Ken Masters Debuts in Streetfighter V!

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Ken’s back and… he looks different.

I stayed up into the wee hours of the Manila morning to keep up with the Streetfighter V panel at SDCC 2015, and boy did it pay off. Unveiled was another character reveal, complete with screenshots, character art… and a trailer (which you can see above!).

The latest revealed fighter in SFV’s growing roster is none other than Ken Masters- Shotokan fighter and wealthy family man- sporting a quite radical redesign. Instead of just a red version of his best friend Ryu’s gi, Ken is wearing a slick outfit with a form-fitting top and instep guards with red pants, new hairdo and apparently, quite a few all-new attacks and tactics. He still has his expected Shoryuken and Hadoken, but aside from that- his V Trigger seems to involve infusing his specials with Fire, and lots of spinning kicks.

Ken’s reveal certainly will please his fans, including popular Youtuber Maximilian. I’m not that big of a Ken fan, but I like the reveal and I appreciate the redesign. I like the new outfit and feel this gives him, though Ken’s face looks, er, wonky in some angles/screens- his model seems a bit more rough-shod compared to fighters like Birdie or Cammy who look totally slick from the get-go. Since its early, hopefully things will get smoothened out as development continues.

Oh, and at the tail end of the Ken trailer of course is another character tease- a fierce-looking visage that some are speculating to be some sort of New Zealander judging from the face paint. An all-new character? Or a redesigned veteran? I am thinking, if the latter, perhaps T-Hawk? We’ll just have to wait and see. Man, this is exciting!

Streetfighter V @ E32015: New Character Demo

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IGN takes apart the new challengers.

I have to admit- I am so into this game right now. If only just for the new art style and spiffy, shiny polish, I can’t get enough of it. The character models, the new art style- how the fighters are more ‘realistic’ yet not (faces are more detailed and less cartoony, but big feet and exaggerated muscles are still the norm), the hyper detail, and man, the animations- standing animations, attack animations, the new Supers- WOW. Even the gosh-darned pre-fight VS screen layout is ART. SO. DAMN. PRETTY.

But really, that’s not all. I am loving the gameplay. I love the more deliberate, ‘heavier’ feel. The detailed animations give everything a slightly slower pace, but the attacks do TONS more damage, making it all more tense, more all or nothing. The new ‘V’ gauge and skills are interesting and give to a more tactical rule of play. V-Skills are all-new moves unique to every character, and they vary in importance or value. V-Triggers are akin to Instinct mode from Killer Instinct, but still different. These things may change as the game develops, but for now it’s all very exciting and I love where this game is headed.

Birdie, the hulking punk grappler, is a marvel of grossness. His pot-belly is almost sure to put SFIV’s Rufus to shame, but it’s got depth (really). Eating and Eating a LOT is apparently key to his new ‘power’. Food items figure into his game, powering his V-Gauge up or giving him odd new projectiles like rolling beer cans or slippery banana peels, or a chili pepper that powers him up. Even his walking and idle animations are so detailed- it’s pretty clear the devs had fun with him, and he’s sure to be as much a character chosen to troll opponents with as much as to wipe the floor with them (as he is very, VERY strong!).

As for Cammy, the Killer Bee looks to be very similar to her previous incarnations, but having some quite nice, if slight changes to her look. Sexy straps (mmm) and a very tight leotard are basically her new set, while some purists may lament the lack of camo paint on her legs (I love the bare legs look though). Her trademark boots though are even more detailed than ever, and they look so perfect for kicking.

Killer Bee’s changes are that executions are far easier to do- her Axle Knuckle, which is a key move to avoiding projectiles are closing the distance, is now her V-Skill (performed by pressing Medium Punch and Kick together), so it can now be done by anyone, anytime (no more flubbing the execution as before). Also, her Hooligan Combo- another tricky move to do before, is now a LOT easier (it’s now quarter-circle forward with punch), so players will be able to use it a lot more.

I can’t get enough of this game- thinking seriously of preordering if it can get me access to the Beta this July. But anyways, I need to see more fighters added to it- I am seeing this game fill up eventually with tons of returning vets and hopefully an all-new face or two, or three. It’s coming, and my PS4 AND PC can’t wait to have it. Awesome.

Cammy and Birdie Return! Streetfighter V E3 Trailer

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The British are coming! The British are coming!

It’s E3 2015 in earnest, but of course even in the mobs of awesome games (Uncharted 4, FFVII Remake!!!) being revealed, I have a soft spot for fighting games- and THE Fighting Game of E3 is certainly Streetfighter V. This PS4 and PC Exclusive is looking FANTASTIC, and I can’t wait to see more of it. Well, we get two more chunks today, in the form of Cammy and Birdie, the two latest fighters revealed in the roster. Their inclusion was actually leaked by a German gaming mag over the weekend, but hey, it’s all good. Cammy is never unwelcome, and Birdie looks formidable. I am loving the art style of this game soooo much. I just want this game on my PS4 and PC yesterday. For now, check out the awesome trailer above.

Streetfighter V: M.Bison Returns!

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He’s Baaaaack…

You can’t keep a good villain down, yet again proven by the new Streetfighter V trailer debuting the ubiquitous Head of Shadaloo, M. Bison. Fittingly enough, the trailer debuting the returning arch-baddie released on a Tuesday, which of course is a fun callback to the so-bad-its-good live-action Streetfighter movie.

