Musing About Tekken Revolution and the Next Canon Tekken

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Ah, Tekken. It’s been so freakin’ long since the last good one- in my book, that was Tekken 6. That was the last time I was excited and addicted to playing this fighter- in arcades and on my PS3, trying to master Bound combos, unlocking customizations and dressing up my fighters as silly or as sexy as I could (as could be allowed by the customizations, that is).

Then came Tekken Tag Tournament 2, with its noob-unfriendly complicated fighting system, maddening cutbacks to the customization, the loss of everyone’s individuality in terms of intros and win animations, the setting aside of the canon storyline from T6 (leaving us hanging with what has since happened to the Zaibatsu-G Corp War and the fate of Jin Kazama after the events in the Scenario Campaign storyline) and basically just putting Tekken at its current tenuous situation.

Yeah, you may say I’m being overly negative with TTT2- to be honest, I don’t hate the game, but it sorely disappointed me in that it could have been so much more, but the content just went off in some off directions. In any case, if the game was successful, then why has it since been abandoned by the Tekken Team after launch, with them putting all their focus since on the atrocious F2P Tekken Revolution?

I am hoping though that Tekken Revo, as much as I dislike it and have refused to get into it- is a sign of a return to classic Tekken. Classic meaning single player focused play. Yes, Harada talked before of how TTT2 changed the game landscape of the franchise and how many supposed that tag team play would remain in any future Tekken titles- but that was a different time. Tag Team play has since proven to be unpopular save to the elite players who master the complex combos. Tekken Revo was a return, a back-to-basics game… and perhaps something to prepare the public and the gamers for the next and canon Iron Fist.

When the next Tekken- ideally Tekken 7 (Tekken X SF will probably be a separate entity altogether, although I am indeed intrigued and expactant of that)- it will be a deeper, more involved Tekken Revo. Redo the graphics and elevate it to Next-Gen quality, redo the animations as Tekken 6 did for Tekken 5/DR, give everyone on the roster updated looks and return/update their individual styles, intros, win animations. Get back into the storyline and fill out the game with the requisite single player and multiplayer modes- Arcade, Story, Team Battle, Survival, Team Attack and such. Make space for a fan service mode. Give the CG endings more length AND substance this time, and not just incomprehensible or pretentious shit too- just TELL the character stories. Push the plot forward.

New characters- I say add some of the new concepts talked about recently into T7 instead of wasting them on TR. Vampire Girl? Fine. Tekken Force Lady? Sure. Ganryu Girl? Why not. Salmon? Are you goddamn crazy?

I am not sure when the next canon Tekken will arrive. I think for sure it will arrive on PS4 and XBox One, as part of the 2nd or 3rd generation of games on the systems. The Japanese devs are just playing it safe and making sure of the installed user base. But inevitably, they’ll come.

Hoping I look back on this article to see I was right on at least a couple of things. Anyway, till then, I’ll still be playing Tekken 6 on my PS3.

Tekken X Streetfighter… Still Coming… Still Coming…

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Sadly still the only solid image we have about TxSF to date…

Wow. Apparently it has been- what- THREE YEARS since that glorious all-time-high of fighting games where the supposedly-then-impossible happened; Namco-Bandai’s Tekken and Capcom’s Streetfighter were linking up. Thus began that hilariously ridiculous era of the comic duo of Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken Project Director) and Yoshinori Ono (Streetfighter Producer), introducing the ‘Fighting Game Festival’ series which was to include Streetfighter X Tekken and Tekken X Streetfighter.

Fast forward to more recent times- gone are the comedy duo skits with the fighting game gurus and sadly more sobering realities have taken effect. Streetfighter X Tekken, while in my estimation a decent brawler, was sadly hamstrung by Capcom’s ludicrous DLC snafus and leaked info, resulting in widespread player disgust. In the fallout of the SF franchise’s apparent coming short on sales, Ono-san has somewhat retreated from his limelight spot but fortunately still appears today as the genial face of Streetfighter. Sadly, no Streetfighter V is yet in sight, and the biggest thing in fighters from Capcom is yet another rehash/update of SSFIVAE. Ultra, indeed.

But what about Tekken X Streetfighter? As with their Capcom counterpart, unfortunately the Tekken franchise’s big gun, Tekken Tag Tournament apparently did not sell as well as wanted by Namco, despite some genius touches such as utilizing Snoop Dogg/Lion as a come-on (really, Namco?). While Harada has consistently remained in place as the Tekken representative and head, the series has slowed down considerably as well- since TTT2′s release 3 years ago, no new Tekken has yet been announced- the recent Tekken Revolution being a game put together with existing and slightly refreshed assets from TTT2.
However, according to this interview with Siliconera, Harada insists that Tekken X Streetfighter is still coming, in development yet awaiting a proper time.

