‘Abyssmal’ First Week Sales for Streetfighter X Tekken PS Vita

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According to this article over at Hadoken.net, the PS Vita version of the cross-over brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken, have been pretty bad. As in, unprecedentedly LOW. The game’s first week sales in Japan totaled only 5400 units. That’s apparently very low, even considering that the PS Vita itself isn’t exactly touting a large installment base. This is just the latest blow (or yet another nail in the coffin) of this controversial fighter, which has gained the enmity of many gamers and fighting game fans due to various factors- the unpopular Gem system, additional ‘DLC’ Fighters being sold despite being already available on-disc and more.

This is really a sad thing for fighting games- this will, I’m sure, impact upon any future releases from Capcom, and certainly casts a bit of a pall over the release/development of the other game in this equation… the Namco-produced Tekken X Streetfighter, which has yet to be even shown in any form. The ‘collaboration’ between Capcom and Namco hasn’t exactly panned out, at least in the first phase, which can only be a negative in my view. Hopefully TXSF is still in development and will somehow revitalize the ‘Fighting Festival’ that seemed so promising a couple of years ago.

As for SFxTK Vita… sigh. Moving on, moving on.

Streetfighter X Tekken on iOS at PAX Prime

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Really… this is looking awesome.

Okay, I’m a beat ‘em up fan, and I’m always looking for a great fighting game I can play on the go- yeah, my iPod Touch has got quite a few- Streetfighter IV Volt, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, King of Fighters. These games are all low-res though, more suited to the small screen. What about for my iPad? Again, there are quite a few- Soul Calibur is easily the best-looking fighter you can get on your large iDevice, and it plays a treat too. Perhaps Capcom can add one more title to my iArena with the upcoming iOS version of Streetfighter X Tekken.

Unlike the previous SF titles found on the appstore, SFxTK iOS is in HD, and features the 3D character models from the game. Judging from the video above from Gamesradar, the game seems to move very smoothly and play very well- if you’re not averse to using the touchscreen. On the other hand, the roster is pretty slim, but I guess more fighters will be added in updates after release. I have to say, I am liking this and this is an easy buy for me- if I can have Juri, Ibuki, Asuka and Lili on my iPad, this may become an all-time fave of mine.

Streetfighter X Tekken iOS is coming out ‘soon’ on the appstore- hopefully very soon…

Streetfighter X Tekken PS VITA ‘Episode 3′ Cinematics and Special Features Trailer!

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The latest (and last?) episode of the SFxTK CG Cinematics arrives for SDCC.

And here it is, piping-hot with SDCC, the latest and perhaps longest of the CG cinematic ‘story’ trailers for the much-belabored Streetfighter X Tekken (for PS Vita). This one clocks in at an amazing 12 minutes, but even so still ends up feeling too short- Capcom should have just made an entire flick, dammit.

You gotta love the wonderful detail and implausibility- never mind that Cammy isn’t around to traipse around the snowy Antarctic in her leotard… you’ve got Sakura with her airy skirt, while Christie and Elena and barefoot and even more scantily-clad and frolicking in the frozen wastes. How ironic is it that the only character looking properly dressed for the place and even reacting to the cold is the one who can generate electricity from his body?

But hey, inappropriate clothing is no problem for me- my biggest gripe being that this spot yet again shows us tantalizing hints of magnificent brawls but will surely NEVER show us their resolutions. So like the previous trailer where we will never see how Devil Jin kicked Bison and Juri’s butts for beating up his sweet Ling, we’ll also never see a CG cinematic showing the surely-awesome three-way bout between Jin, Kazuya and Bison (and their respective Girl Fridays) ever… no, we the players have to fill that in with our gameplay experiences… BAH.

Anyways, this 12-minute flick will try to get gamers excited for the upcoming Vita version, even as the 12 extra DLC characters will be available for consoles by July’s end (PC will supposedly get theirs in September… woohoo). For now, check out as well the accompanying ‘features’ trailer for the Vita game. Wonder what else is gonna be revealed for SDCC?

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The Vita’s coming stuffed with features as well as fighters.

