Ultra Streetfighter IV’s Fifth Character: All We Know

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Miles923 adds to the fires of speculation.

As it is now 2014, Capcom’s upcoming upgrade, Ultra Streetfighter IV is closer than ever, with the current most intriguing feature being the still-unknown Fifth Character. According to Siliconera, here is all that is currently known about this mysterious newcomer.

• It is a Capcom character.

• It isn’t Asura or Bad Box Art Mega Man.

• Ultra Street Fighter IV will mark this character’s fighting game debut.

• It is a character that isn’t on anyone’s radar.

• The character will be a perfect fit for the Street Fighter universe.

• The character is female.

• She is in the Street Fighter comics (it is assumed that this means the UDON comics).

Who can this newbie be? Speculations range from any of the Shadaloo Dolls, Ibuki’s best bud Sarai, Gouken’s unnamed daughter and even Ken’s wife Eliza (!). Who do you think she is, guys?

Personally I really wish it wasn’t a Doll- unless they really change up her looks- I do NOT want a clone character, or even someone close to being a clone. The doll outfit is so boring as well. Just anyone else, just NOT a Doll. PLEASE… oh well. We’ll see soon enough.

Ultra Streetfighter New Mechanics Revealed

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Capcom adds a bit more to their current fighter’s build.

It was leaked quite recently, but now the info dump has been confirmed as true. Capcom’s upcoming new version of Streetfighter IV, named Ultra Streetfighter IV, will have a couple of new gameplay mechanics. Red Focus is a super-charged Focus attack that will absorb more than one attack at the cost of meter, while the Ultra Double option gives your fighter access to both of their Ultras in a fight but with lowered damage.
Both of these new gameplay tweaks will still be tested out and subject to fan feedback in upcoming location tests for the game.

A minor bit, but cool- Yoshinori Ono tweeted some time ago that they are currently looking for a designer and producer for a NEW fighting game. This unknown new beat ‘em up will still be on current consoles, as Capcom seems apparently still reluctant (or unable?) to jump into Next Gen. Kinda sad, but also kinda cool bit, I think.

I’ll keep on the lookout for this. Ultra SFIV is set to come out on PS3, XBox360 and PC sometime next year.

2011 Beat ‘Em Up Roundup!

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With just a few weeks left before we end 2011, the big fighting games have made their mark and are set for our very near future. I think it’s a good time to just look back and forth at what came, what’s coming and what we have to look forward to.

Namco-Bandai’s flagship fighting franchise had a pretty interesting year, with titles being announced en masse. The Iron Fist crew made or will make an appearance pretty much on every platform- from PS3 to Xbox360 to Wii and 3DS, PSP and even a presence on iOS via the cute free Tekken Bowl app. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hit arcades in Japan and Korea, and is primed to head off for international venues later on. A Holiday 2012 release for TTT2 on console has just been announced during the Spike TV Videogame Awards, although details are still pretty vague.

Tekken X Streetfighter, the Tekken Team-produced crossover fighter we know pretty much nothing about, is supposedly underway in development. We’ve seen some art of Ryu and Chun-Li rendered by Tekken’s official artist, and they look pretty good. Harada and company are apparently still deciding whether the game will be tag or single play-centered; I’m hoping for single… Tag Team is a bit overdone by now. I’m really much more intrigued and excited for this than the Capcom equivalent, due to the conceivably much more radical change of seeing the cartoony World Warriors in the semi-photorealistic Tekken style.

On the portable side, Tekken 3D Prime Edition hits the Nintendo 3DS in early 2012. What this package seems to be is a straight port of Tekken 6, with the full lineup of characters. Disappointingly, the game apparently has no customization feature, and touts only new stages and card collection as it’s extra activity. Yeah, I’m buying this but it looks pretty meh.
For now though, fans have the Tekken Hybrid package to chew on- while the visually impressive Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie will entertain for a while, it’s probably the Tekken Tag 2 Prologue demo which will occupy players for the duration. At just four characters available it seems kinda slim, but it’s a pretty good way to dip your toes into the game’s initially intimidating Tag mechanics, as well as a tantalizing glimpse of the fighting game awesomeness destined for consoles in late 2012.

Soul Calibur V
The return of this classic fighting series happens in late January or early February, with new fighters and old in the lineup. With a few slots still unrevealed, we may see some character surprises very soon. Really something to look forward to, thanks to the new gameplay mechanics, the truly impressive Character Creation mode and an intriguing storyline in a Story Mode apparently influenced by the impressive Mortal Kombat in-game narrative.

Surprisingly, we’ll also be seeing the Tale of Souls and Swords on Apple gadgets, as Soul Calibur will be released soon on iOS. Looks cool- if it plays great, it should be pretty awesome. With Streetfighter IV Volt and King of Fighters already on iOS, this makes the appstore a force to be reckoned with in terms of fighting games. What’s next? How about a real Tekken on my iPad?

