Ultra Streetfighter New Mechanics Revealed

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Capcom adds a bit more to their current fighter’s build.

It was leaked quite recently, but now the info dump has been confirmed as true. Capcom’s upcoming new version of Streetfighter IV, named Ultra Streetfighter IV, will have a couple of new gameplay mechanics. Red Focus is a super-charged Focus attack that will absorb more than one attack at the cost of meter, while the Ultra Double option gives your fighter access to both of their Ultras in a fight but with lowered damage.
Both of these new gameplay tweaks will still be tested out and subject to fan feedback in upcoming location tests for the game.

A minor bit, but cool- Yoshinori Ono tweeted some time ago that they are currently looking for a designer and producer for a NEW fighting game. This unknown new beat ‘em up will still be on current consoles, as Capcom seems apparently still reluctant (or unable?) to jump into Next Gen. Kinda sad, but also kinda cool bit, I think.

I’ll keep on the lookout for this. Ultra SFIV is set to come out on PS3, XBox360 and PC sometime next year.

Ultra Streetfighter 4 Trailer!

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Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento and Someone headline Ultra.

Last weekend’s EVO2013 had one big reveal- the next major installment in the Streetfighter franchise- ULTRA Streetfighter 4. On the bright side, the upgrade seems kinda big on paper- Five new characters, Six new stages, tons of tweaks and rebalancing, new outfits- sounds sweet. On the downside though- Four of the five ‘new’ fighters and ALL of the new stages have already appeared in Streetfighter X Tekken, so that kinda takes away some of the bite. It’s Fighter No. 5 who is supposedly ALL-NEW and never before seen in any SF title. Who that is, we’ll just have to wait and see.
As for the tweaks- hell, I don’t really care about that. The costumes are just a set of Fantasy-themed outfits for the newcomers care of UDON… a preorder bonus. Ho-hum. Hell, PC mod outfits online right now kick any official alternate outfits anyday.

All in all- kinda underwhelming, to be honest. This isn’t something that will have me salivating till it comes in early 2014- just something that happens when it happens. Of course, I’ll be waiting for the PC version myself.

Sadly, fighting game reveals just seem to lack punch these days. Maybe the Tekken Poll results will make me cheer up, this coming weekend. For now, check out Ultra’s spiffy new spot.

Streetfighter IV Volt Updated with Two More Fighters, Rage Quit Penalty!

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Fast Tube by Casper

The schoolgirl brings the pain with her improvised Shotokan style.

The recently-announced update patch for iOS’s Capcom beat ‘em up upgrade, Streetfighter IV Volt, is now available for download at the appstore! This free patch adds two more fighters to the 18-strong roster (which includes unlockable Akuma), Sakura and Makoto. Aside from this, there’s now a penalty for players who drop matches during online play- ragequitting will result in both a loss of the match AND a loss of Battle Points. This has its ups and downs but I think this will at least give sore losers some pause.

Anyway, I’m just happy at the inclusion of two babes to the roster. My only gripes are that Makoto’s walk animation is extremely choppy-looking, which is no surprise given how frame-hungry this animation was in the console and arcade versions. That aside, she retains her array of efficient normal and special attacks, and has her dreaded ball-busting Seichuzen Godanzuki Ultra as well. Gotta download this as soon as I get home later.
If you haven’t already downloaded SFIV Volt yet, now is a good time as the game is on sale for just $4.99 until August 8.

Fast Tube by Casper

Makoto’s karate style may be more traditional, but it’s no less dangerous.

Streetfighter IV Volt Getting Kick-Ass Schoolgirls!

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Who’s the toughest schoolgirl around? Let’s find out!

If you love beat ‘em ups and have an iOS device (iPhone or iPod Touch), you probably have the pretty awesome Streetfighter IV. If you’re in the know and up to date, you probably have the updated Streetfighter IV Volt: Battle Protocol, which ratchets up the action and adds in several new fighters- Vega, Cody, Balrog and secret boss Akuma. Well, the so-far apparent sausage-fest of a game Volt has been so far has finally been up-ended with a shot of super schoolgirl action into this handheld fighter.

What’s better for full-contact combat: Skirts or Gis? Your choice!

To arrive in an upcoming update for SFIV Volt will be a couple of tough teen spitfires- Ryu’s No. 1 fan Sakura and The Girl with Pure Karate Spirit, Makoto! Miss Kasugano brings with her the trademark sailor outfit and her Shotokan skills, while Little Mak brings her worn karate gi, trademark trailing ribbon and her family’s hard-hitting, more traditional form of karate.

Makoto’s ready to choke out the competition.

MAN, this is the great news, particularly after me personally being disappointed with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3′s all-guy roster. Makoto’s my favorite SSFIV fighter and having her on my iPod Touch with Volt is going to be freakin’ awesome (now I can actually work towards that 100 online fights when I’m using my fave brawler). For more screens of Makoto and Sakura in action, check out Famitsu’s article and gallery here (which also contains a secret code for unlocking Akuma).

