Streetfighter IV Volt Updated with Two More Fighters, Rage Quit Penalty!

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Fast Tube by Casper

The schoolgirl brings the pain with her improvised Shotokan style.

The recently-announced update patch for iOS’s Capcom beat ‘em up upgrade, Streetfighter IV Volt, is now available for download at the appstore! This free patch adds two more fighters to the 18-strong roster (which includes unlockable Akuma), Sakura and Makoto. Aside from this, there’s now a penalty for players who drop matches during online play- ragequitting will result in both a loss of the match AND a loss of Battle Points. This has its ups and downs but I think this will at least give sore losers some pause.

Anyway, I’m just happy at the inclusion of two babes to the roster. My only gripes are that Makoto’s walk animation is extremely choppy-looking, which is no surprise given how frame-hungry this animation was in the console and arcade versions. That aside, she retains her array of efficient normal and special attacks, and has her dreaded ball-busting Seichuzen Godanzuki Ultra as well. Gotta download this as soon as I get home later.
If you haven’t already downloaded SFIV Volt yet, now is a good time as the game is on sale for just $4.99 until August 8.

Fast Tube by Casper

Makoto’s karate style may be more traditional, but it’s no less dangerous.

Streetfighter IV Volt Getting Kick-Ass Schoolgirls!

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Who’s the toughest schoolgirl around? Let’s find out!

If you love beat ‘em ups and have an iOS device (iPhone or iPod Touch), you probably have the pretty awesome Streetfighter IV. If you’re in the know and up to date, you probably have the updated Streetfighter IV Volt: Battle Protocol, which ratchets up the action and adds in several new fighters- Vega, Cody, Balrog and secret boss Akuma. Well, the so-far apparent sausage-fest of a game Volt has been so far has finally been up-ended with a shot of super schoolgirl action into this handheld fighter.

What’s better for full-contact combat: Skirts or Gis? Your choice!

To arrive in an upcoming update for SFIV Volt will be a couple of tough teen spitfires- Ryu’s No. 1 fan Sakura and The Girl with Pure Karate Spirit, Makoto! Miss Kasugano brings with her the trademark sailor outfit and her Shotokan skills, while Little Mak brings her worn karate gi, trademark trailing ribbon and her family’s hard-hitting, more traditional form of karate.

Makoto’s ready to choke out the competition.

MAN, this is the great news, particularly after me personally being disappointed with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3′s all-guy roster. Makoto’s my favorite SSFIV fighter and having her on my iPod Touch with Volt is going to be freakin’ awesome (now I can actually work towards that 100 online fights when I’m using my fave brawler). For more screens of Makoto and Sakura in action, check out Famitsu’s article and gallery here (which also contains a secret code for unlocking Akuma).

No date yet set for this, but it should be hitting the appstore very soon. More as I get it then!

Unlock Akuma in Streetfighter IV Volt!

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A mysterious challenger appears!

Nice little bit from Streetfighter IV Volt, the new version of Capcom’s best-selling iOS brawler. Though initially he’s not selectable, you can unlock the deadly Akuma, Master of the Dark Hadou.
The apparent way to do so is to beat him when he challenges you (at the end of the Arcade Mode) with all characters. Alternatively, you can simply fight 100 wireless matches. Once either of these prodigious feats is done, Akuma will be yours to command. Note that he won’t be ‘Boss’ Akuma who can throw double air fireballs. The best thing I noticed about this bit is when Akuma is unlocked, two more slots for characters appear, leading me to believe that there will be a couple new faces arriving on Volt sometime in the next weeks or months. Hoping for more babes, Capcom! Gimme Juri or Ibuki on my iPod Touch!

WIll there be more challengers to come? I hope so!