The past couple of months have seen a lull in the previous steamroller of a marketing train for Capcom’s current baby, Streetfighter X Tekken. This came after a pretty controversial reveal of the game’s Gem System- a way for upgrading or augmenting characters that has raised the hackles of many players. We’ve gone quite a while without any new character reveals, but Ono has given teases that there may be announcements made in January and perhaps late December- still many fighters to be unveiled, apparently. The game is supposedly in the home stretch of development, and should be ready for release in March 2012.

Released last month on PSN and Xboxlive was Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with new characters like Dr. Strange and Phoenix Wright joining the chaos. UMVC2 will join Streetfighter X Tekken among Capcom’s offerings on PS Vita. Upcoming is a new mode called Heroes and Heralds which will have players either becoming the world’s embattled defenders or throwing their lot with Galactus as his silver-skinned servants.

Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition just saw a free update that further tweaks the gameplay and character balancing.

I’m really intrigued at this gorgeous 2D fighter. The last couple of months have shown off two more character reveals in the dismember-happy Miss Fortune and the thuggish Painwheel. This looks promising and should be a hardcore beat ‘em up fan’s fave once it actually launches next year.

Dead or Alive 5
Got mixed feelings about this. The game visually has gotten upgrades, and Team Ninja is promising a lot- some of it not totally appealing. The game may become a QTE-fest, with flashy stunts in place of actual technique. Still, an upgraded, refreshed DOA is surely something to look forward to. I just hope it’s a real change and revision from the last game, and not just a slight inch-forward. The game’s currently at 15 percent completion, but is supposedly set for release in 2012. I say late 2012, if at all.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Since the announcement several months ago for this humongous DLC fighting upgrade, we’ve heard little, if anything at all. Hoping that the silence means that the Sega devs are hard at work making this as complete a package as possible. Meanwhile, a new revision adding more costumes has debuted in arcades, which I hope makes it into the console release as well. I can’t wait for this- hoping it arrives sooner than later. Look for this on PSN or Xboxlive in Summer 2012.

So many fighters, so little time left in 2011. This year I think saw the fighting genre finally back in the limelight and basking in fans’ appreciation. Next year looks to be a banner year for the Beat ‘Em Up, with titles aplenty coming and hopefully more will be announced. I think we’re all going to be busy blogging and brawling all year in 2012. Awesome!

SSFIV PC’s ‘Mazing Mods: Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning and Vanille Skins!

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Here are a couple more doubletake-inducing custom mod skins for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC. This time you can outfit a couple of fighters to look as characters from Square’s latest RPG, Final Fantasy XIII!
The first FFXIII skin is for Ibuki, and it turns the cute kunoichi into the also-cute but-much-too-shrill Oerba Dia Vanille. The detail is excellent and fans of this FF vixen will surely squeal in delight to see this in action.

Fast Tube by Casper

Now gamers can do something they’ve always dreamed of- punch Vanille in the face.

The other FFXIII mod is for Ibuki’s fellow 3rd Striker, Makoto, and it turns the karate kid into none other than pink-haired heroine Lightning! In all fairness, I was incredulous at first at the thought of tomboy Makoto in this role, but once I saw the actual mod in action, I think it’s pretty awesome. Makoto’s fierce expressions fit the combative Lightning perfectly, and the details of the mod are pretty much spot-on. Perhaps the only gripe may be that Makoto’s buff build is a world away from the waif-ish Lightning, but heck- this is Streetfighter, so she needs the muscle!

Fast Tube by Casper

Who’d ever thought Makoto would look great with pink hair?

Of course, the FFXIII novelty aside, these skins are absolute fan service masterpieces, with Makoto showing off perhaps the most skin she’s ever shown off with the ‘underwear’ variant of the Lightning mod, and both FFXIII skins feature scandalously short skirts that DOA girls would be too shy to wear (heh). The modder responsible for these artistic add-ons is the very prolific Sloth86, who also brought is the Chun-Li SF2 Anime mod recently. Man, that dude is busy! Who knows what else he’s got coming up?

The more I see these cool customs, the more I find myself wanting to get into this modding action… so… anyone got a powerful gaming laptop they wanna sell me extra-extra cheap? Heheh…

Super Streetfighter IV A.E. PC’s ‘Mazing Mods!

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You’re a fighting game fan like me, and you love stuff like extra outfits and cool alternate duds for your fighter dudes. Well, sadly, if you’re on console you’re at the mercy of the impenetrability of the medium- but as we’ve seen with SSFIV on PS3 or Xbox360, Alternate Outfits (or Colors) are as rare as truffles. Capcom’s dev team seem to take forever just to make some pretty unspectacular or even frumpy mods (Farmer Makoto? WTF?) and they never come for free. Mortal Kombat alts and skins are slightly better, but they’re often paid DLC and again, much too infrequent.

