Capcom’s Comicon Panel @ SDCC 2011

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Fast Tube by Casper

It’s always interesting when Ono’s around…

Here’s the full Capcom Panel at Comicon, as filmed by Gamespot, with Yoshinori Ono presiding. The Streetfighter producer announced various things, from a promise to pitch once again for a new Darkstalkers game, to a release date for Streetfighter III Third Strike Online, to add-ons to Streetfighter IV Volt on iOS, continued support for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition and of course, the new characters debuting for Streetfighter X Tekken. But of course, why just show it all via Powerpoints when you can have cross-dressing and a unique slapstick segment starring Ono and Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada to make this panel pretty memorable?

There’s still a day left to Comicon, with Namco-Bandai saving all their Fighting Game news for then. Let’s hope for even cooler stuff then. More as we get it!

All Ready and Pumped for E3!

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Arguably the biggest event for gaming in the year is almost upon us. E3 2011 is promising to be quite a show, and I can’t wait to see the deluge of media. I’m looking forward to quite a few goodies.

Namco-Bandai has been hyping their presentation this year, complete with NB rep FilthieRich and Adrianne Curry teaming up to bring us the goods. Sure, it will be divided among the many games NB has, but I’m hoping at least for Tekken and Soul Calibur stuff among the repertoire.

Not sure if Tekken Tag 2 will be talked about much- in fact, probably not at all. However, we will be seeing a Tekken: Blood Vengeance trailer, hopefully much longer and showing off a lot more characters and action that the teaser did. Harada has already promised on Twitter some ‘Alisa punch’! Harada himself will surely be making the rounds of interviews, so I hope the media really try to get him to talk about TTT2, TxSF and other stuff in the Iron Fist universe while he’s sober.

Soul Calibur V“s trailer was already shown over the weekend, but I hope there’s more yet to be seen from this much-awaited fighter. It’s still far off, but I’m hoping they reveal more characters and information. Director Odashima isn’t at E3, but I think there will at least be someone to speak on the game present.

On Capcom’s side, there’s Streetfighter X Tekken, which will be showing off a new trailer- four characters have been teased so far (Sagat, Cammy, Julia and Hwoarang) but I hope E3 reveals more than these four- otherwise I may be a bit underwhelmed. Still, I am interested in this game in any case. Other stuff to be shown may be SSFIV Arcade Edition (which I believe will be available online tomorrow) and perhaps a look at SF3 Third Strike Online.

Finally, there’s that rumor about a ‘Big Fighting Game Franchise’ making a comeback. While I’m still pleading for Sega to finally announce VF5 Final Showdown, I’m not holding my breath. Who the freak knows… it just may be Tobal 3. Or Kensei: Sacred Fist 2. WAHAHA!

Aside from fighting games, I’m also hoping for looks at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. LOTS of games that are gonna vie for my bucks before this year ends. All that and I’m hoping as well for something from Diablo III. Gah. Anyways, let’s all sit back and enjoy E3, everyone- it’s sure to be quite a show.

Sneak Peek at Streetfighter III Third Strike Online

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Murderous Intent was never this Clearly Defined!

Not everything Yoshinori Ono posts on Twitter is trolling nonsense… sometimes he drops actual nuggets of cool, like early today with this teasing look at a HD sprite of Akuma for the upcoming Streetfighter III: Third Strike Online. As many have speculated early on, this SF classic will be getting the HD treatment as was seen in Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. The devs don’t seem to be making a big fuss of 3SOL just yet, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of this soon enough. Third Strike was simply awesome for it’s super smooth animation and gorgeous sprites- seeing the game remastered and redrawn in HD should be nothing short of stunning. Even with SSFIV already in my hands (both on PS3 and 3DS), I find myself looking forward to this. More as we get it then!