot of holes in the game’s Creation mode so far, and they can do well to keep this game alive by more and fresher content. Perhaps the previous SCV DLC had sold well? This will surely have its share of detractors but heck- they’re all optional so if you don’t want them, don’t get them. But man, who can resist those Tekken costumes? Asuka and Lili outfits, dammit!

Take a Gander at the First Soul Calibur V Customization Item DLC!

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Aren’t we cheeky? Well, Ivy is, with this little number.

I just went online tonight and checked out the Asian Playstation Store. Pleasantly enough, there’s now finally Soul Calibur V content on offer. Most of it are downloadable Music Tracks from previous Soul Calibur/Soul Edge games you can play (you DO know that SCV supports custom soundtracks, don’tcha?). Now, I’m really not that into game music, so that went kinda ignored. The real treat for me is the Soul Calibur V Customization Pack 1 (Sing$2.59). The DLC pack contains 3 Additional Female Underwear, 2 Additional Face Paints, 2 Texture Patterns and 2 Costume Items (considered Neck Items) that are worn on the Back. Obviously (or not?) the Undies are for Girls only, but male CAS can use the other stuff.

Is it worth it? Well, if you like your game babes and are underwhelmed by the lingerie so far available by default in the game, then yeah. It’s just spare change- and what else will I use the pre-loaded money in my PS Wallet anyway? I AM irritated that these bits weren’t already in the game to begin with… surely just a ploy to get some extra profit- heck, the darn bikinis are basic stuff. Man, Namco loves to make money. Lucky for them I love spending it. I’m also kinda hoping that if the Customization DLC sales please NB, they’ll force Harada and the Tekken Team to finally give the babes better and sexier stuff in TTT2, instead of just giving all the good stuff to the GUYS. MEH.
Anyway, you can find bigger pics of all the rest of the DLC pack items here.

Soul Calibur V New Interview with Daishi and Tago

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A ‘New Era’? Well, that means more SC to come, so great.

Hot on the heels of Soul Calibur V‘s release, Namco-Bandai just posted this video of Project Soul’s Daishi Odashima and Hisaharu Tago as they discuss some points about the Character roster in SCV. I’ll understand if some fans of particular characters may get incensed… In any case, I’m having a great time with SCV. Still working on getting my Player Level up to unlock more stuff, and to make a dent in Legendary Souls mode (Damn the A.I. is freakin’ BRUTAL). Too bad I can’t just forge a crapload of Iron Daggers…

Soul Calibur V: The Lone Gamer’s First Day Impressions!

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The latest installment of The Tale of Souls and Swords has arrived!

As I posted earlier, I had the very good fortune of getting my copy of Soul Calibur V last night- about a day or so ahead of schedule. It was all a bit of luck, I guess- I visited the mall and game shop towards closing time, and the stocks for the next day had just arrived. I’m pretty sure a lot of gamers here in Manila have their copy already, and are already getting themselves acquainted with this new and hot-hot-hot beat ‘em up.

This really isn’t my review- I can’t give that since I just got the game- however, I HAVE been playing the game almost non-stop since last night. I think I’ve clocked easily eight hours of play on the game- playing Arcade Mode with Hilde, Blazing through Story Mode and playing a lot of Quick Battle, and dipping my toe a bit in Legendary Souls (GYAAAH). I think it’s safe to say I kinda LIKE this game. A LOT. But short of a full review, here are my early impressions of the game, and thoughts on related topics.

Fast Tube by Casper

A peek at SCV’s much-improved Character Creation mode.

First off… the game looks freakin’ BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL. Absolutely goddamn ravishing. It’s weird but the game should look similar to Soul Calibur IV- and it does (they’re both on PS3 anyway) but for some reason, SCV just looks better. I guess the character models are just more refined, more detailed and just a wee bit softer. They certainly move more smoothly, and man- the game looks amazing moving at a rock-solid 60FPS, on my 51-inch Plasma. First time I booted it up (and installed), my jaw went slack as I saw the detail on Hilde’s armor, all the things going on in her stage (no less than a full-on LOTR-style Battle with freakin’ War Oliphaunts in the distance).
Then there’s the animation. Just as I loved that aspect in Tekken 6, SCV moves very fluidly but clearly- even if there’s tons of pyrotechnics and weapon trails flying about, the action is so detailed and smooth it’s very easy to follow, and darn entertaining to watch. Looking back now- feminism or sexism or other isms aside- those SCV ads with Ivy’s butt or boobs is kinda apt cause… man, this game is SEXY.

Sound and Music is suitably Epic, which is a no-brainer. SC has always had awesome orchestral fantasy scores, and SCV continues that tradition. In terms of vocal assets, so far I’ve been playing the game in English, and so far I haven’t found any cringe-worthy performances from the main cast. The actors for Patrokolus and Pyrrah deserve massive props for really making me feel for their characters’ plight in the Story Mode. Also, there’s a nice option to choose sound effects- either ‘Realistic’ or ‘Exaggerated’, although I haven’t yet checked them out.