Well, for PC players, they just say DLC, Schmee-hell-see (or something like that)! Particularly for the recently-released Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC, modding and creating custom skins is a very intriguing pastime in a very creative community of artistic gamers. And these aren’t simple or amateurish-looking custom skins either- most of the ones I’ve seen online look just as legit as any in-game costume for SSFIV or SFIV, with the sole difference that they’re AWESOME.

Fast Tube by Casper

Some relatively ‘simple’ mods: No-Mask Ibuki and ‘Battle-Damaged’ Makoto.

If you haven’t seen mods before, you’ll be amazed at the variety and creativity of a lot of these digital works. Some add more elaborate designs or colors on existing costumes, or different textures on fighters (fancy Seth or Blanka with SCALES?).

Fast Tube by Casper

This ‘Cutie’ Makoto mod is just too… CUTE!

Some of the newer, more advanced ones though go farther than that, actually adding or removing some articles of clothing or even involve swapping parts from other characters to create new looks for long-established characters. There are of course NSFW ones (nude mods) which I won’t take up here, but there are some very cool fan servicey mods such as Cammy sans her usual beret, gauntlets and boots (loosk like she’s going diving), or Sakura dressed up like Ryu in a Gi, which I feel SHOULD be official outfits. It’s amazing what a little switching around of some limbs and photoshopping can do!

Fast Tube by Casper

‘Escape from Shadaloo’ Cammy (Cammy sans beret, gloves and boots) is based on a scene that came out in the SF Udon Comics. Gymnast Chun-Li however is all-new (and awesome!).

Fast Tube by Casper

Talk about awesome mods- Sakura in Ryu’s outfit! Amazing!

These artistic mods probably aren’t something any Ryu-Dick-or-Harry can do, but if you’ve got a copy of SSFIV AE on PC, these mods are free for download and easily installed; you just have to keep a back-up of the original game files handy, just in case.
Man, these mods are damn awesome. I’m basically a console player but some of these outfits seem worth getting a new PC for. Say- any bargains for cheap gaming laptops out there..?

Capcom’s Comicon Panel @ SDCC 2011

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Fast Tube by Casper

It’s always interesting when Ono’s around…

Here’s the full Capcom Panel at Comicon, as filmed by Gamespot, with Yoshinori Ono presiding. The Streetfighter producer announced various things, from a promise to pitch once again for a new Darkstalkers game, to a release date for Streetfighter III Third Strike Online, to add-ons to Streetfighter IV Volt on iOS, continued support for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition and of course, the new characters debuting for Streetfighter X Tekken. But of course, why just show it all via Powerpoints when you can have cross-dressing and a unique slapstick segment starring Ono and Tekken’s Katsuhiro Harada to make this panel pretty memorable?

There’s still a day left to Comicon, with Namco-Bandai saving all their Fighting Game news for then. Let’s hope for even cooler stuff then. More as we get it!

Sexy Mods for Super Streetfighter IV on PC

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Fast Tube by Casper

If you thought she was showing off a lot of skin before…

The release of Super Streetfighter IV on PC/Windows comes with something quite inevitable- no, not Piracy (well, not just Piracy), but mods. As in, modifications. Some creative gamers use various editing software to make custom skins for the fighters, resulting in some very interesting new looks for the World Warriors.
A couple of the cooler mod vids I’ve found include the Juri video above, with the Korean S.I.N. agent showing off more skin than usual, a bout between a Mask-less Ibuki and a military-style Makoto and a Rival Battle with an Gore-covered Cammy. Man, this makes me wish I still had a PC. Oh well.

Fast Tube by Casper

Ibuki without her mask should be an actual option in SSFIV, darn it!

Fast Tube by Casper

Cammy goes from Delta Red to Bloody Red.

SSFIV PC Crazy Mods: Juri and Hakan Swap Moves!

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Fast Tube by Casper

So wrong… but so right!

What a vid to start the week with! Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC has just been released (in some instances, leaked), and if there’s something guaranteed about a PC version, it’s that it will be modded. I expect to see gobs of cool/crazy/awesome costume mods soon, but for now THIS is what I’ve found. Some dude saw it fit to swap the animation sets between sultry TKD vixen Juri Han and goofy oil wrestler Hakan… with hilarious results. Strangely though, it kinda works. Hakan gyrating and dancing in Juri’s standing stance kinda fits. Meanwhile, rubbing chests with Juri and getting squeezed between her thighs don’t seem like unpleasant experiences… heheh. Anyway, check the vid out for a chuckle or two.

Fast Tube by Casper

More swappy madness!

All Ready and Pumped for E3!

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Arguably the biggest event for gaming in the year is almost upon us. E3 2011 is promising to be quite a show, and I can’t wait to see the deluge of media. I’m looking forward to quite a few goodies.