Anyways, Bison has gone though a few changes- notably his outfit now has a quite slick trenchcoat profile now, sans cape, which I really like. His fighting moves now seem more concentrated on using his Psycho Powers, which he demonstrates a lot on the hapless Charlie Nash. The way he just beats down on the other returning fighter may mean that Nash isn’t on the Shadaloo side as some may have speculated.

Well, what can I say? Never been a Bison user, but I do think he looks pretty badass- I do hope they make him really hard and powerful as befits a Big Bad. But will he be the game’s final boss? Who knows…

I’m actually quite excited for Streetfighter V. Looks like it may be coming to our PS4′s sooner than later. More on this as we get it.

Streetfighter V: Nash is Back

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And it’s not Kevin Nash.

Back in the first Streetfighter V trailer, we already had a teaser of this returnee to the franchise. Well, finally, the cat is fully out of the bag and in the open. Charlie Nash, the supposedly deceased best friend of Guile, is alive and very well… and looking a lot darker and evil.

I dunno- perhaps it’s the Frankenstein-like patches of prosthetic skin, the sinister chakra point on his forehead and his new darkness-based abilities (which apparently include an assassination-type Super or Surprise move) that seem to give an evil vibe to me. Obviously, someone brought ol’ Chuck back from death’s door… and it may not have been the good guys. In fact, the teaser at the very end of the trailer (which pretty much confirms the return of everyone’s favorite Psycho-powered dictator) may be showing us who Charlie’s new commanding officer is…

I am liking the way the stages seem to have these funny non-lethal but humiliating ‘Fatality’-esque ending areas like the Noodle House in the first demo vids, and the cool cutscene effects of the Supers/Ultra move from Nash on Chun-Li. Gameplay concerns aside, I am loving the aesthetics and the vibe of the game so far. Can’t wait!
Hey, with Shadaloo seeming to be back in force with this game, I am wondering how long it will be before we see a certain Killer Bee being teased…

Streetfighter V Trailer with Character Tease/Reveal!

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Feel the hype!

The past weekend, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono showed off the alpha build of his upcoming fighter sequel, the long-awaited Streetfighter V (or 5). I’m pretty sure the cam vids don’t do the game the full justice it deserves. Though still slightly similar to the look of the Streetfighter IV Era, I am loving the visuals in SFV. Chun-Li at least looks amazing, and I am liking the little touches, the camera angles and the bit of humor inserted into the action. With the Charlie Nash reveal so early and quite a while before this game arrives, I am hoping for a large roster filled with all the favorites.

The extended gameplay trailer debuted at Capcom Cup 2014.

Aside from the various gameplay aspects which experts are sure to pick up, I am hoping that the little bit with the Noodle Bowl is actually a hint at the game having Character Customization. Not sure if this is true, but it would be nice. Just take a little cue from your friends over at Namco-Bandai, Ono-san! Customization is great, and much, much better than simple alternate outfits.

The first-ever Streetfighter V match is fought!

I want this game already. I am sure it will be a modern classic- when it finally arrives. More as we get it then!

Musing About: Streetfighter V

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It’s coming. It’s coming.

It seems like forever since the last, real Streetfighter sequel (that wasn’t an upgrade) came out- Streetfighter IV was released in 2008. Man, that was six years ago! Since then, we got Super Streetfighter IV, SSFIV Arcade Edition and Ultra Streetfighter IV (there’s still Ultra Streetfighter IV PS4 Edition coming, which may get a special subtitle eventually). But thankfully, this extended period of IV is over (even if it was pretty awesome. V is coming. Streetfighter V. Recognize!

First off; The Trailer. Short but sweet. I am particularly liking that they elected to have Chun-Li in the fight instead of having Ken face off with Ryu (which was the case in IV). To be honest, it doesn’t look like a huge leap from SFIV- there’s a tinge of it still there, although the models do look more ‘mature’, less cartoony and chunky. Still, the trademark Capcom/SF physicality is there- both males and females are buff and muscled- while still pleasantly feminine, Chun-Li definitely looks like a martial artist that can kick your ass. It’s still fancifully proportioned, but I was never expecting it to look something like VF or Tekken in terms of realistic models.

The flashy new effects- liking it. I am digging the Water swirls around Chun, and the Electricity around Ryu. Will every fighter have a certain element or energy signature for powering up? I expect Bison would be Darkness and Shadow. Some characters would be Wind, Fire and such- the Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fan in me is beaming.

Can’t say I am incredibly well-versed in game mechanics, but I do love the extended combo potentials, the breaking into new areas, the guard-breaks. But as always, I just hope they pay more attention to character animations and detail. I hope they learn a bit from Guilty Gear Xrd in terms of dynamic camera angles for Supers/Ultras or whatever Ultimate techniques will be called this time (Victory Blows?). I would like to see something cool and different with Win or Lose screens, and with cutscenes and cinematics. More than any other, real-time graphics can convey a story so there’s no need for pre-rendered CG.

That it’s on PS4 is awesome- the prospects of it looking all that it can be since it is being done wholesale domestically on Sony’s machine guarantees perfection. I am hoping for more trimmings- a FULL roster to show off everyone from Ultra back (with more fighters joining in). I want to see Character Customization please, instead of the crappy DLC costumes- that said, even if Capcom flubs that aspect again, at least there’s the PC version so we can at least hope on modders to make their masterpieces again for this game.

This is the future coming right here. I wonder how long it will take? Since it will be released on console and not arcade, here’s to it coming out sooner rather than later. Man, with Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat X, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round and conceivably Virtua Fighter 5 Version B coming in the near future, I am so glad to be a fighting game fan in this day and age. Beating people up never looked this awesome.