Then there’s the Gameplay. Yummy. I guess it’s a no-brainer that the controls are responsive, however, this game is just fun. The A.I. can get tough, particularly nasty once they start doing combos on you when you’re downed. It’s a very different world here than in Tekken, where I’m more familiar. However, since this IS the fighter of the present, I am very interested in actually learning this game more in-depth than ever. That has never been for any previous SC, even if I’ve always been a follower of the series. I just want to play this game and see all the nuances. There’s so much to the system now- the gauges, the SSFIV-like Ultras/Critical Edges, the sidesteps and the Brave Edges… It’s gonna take a while to get used to it all. However, I think this is a great game to really get to grips with the gameplay.

On the Modes, have to say I have mixed feelings. On the outset, it seems that SCV is a bit sparse- there’s no ‘Quest’ mode to speak of, aside from the big Story Mode. After playing a bit of Arcade Mode, I was a bit disappointed- there’s not much point to it, since there are NO ENDINGS to find at the end, as is usually the case. Yeah, Project Soul put all their Narrative Eggs into the Story Mode. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is something to note.

Quick Battle will be where most Single Play will be held, I think. Similar to how this was handled in Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, you basically just choose your fighter and an opponent from several choices at any given time- in this it’s similar to Ghost Battle in Tekken. Opponents include various fighters made using the CAS mode, some of them looking quite outlandish. You’ll also face the virtual version of Katsuhiro Harada here, given enough fighting.

Then, there’s Story Mode. It’s a pretty long thread- centering on the adventures of Patrokolus Alexandra as he searches for his missing sister, Pyrrah. Most of it is told in still art illustrations with full voice-acting, and this isn’t really half bad. The actors are pretty good, and as I mentioned Patrokolus’ and Pyrrah’s voices are exceptionally good. Patrokolus is a rank asshole at the start of the story, but you’ll be rooting for him by midway and into the end. The pivotal moments of the story are presented in lavish and gorgeous pre-rendered CG cutscenes which are really, really lovely- the emotions and acting of the characters are very convincing, particularly for Pyrrah. Finishing this will take quite a few hours- depending on how fast you beat the opposition (it’s not that hard). Sadly, as engaging and cool the story is, once you finish it…that’s it. However, kudos to Project Soul for fashioning such a well-told tale. Not quite as eye-candy full as MK (which was inspiration, I heard), but it does the job well.

Finally there’s Legendary Souls, which is essentially Boss Rush. You unlock this after finishing Story Mode- and… well… suffice to say, I haven’t made any headway yet in this. I can’t get past the first guy, no matter how hard I try. Need more practice I guess. But practice I’ll get, as I plan to be playing this game for a long, long, long time. Or until the next Soul Calibur game.

My full review to come soon, hopefully in Video Form! However, I’ll say it now- this is good, quality fighting right here, people. Project Soul did great. The Soul Still Burns!

Soul Calibur V is IN the House!

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Well, I guess I really, really lucked out tonight! I made the trek to the mall after work and made the effort to go to the videogame store even if I knew there wouldn’t be anything there for me. LO and behold, I stare at the display and there be Soul Calibur V copies sitting in plain sight. I sauntered in and got my copy, freshly-arrived!

Three cool points to take into account with my luck today. One, my copy is an Asian SCV, so I got it as cheap as I can get a game. Two, since I was an early buyer, they threw in a Dampierre DLC Code as a bonus. WHEEE!!! And finally, yeah, it’s the 30th right now (as of this writing), so I got my game about a day or so early! OH JOY!

So I guess I’ll be laying aside Skyrim for now, and going into another type of fantasy experience. Impressions to come soon!

Extra Character Trailers for Soul Calibur V and Streetfighter X Tekken!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Three powerful competitors are formally revealed in this trailer!

Namco-Bandai finally catches up to the rest of the internet with a trailer for former SCIV boss Algol, master mimic Edgemaster and the Soul of Devil Jin fighting style for Character Creation. The DJ chaacter of course, in case you haven’t noticed, is made to resemble Tekken Project Director Katsuhiro Harada. Hmmm… Of course, I’ll try to recreate Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono in the game ASAP for a big brawl between these two friendly rivals? Heheh. Have to say though I can’t help but notice the more- um, low angle view now given to Algol’s Critical Edge (former Critical Finish)… well, I guess there will be players who’ll appreciate that. The game is out in a few days! Hoping to get my copy soon.

Fast Tube by Casper

Pac-Man and Megaman join the crazy action in SFxTekken!

And on the Streetfighter X Tekken side, two mascots join the battle with this trailer revealing Namco-Bandai’s Pac-man and Capcom’s Megaman as two more exclusive PS3 and PS VIta extra fighters. In case you missed it, both of these characters appeared (kinda) in the early SFxT trailers so there was already a bit of a teaser back then of their appearance in-game. For some reason though, instead of cool/cute cartoony MM, Capcom opted to put the weird, ‘real-life’ Megaman who appeared on the crappy old US packaging art, along with hammy dialogue. I personally suspect it’s actually Dan in disguise. The game is out in early March! Lots of fighting to come very soon, but I’ll all about Soul Calibur V right now. Can’t freakin’ wait for next week!!!