Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Trailer and Release Date Revealed!

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The most faithful live-action adaptation of the Shoryu-Saga is almost here.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist, the web/TV series adapting the origin story of Ryu and Ken just got a new trailer (seen above) showing off a ton of new footage and intense fight scenes. We also get the release date- the series will be upped on Machinima on May 23, and ala Mortal Kombat Legacy ALL 12 episodes will be available for viewing on the same day (so you can watch everything in one long marathon viewing).

I am thinking though- 12 episodes? How long is each episode? This may be the most extensive telling of the Hadou Origin ever. Hoping it’s really as good and engaging as it looks. I am also hoping this lasts a lot longer and proves more successful than MK Legacy was. We’ll see though, in a couple of weeks.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Ryu and Ken Trailers

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It’s about a couple of weeks away and I’m seriously stoked for Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist. This online/TV series based on Capcom’s flagship fighting game seems to have it all- the look (actors who actually look like the characters instead of some director’s ‘interpretation’), the action (hard-hitting fight scenes AND fireballs), serious acting talents and a true love and respect for the source material. That all just screams high quality product, and from these two trailers featuring the two protagonists, Ryu and Ken, I can just feel this is going to be something special- in particular for fans of Streetfighter who have waited years and years for a truly good live-action adaptation of the World Warrior saga.

Remember kiddies, if this pans out, we may see the rest of the roster follow. Live-action Chun-Li and Cammy that do not suck? PLEASE support this and then some! Heheh.

The show premieres on Machinima this May.

Fighting Game Musings: Attack of the Clones

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Ultra SFIV has Decapre, DOA5U has PHASE 4.

Almost coincidental with the recent release of Ultra Streetfighter IV‘s trailer/reveal for the masked Shadaloo Doll Decapre as the game’s 5th new fighter, Tecmo also posted the trailer for their own new character spotlight.
For now limited to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate‘s arcade version is the super-powered Kasumi clone, codenamed Phase 4. As you can see in the trailer above, P4 mainly uses the style of the original Mugen Tenshin heroine, but added her own dark and misty teleports and even more insane speed to the mix. The combos scream BOSS babe, and I wish that they had just added her into the game months ago as the game’s actual boss instead of the odd, Shang Tsung-shapechanging weirdness that we got.

Of course, there will be those groaning at yet ANOTHER clone added to fighting games, and cursing these devs for their laziness. Sad to say that I really have to agree with these sentiments, although if the character had enough cool uniques, it wouldn’t hurt too much. But really, IMO while her moves are flashy and eye-catching, P4′s design is just kinda boring.

To be honest, if I were given a choice between P4 and Decapre, I’d pick Decapre as the better clone. She surely controls far more differently, and I just wish they changed more of her basic attacks and animations to be more unique from Cammy’s. Phase 4, if and when she comes to console as a playable, will surely control very similar to Kasumi (since EVERYONE plays similar anyway, as the game runs).

In any case, these clones are just ways to extend a game’s interest- I can’t wait to see these games move forward onto their next chapters, and these clones outgrow their originals to become truly their own character- hey, Mortal Kombat and Tekken do it all the time, why not DOA and SF?

Ultra Streetfighter IV’s Fifth Character Revealed: Decapre

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The Fifth New Fighter gets her own trailer.

AAAAND… it’s Decapre.

I was hoping for Gouken’s Daughter instead of a DOLL, but oh well- at least it’s the coolest and most sinister of the Dolls.
Decapre (It means December in Russian) is one of Bison’s Elite Shadaloo Dolls, resembling Cammy but wearing a black mask and using claws for combat. She first appeared way back in Streetfighter Alpha 3 (amongst the other Dolls) but was unplayable. She also appeared later in the Udon Streetfighter II Turbo comic, ambushing an escaping Cammy.
Somehow, this Cammy clone has gone beyond the other Dolls and gotten into the game- she was noticeably not among the Dolls beaten up by Juri in the SSFIV OVA AFAIK, so perhaps that will figure into her story?
Still, I’m a bit peeved at how Ono and Capcom have been selling that this character hasn’t been guessed by many, but in fact was on top of the list of potential new characters for a long, long time.

Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed. However, it could be much worse.

Anyway, bright side is that she doesn’t play at all like Cammy since she’s- get this- a CHARGE character (think Guile). I am just hoping they use the time from now till release to tweak her animations to be very different from Cammy’s. PLEASE. Also, it looks like she gets some cool anime cutscenes- I hope she gets to tussle with Juri- and the Russian accent doesn’t hurt.

Decapre joins Elena, Poison, Rolento and Hugo on the Ultra SFIV roster, coming later this year (June for Digital Upgrade/Download, August to Retail) to consoles and PC.

UPDATE: I’ve added IGN‘s 10-minute commentary vid on the new challenger. Check it out to see what this Doll has in store for the rest of the roster.

10 Minutes of Decapre-ness.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist gets a Teaser Trailer

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The much-anticipated live-action, Capcom-sanctioned webseries Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist is almost here. This vibrant-looking telling of the story of the Shoryu-Crew of Gouken, Goutetsu, Gouki, Ryu and Ken will be shown exclusively on Machinima on Youtube. No exact date yet, but ‘soon’. That should be fairly soon I guess.