No date yet set for this, but it should be hitting the appstore very soon. More as I get it then!

Unlock Akuma in Streetfighter IV Volt!

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A mysterious challenger appears!

Nice little bit from Streetfighter IV Volt, the new version of Capcom’s best-selling iOS brawler. Though initially he’s not selectable, you can unlock the deadly Akuma, Master of the Dark Hadou.
The apparent way to do so is to beat him when he challenges you (at the end of the Arcade Mode) with all characters. Alternatively, you can simply fight 100 wireless matches. Once either of these prodigious feats is done, Akuma will be yours to command. Note that he won’t be ‘Boss’ Akuma who can throw double air fireballs. The best thing I noticed about this bit is when Akuma is unlocked, two more slots for characters appear, leading me to believe that there will be a couple new faces arriving on Volt sometime in the next weeks or months. Hoping for more babes, Capcom! Gimme Juri or Ibuki on my iPod Touch!

WIll there be more challengers to come? I hope so!

Captivate 2011 Information Revealed: SSFIV AE, SF x Tekken and More!

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The best and last version of Super Streetfighter IV.

Yoshinori Ono finally broke the embargo on Captivate 2011 announcements and information! Without further ado, here are the goods…

Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition is coming this June 7 (worldwide release) to PS3 and Xbox360, on both DLC and disc format, for $US14.99. As reported earlier, SSFIV AE adds in 4 more fighters (Evil Ryu, Oni, Yun and Yang) with their prologues and epilogues, tweaked character balance and new/additional online modes of play.

• Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition is also being prepared for Windows PC, for the US and European markets.

• On Streetfighter X Tekken, so far announced characters on the roster are: Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, Guile, Abel, Kazuya, Nina, Marduk, King, Bob. This is, needless to say, NOT the full roster. The final game will have playable characters ‘in the dozens’. More will be revealed in time, starting apparently this coming E3.

• The Streetfighter X Tekken Website is up! The site has a Character section (with some pretty awesome Character Art), Blog and 2 new trailers.

• Speaking of the new Streetfighter X Tekken blog, it will be updated every Friday, so check it out often!

• Currently, the revealed fighters in SF x Tekken are: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Abel, Chun-li, Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk and Bob. The final game will feature ‘dozens of playable fighters’, so don’t worry, more will be revealed, beginning at this year’s E3 Expo.

• SF x Tekken will feature real-time tag battles, familiar controls to both SF and Tekken fans, as well as various online modes. The game will be released for PS3, Xbox360 and PC. Release date is still TBA.

Awesome stuff! I’m sure of course that Ono-san’s announcements left as many questions as it gave answers. Rest assured, all will be revealed in time. There are other stuff online popping up from Capcom, like a new version of Dead Rising 2 with Frank West as the hero, Dragon Dogma and more. Lots of game coming from the House of Streetfighter. More as we get it then!

Give Aid to Japan by Playing Streetfighter!

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Strike out with a 99-cent Ultra Combo.

As their way of helping the relief effort for earthquake and tsunami victims, Capcom has reduced the price of their best-selling iPhone fighting game (actually, the best fighting game on the platform I say) Streetfighter IV to 99 cents in all territories. All the income generated next week from this temporary sale will be given over to Earthquake Relief Programs. So not only do you get the best fighter on iOS4 for spare change, you also give help to your fellow man. If you got an iDevice, buy now!

This is on top of Capcom giving 100 million yen to the disaster relief efforts, as well as closing down or shortening arcade operating hours to pitch in for power conservation. Anyway, buying an app is a gosh-darned easy way of helping out our friends in Japan, but not the only one. Do what you can, gamers. They need our help right now.

My Streetfighter X Tekken Match-Up Wish List

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I guess that’s why Nina’s called ‘The Blonde Bomb’…

According to what I’ve gathered, Streetfighter X Tekken, the Capcom-developed Cross-over fighter, will be the second game of the Fighting Festival series (which includes the currently-in-development Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the very-far-away Tekken X Streetfighter). Supposedly Yoshinori Ono and team are going into this title’s development right after their chores with SSFIV Arcade Edition and SSFIV 3D. I also got a tweet response from Ono-san that they will be only taking character suggestions for the roster only for a little while longer, so I guess I should get my ten cents in while he’s still open to it.
So here are my picks for fighters getting thrown into Next Big Mash-up Game. The way I’ve organized my picks is by match-up: a World Warrior corresponding to a nemesis Iron Fist Fighter.