Streetfighter X Tekken… On the iPhone?!

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Okay, iOS can do anything, apparently…

One of the less-spectacular but nevertheless intriguing little fighting game bits at E3 is an iOS Demo for Streetfighter X Tekken. Yep, the cross-over fighter is coming to your iPhone. Well, actually, Capcom’s still thinking about it. Their Streetfighter IV and Marvel VS Capcom 2 releases on Apple’s platform have apparently pleased the company biggies, so perhaps we’ll be seeing SFxTK on the go sometime in the near future. Heck, makes sense… pretty sure the iOS gamers don’t mind DLC… heheh. Anyway, the footage above looks pretty impressive, and it’s running on an iPad, which means the graphics on this mobile game are High Res, much more so than the SFIV or SFIV Volt games, or even the MvC2 port. I’m very inclined to get this- guaranteed if they manage to squeeze in the whole roster. I think I’ll be keeping an eye on this… DAMN iOS is freakin awesome…

Streetfighter X Tekken PS Vita CG Cinematics, Part Two!

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8 Minutes of Streetfighters and Tekkeners messing around!

Some time ago, Capcom posted a pretty lengthy CG video showing off the upcoming DLC characters for Streetfighter X Tekken. Well, for E3 they’ve posted another long clip of pre-rendered action and interaction with both new and old fighters from the crossover fighter. Man, why don’t they post a full movie already? A feature length CG flick with both SF and Tekken characters would just be freakin’ awesome… I know I just want to see some of the confrontations being teased in these spots FINISHED, darn it. Anyway, it’s kinda sad that this is for PS Vita… I’m really not inclined to getting another portable, so I’ll just wait for the add-on fighters on my PS3 or PC version. For now though, well, we have this cool clip with quite a few hot babes and cool dudes tussling. Check it out!

Streetfighter X Tekken Rolento Freeze Bug

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Yikes. Now that’s one serious bug.

I haven’t been playing Streetfighter X Tekken lately. In fact, after I played through Arcade Mode with Asuka and Lili on the night I bought my PS3 copy, I haven’t played it since. Well, apparently there have been tons of complaints of infinites and other bugs which prompted the 1.4 patch, but THAT revision has resulted in one pretty serious game-breaking freeze bug that happens every time Rolento throws his knife and hits a projectile- as illustrated in the video above.
Capcom’s new SF producer (who is not Yoshinori Ono) has apologized for the bug and has promised a fix in mid-June.

A fix for a serious bug in three to four weeks? Characters still coming god knows when? Countless players angered at the On-Disc DLC shenanigans (no matter what anyone or any technicalities say, dudes- DLC locked on-disc is pretty iffy). MAN, Capcom really messed up with Streetfighter X Tekken. I still think it’s a pretty fun game, but… well, so much baggage.

Hoping that Tekken X Streetfighter (and it IS still coming, according to the Tekken devs) will avoid these stumbles and score a KO when it arrives… eventually.

Captivate 2012 Brings LOTS of Streetfighter X Tekken Trailers!

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CG Cutscenes set the stage for more Pandora Stories!

Finally stuff is trickling out of Capcom’s recent Captivate event, including a new Resident Evil 6 trailer and other stuff. But of course what got me interested is the trailer above- the ‘Episode 1′ spot for Streetfighter X Tekken on the PS Vita. The trailer debuts formally the somewhat controversial additional fighters who will make their debut on Sony’s new portable.

The unusually long trailer above features some all-new CG cutscenes that follow the new fighters’ stories- they seem to be prologues, which is new since the opening cutscenes in the console versions as yet are only still artworks. Pretty intriguing… I guess the devs want to really show that the new content isn’t just stuff they scrounged up, but a pretty major release with all the trimmings. Oh, and I am really thinking DAMN that Eddy Gordo is one lucky guy…
A couple more trailers show off in-game footage, with the new fighters in action. Pretty awesome action, it seems!