Really looking forward to this- it certainly looks like a lot of love and true passion went into this, and it will be something to see an adaptation truly attempt to not only capture the spirit but the look as well. I am certainly hoping this series fares a lot better than Mortal Kombat Legacy did, which sadly tapered off and (I think) died sadly offscreen with the second season. On the other hand, this Streetfighter series can branch off to huge universe of characters and sagas if it proves to be something gamers embrace- and well that they should! This looks like a gem.

More on this as we get it. For now, check out the slick teaser.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist B-Roll Footage

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Impressive. MOST impressive.

Here’s probably the best look so far at the upcoming Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Web/TV series by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard. It’s Behind-the-Scenes footage, but man- just from a look at Ken (Christian Howard, who looks like he jumped off the videogame) and Ryu (Mike Moh) makes me feel this is probably the most true and authentic Streetfighter live adaptation ever. I get a totally awesome vibe from this, and I truly hope it turns out something special.

This project started out with the short film Streetfighter Legacy several years ago (which was made as a proof of concept), and won the rights from Capcom to the SF franchise. The actual series was at first put out for crowdsourcing, but eventually private backers stepped up to finance the project. If this initial chapter succeeds, a World Warrior story may continue with Guile being taken up, according to Ansah.

Damn. This looks goddamn awesome. Can’t freakin’ wait.

Ultra Streetfighter IV Rolento Trailer

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The Mad Gears Commando gets his time in the sun.

Here’s the fourth Ultra Streetfighter IV New Character trailer, featuring the military nutter Rolento. The most significant aspect for me being that this means that, unless Capcom chickens out, next week should FINALLY bring to light the mysterious, all-new, 5th Character. Up to now, all we know is that this Unknown is female, has appeared at least in the SF Comics or Manga, but has never been playable before in a Streetfighter game.

We’ll see soon enough. Same time, same Capcom Youtube Channel. Heheh.

Ultra Streetfighter IV’s Fifth Character: All We Know

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Miles923 adds to the fires of speculation.

As it is now 2014, Capcom’s upcoming upgrade, Ultra Streetfighter IV is closer than ever, with the current most intriguing feature being the still-unknown Fifth Character. According to Siliconera, here is all that is currently known about this mysterious newcomer.

• It is a Capcom character.

• It isn’t Asura or Bad Box Art Mega Man.

• Ultra Street Fighter IV will mark this character’s fighting game debut.

• It is a character that isn’t on anyone’s radar.

• The character will be a perfect fit for the Street Fighter universe.

• The character is female.

• She is in the Street Fighter comics (it is assumed that this means the UDON comics).

Who can this newbie be? Speculations range from any of the Shadaloo Dolls, Ibuki’s best bud Sarai, Gouken’s unnamed daughter and even Ken’s wife Eliza (!). Who do you think she is, guys?

Personally I really wish it wasn’t a Doll- unless they really change up her looks- I do NOT want a clone character, or even someone close to being a clone. The doll outfit is so boring as well. Just anyone else, just NOT a Doll. PLEASE… oh well. We’ll see soon enough.

What the Heck is Hadouken… Cabs?

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An apparent PS4 Viral vid or Commercial? For what?

This odd video surfaced recently on Youtube, showing off a pretty silly spoof commercial for taxis. Well, at least on the surface. The end of the vid quite plainly reveals this as a commercial for something on Playstation, or PS4. What could it be?

As far as we know, according to Yoshinori Ono, there are no plans for a Next-Gen Streetfighter title. But then, that could be a little fib. Could this be a prelude to a PS4-exclusive World Warrior title? Man, if only this could be true.

Other than that- perhaps a Capcom-produced Crazy Taxi-esque title? Wha?

It remains though that there is no BIG fighting game from the big companies exclusive to PS4. A Streetfighter title could be something to take away some thunder (heh) from XboxOne’s exclusive Killer Instinct. Intriguing.

Cross your fingers, perhaps this is something cool. Or not. We’ll see soon enough. Only a couple of weeks till the next-gen consoles arrive.

Ultra Streetfighter New Mechanics Revealed

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Capcom adds a bit more to their current fighter’s build.

It was leaked quite recently, but now the info dump has been confirmed as true. Capcom’s upcoming new version of Streetfighter IV, named Ultra Streetfighter IV, will have a couple of new gameplay mechanics. Red Focus is a super-charged Focus attack that will absorb more than one attack at the cost of meter, while the Ultra Double option gives your fighter access to both of their Ultras in a fight but with lowered damage.
Both of these new gameplay tweaks will still be tested out and subject to fan feedback in upcoming location tests for the game.

A minor bit, but cool- Yoshinori Ono tweeted some time ago that they are currently looking for a designer and producer for a NEW fighting game. This unknown new beat ‘em up will still be on current consoles, as Capcom seems apparently still reluctant (or unable?) to jump into Next Gen. Kinda sad, but also kinda cool bit, I think.

I’ll keep on the lookout for this. Ultra SFIV is set to come out on PS3, XBox360 and PC sometime next year.