M.Bison vs Heihachi. A no-brainer… these are the two big baddies of either franchise, and both have the seeming-invincibility of Wile E. Coyote. Bison has been obliterated several times but keeps coming back like a psycho-powered Terminator. Heihachi has survived being dropped off a cliff, time-travelling into the dark ages and getting blasted point blank with an mammoth explosion. The Shadaloo Dictator may have flashier powers, but time has proven that a strong enough fist can reach him where it hurts. In the end, maybe it’ll fall to who bribes the referees more.

Guile vs Paul. Once and for all, let’s decide on who has the right to wear the HAIR. Guile’s methodical, deliberate baiting style of fighting may be a hard match against Paul’s steamroller offense, but this should be a pretty good clash between two veteran combatants tested in down-and-dirty brawling.

Dhalsim vs Yoshimitsu. Two very different but very odd fighters match up. Sim with his stretchy limbs and fiery Yoga attacks against Yoshi’s sword techniques and mystical weirdness. Both have teleports and can strike from weird angles and tangents. Who’s more powerful? Who’s more weird? Only one way to find out!

Sakura vs Xiaoyu. These two represent each franchise’s youthful energy. It will be interesting to see how Ling’s style, with her Art of the Phoenix stances translate Streetfighter-style. Sakura’s straightforward offense should be a pretty interesting match against Ling’s deceptive evades and strikes.

Zangief vs King. The iconic grapplers from two worlds clash! Zangief may not have the huge arsenal of moves that King has, but he brings raw power. But ‘Gief may just as easily find himself eating Chain Grapples and a Musclebomber just as easily as he can dispense a Spinning Piledriver.

Makoto vs Asuka. Two hot-headed tomboys, both heirs to martial arts schools and growing up in a boys’ world. Once again, an interesting match-up given Makoto’s penchant for in-your-face, relentless offense versus Asuka’s more versatile style and potent reversals. What will win? Rindou-kan or Kazama-Ryu? Standard Dogi or Hakamas? I wanna know!

Ibuki vs Raven. These two represent the conventional ninja in each of their franchises, complete with shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, deceptive tactics and efficient killing strikes. Ibuki’s the faster one with an impressive barrage of attacks that come from every direction. Raven on the other hand has an obvious edge in physical strength and enduranbce, plus his own bag of shinobi trickery. This will be a close one.

Karin Kanzuki vs Lili Rochefort Two hot blonde heiresses who both have killer skills to match their killer checkbooks. Both use self-taught martial arts and have tested them against opponents in down-and-dirty streetfights and deathmatches. While Karin and Lili should be a close and deaadly match-up, I think big and burly Ishizaki (Karin’s attendant) is more than a match for old, feeble Sebastian… unless the senior butler turns out to be a super killer werewolf elder master (oh, wait… wrong franchise).

Nina vs Cammy. Though originally matched up with Chun-Li (and in many ways they are kinda matched up, being the first ladies of each franchise), I think Miss Williams is much better ranged against the Delta Red’s former Killer Bee. Both of these blonde bombshells are deadly special forces operatives with similar traumatic cases of amnesia and psychosis. Cammy’s faster and loaded with high-flying attacks, while Nina is more methodical with ground-based grapples. This is one fight that really MUST happen.

Streetfighter X Tekken won’t be happening for a while- but things ARE happening judging from Yoshinori Ono’s recent visit (or invasion is perhaps a better word) of Namco-Bandai’s headquarters in the US. Hopefully there will be more news, perhaps screenshots or even video, coming soon… or at least in the next couple of months. Till then, I’ll be going back to pining for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 then.

How Good Are YOUR Streetfighter CAWs?

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Fast Tube by Casper

When SF meets the WWE…

A CAW is a customized character using the Create-A-Wrestler function in the WWE Smackdown vs Raw games. As sluggish as the collision detection can be sometimes in this series of sports-entertainment simulators, the Character Customization is detailed and nuanced like few others. With a little creativity you can do a lot of great things with it- like, recreate the Street Fighter roster and have them work their differences out in the ring. Well, that’s what jim784m on Youtube did, with what I think are the best SF CAWs I’ve ever seen- they look like they walked off a SFIV disc, complete with some signature moves and even some Alternate Outfits, to boot! All this vid needs are SF voiceovers to make it look totally convincing.

Well, check the vid above out and marvel at the recreations yourself… just beware you may find yourself wanting to create your own CAW stuff yourself afterwards.

New Update to SFIV iPhone Adds Sagat, Deejay!

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Sagat and Deejay are in the house!

The latest download to the iPhone version of Streetfighter IV is available on the appstore. Though previously announced that the update adds Thai boss Sagat, it’s now been revealed that Jamaican whirlwind Deejay is also part of the package. While Sagat is playable off the bat, Deejay has to be unlocked (by playing wirelessly three times). Also available is an ‘Fight Request’ mode so you can take on other players via wifi, Game Center support and the option to play original SF2 music (in-app purchase).
Judging from the pic above, I think there’s at least two more fighters that can be added to the roster after this update. For now though, this should tide us all over.