Fast Tube by Casper

Fast Tube by Casper

Anyway, the good news is that the Vita version will feature Cross-console play and assets- buy the Vita version and you’ll unlock the additional fighters on the PS3 game, plus any future DLC will be shared on either version! So in the end I think it all works out well. So let’s just enjoy these trailers (there’s even more on Youtube) for now and wait for the new goodies to come… even if it’s a kinda vague Fall 2012.

Streetfighter X Tekken, Soul Calibur V DLC Now Available

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Asuka makes such a cute ninja…

Depending on how you feel about DLC, you may or may not be interested in knowing that more content is now available on both PSN and Xboxlive for a couple of recent fighting game releases. For Capcom’s Cross-over Brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken, there are Extra Colors for Character Customization (FREE) and Characters Bad Boxart Megaman and Pac-Man (FREE) as well as the Swap Costumes for the regular cast of fighters.

The Swap Costumes of course show each fighter dressed up more or less as a character from the opposing franchise. So above for example you’ll see Asuka Kazama dressed up as a Ninja like Ibuki (although she actually strikes me more like MK’s Kitana…).
The Swap Costumes can be bought individually or in ‘Grab Packs’ which lump all the Tekken Fighters in one package, all the SF Fighters in another. Not all the outfits are that good so perhaps only completists will want to get the package deals, and just pick the ones that they’ll actually want to use.

On the Soul Calibur V front, there are several DLC packages available which include one for Headgear, one for ‘Active Wear’ (Japanese School Swimsuit and Gym Outfit, one for Maid Uniforms and an Initial Character Costume Pack which lets you use several of the P1/P2 outfits of the default roster for CAS. Probably the most useful pack is the Character Costume pack, with the Active Wear and Meido Packs for gamers with that particular Japanese fetish leaning. As a completist I’ll probably try to get them all just because. But that’s just me.
Anyways, I picked up the Tekken Characters’ Swap Outfits earlier today, but the SCV DLC wasn’t available then. I’ll try again tonight and give more in-depth thoughts once I’ve played with these bits more.

Harada and Ono Interview @ 3 Green Bars

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The Producers speak up about their recent release.

Streetfighter X Tekken’s been out a while- I have to say I haven’t quite gotten into it as much as I’d have wanted… not enough to write up a real, honest review yet. I like the rosters, the visuals and the general style, but the gameplay is kinda hard to get into as yet. There are just so many games… so little time. Anyways, even after launch and the recent stepping down of Yoshinori Ono as SF Producer (temporarily), media on the game is still emerging online. Up top is a video interview from Hamburg conducted by 3 Green Bars. It’s a pretty chunky spot, with lots of laughs and anecdotes from the premier beat ‘em up makers. Check it out!

Fighting Game Short Films Unleashed!

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Tekken and Streetfighter ala Mortal Kombat?!

There have been quite a few beat ‘em up-inspired indie films appearing online recently, coinciding with the just-released Streetfighter X Tekken. And quite some eye-catching productions they are! The first one above is a Jun Kazama VS Vega (Claw) fight scene, which is nicely edited with special effects and some videogame-style visuals along the way. Funny that while it mashes Tekken and Streetfighter, the overall style of the visuals resulting plus the ‘Deathmatch’ conditions seem to evoke Mortal Kombat more than anything else. The film has even caught the attention of Tekken Boss Katsuhiro Harada, who tweeted about the film on Twitter. ‘Only, Jun Kazama doesn’t use Chinese martial arts’ was one of Harada’s remarks. Well, neither does Ryu but well, those are the skills of the performers. In any case, a pretty well-done action spot.

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Ryu and the Mishima Bloodline clash in this moody fan film.

The other fighting game film to recently hit is Streetfighter X Tekken: The Devil Within which takes up the enigmatic link between the Devil Gene and the Satsui No Hadou. The film features some pretty well-done visuals and a moody, brooding feel as well as some hard-hitting action. Even at about ten minutes though, this will probably leave many fight fans wanting more after watching. Oh well… maybe someday Capcom or Namco will fund some of these filmmakers to make a really awesome movie based on our fave games. Or not. Perhaps that’s a good thing. In any case, enjoy these flicks for what they are, and use them to get yourself hyped for more fighting action!