Namco-Bandai has been hyping their presentation this year, complete with NB rep FilthieRich and Adrianne Curry teaming up to bring us the goods. Sure, it will be divided among the many games NB has, but I’m hoping at least for Tekken and Soul Calibur stuff among the repertoire.

Not sure if Tekken Tag 2 will be talked about much- in fact, probably not at all. However, we will be seeing a Tekken: Blood Vengeance trailer, hopefully much longer and showing off a lot more characters and action that the teaser did. Harada has already promised on Twitter some ‘Alisa punch’! Harada himself will surely be making the rounds of interviews, so I hope the media really try to get him to talk about TTT2, TxSF and other stuff in the Iron Fist universe while he’s sober.

Soul Calibur V“s trailer was already shown over the weekend, but I hope there’s more yet to be seen from this much-awaited fighter. It’s still far off, but I’m hoping they reveal more characters and information. Director Odashima isn’t at E3, but I think there will at least be someone to speak on the game present.

On Capcom’s side, there’s Streetfighter X Tekken, which will be showing off a new trailer- four characters have been teased so far (Sagat, Cammy, Julia and Hwoarang) but I hope E3 reveals more than these four- otherwise I may be a bit underwhelmed. Still, I am interested in this game in any case. Other stuff to be shown may be SSFIV Arcade Edition (which I believe will be available online tomorrow) and perhaps a look at SF3 Third Strike Online.

Finally, there’s that rumor about a ‘Big Fighting Game Franchise’ making a comeback. While I’m still pleading for Sega to finally announce VF5 Final Showdown, I’m not holding my breath. Who the freak knows… it just may be Tobal 3. Or Kensei: Sacred Fist 2. WAHAHA!

Aside from fighting games, I’m also hoping for looks at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. LOTS of games that are gonna vie for my bucks before this year ends. All that and I’m hoping as well for something from Diablo III. Gah. Anyways, let’s all sit back and enjoy E3, everyone- it’s sure to be quite a show.

Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition (3DS) G.B.U. Review

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All the Streetfighting your pocket can handle!

Yeah, the PSP version of Streetfighter Alpha 3 was pretty cool, and that iPhone version of SFIV was cute and surprisingly playable. But if you want a truly exceptional portable version of Capcom’s flagship fighter with you on the go, look no further than the 3DS version.

Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition captures the look, the feel, the sounds, gameplay and modes of the console and arcade hit. All the characters are here, from the Original World Warriors to the New Challengers and the choice representatives from the Alpha and SF3 chapters, to newcomers Juri and Hakan. They come complete with all their combos, screen-tearing Ultras, anime cutscenes, english/Japanese voices and even the alternate outfits added to the games as DLC afterwards, right out of the box. The only things missing are the add-ons to the Arcade Edition.
• The gameplay is intact and as furious as it was on consoles. Directionals are fine thanks to the 3DS’s decent D-Pad, and you can make things even easier by assigning moves to the 3DS’s second screen- can you say, Instant Spinning Piledriver? Sadly, the four button layout on the 3DS face are two short, requiring you to assign a punch and kick to the L and R buttons. Not perfect, but very playable.
• Arcade Mode, VS, Trials, Practice, Challenge… they’re here. There’s even a new ‘Dynamic View’ mode that gives you an over-the-shoulder view of your fighter which takes advantage of the 3DS’s 3-D effects in a new viewpoint for the battles.
• Speaking of the 3D, the game uses it pretty well. Very nice sense of depth, especially in the Dynamic View mode.
• Online is pretty excellent, with minimal lag for the most part- jumping into battles with opponents all over the world seems to be quick and painless. The bouts themselves though…

• One glaring detail and cutback in the graphics- all of the background stages are flat and unmoving, devoid of any animation. It’s just a little nitpick though.
• Most will find the Dynamic View Mode little more than just a passing novelty to be played once or twice, and then forever ignored.
• The anime cutscenes are just as bad as they were on the consoles… sigh.
• The Spotpass battles with your team of figurines… meh. About as exciting as… no, it’s not exciting at all, is it?

• CHEAP, evil online opponents who just spam the same freakin’ move over and over and over with you unable to avoid or block thanks to the freakin’ online lag delay (Tip: Turn Autoblock ON). Not fun.

In the end, SSFIV 3D is what it is- a solid conversion for the 3DS, not so much more, not any less. If you’re already tired of this game and played it to death on console, there’s nothing else here to interest you. If you love this game and love the idea of having the SF crew on hand at anytime for on-the-go brawling, then you probably already own this already. It’s a great, complete and full-featured package of a fighter that’s among the best fighting games you can bring with you on a handheld today. Next I’ll post my thoughts on the other big 3DS fighting game, DOA Dimensions!