I am inclined to believe this- I have to, since, what else can I hold on to? Hopefully if Tekken Revo proves successful perhaps with the next titles Namco’s flagship, millions-selling fighter can get back to proper beat ‘em up title status with substantial single player content and all the bells and whistles- not this F2P, half-hearted filler we’ve been seeing so far. Anyways, maybe I’m being over pessimistic. Supposedly Harada has 5 titles in development, so surely there’s a proper, full-featured Tekken there somewhere.

All I can say is, yes I’m sad and pining for the good ol’ days, but I’m still here and waiting for another golden age of beat ‘em ups. Just say the word, Harada- my money’s waiting.

Another Year of Gaming! Uncharted Territory Ahead!

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Here we are, ladies and gents! 2013! Who’d have thought we’d make it? Just last year, everyone and their paranoid grandmother was talking stuff like Doomsday Preps and hoarding freeze-dried buckwheat like there was no tomorrow. But hey, turns out those Mayans weren’t really talking about THE End of the world, just AN End. An end of an era, and hopefully an end to pessimistic doom-and-gloomers and naysayers.

So as far as I know, we’re now into unknown land. No more prophecies, no more damn deadlines. From here on, we map out our destiny. Do we keep playing into the next millennium? Or do we see game over in a few short lifetimes? Well, all I know is that we’ve got another year to live and that’s all we need right now.

As far as the blog is concerned, I’ll do my best to post more and better- sadly the last few months of 2012 saw me slacking off, though that was a lot caused by the sudden downshift in the fighting game arena- hopefully the new year brings a new fervor in the beat ‘em up genre as our favorite fighting games get set for another round of brawling (I hope). Unlike previous years, we don’t really know much about big titles coming up in the months ahead, aside from a couple of titles like Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and the elusive and so-far-disturbingly-quiet Tekken X Streetfighter. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled on any teensy bit of info and news on the best upcoming fighters.
Aside from that, there are quite a few other games coming that intrigue me, but we’ll take those on as they arrive.

Work goes on at the Salt Mines, life goes on in the Sanctum, and Powers Willing, there will be more Hardcore Casual Gameblogging as well. Happy New Year, Gamers. The Year is before us. GAME ON!

Musing About: Tekken X Streetfighter

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It’s still coming, right, Harada? RIGHT?

Man, does time fly. It’s as if it were only yesterday when we were seeing Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada and Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono onstage in some game show together, clowning around to promote their ‘collaboration’ of sorts in the fighting game genre. We were promised a series of cool fighters the like we thought before possible only in fanboy fever-dreams, and all was good in the beat ‘em up world.

Fast-forward to today; Streetfighter X Tekken has been out for months, and is enjoyed by some, reviled by others. Ono-san isn’t as visible as he was before, whether it be due to SFxTK’s lackluster performance or not. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is now available on every home console, including the just-released WiiU. So what now? Well, we move forward, that’s what.

Unless there be any more DLC or add-on content for the PS3 and Xbox360 versions of TTT2 (I supposed Tekken Ball could be added as DLC for a nice Xmas gift), I’d say that the Tekken Team should be moving into something new in earnest, and Harada better start building the hype for whatever that ‘something’ is. Of course, what I am referring to is none other than Tekken X Streetfighter.

This Namco-produced Crossover has been in my mind ever since it was announced- and it still is. As entertaining as SFxTK was (yes, I am one of those who actually like that game- on PC), my interest is more in Namco’s version. It’s a novelty to see the Tekken fighters in the more cartoony, exaggerated art style of SFIV, but it should be a lot more exciting and intriguing to think of the World Warriors converted to Tekken’s pseudo-realistic 3D visual aesthetic. It’s like bringing the larger-than-life World Warriors into ‘real-life’, and that excites me quite a bit.

Aesthetics aside, I am intrigued about elements as well like gameplay and extra features possible in this special beat ‘em up. Will the Tekken Team expand the SF Fighters’ move lists to the usual Tekken style? How will ranged attacks and special moves like Chun-Li’s Lightning Kick or the Shotokan Fireball be handled? It’s not too hard to imagine they’d probably be like Unblockables in terms of ranged attacks, so one may probably sidestep projectiles. Still, I wonder if there will be things that will limit/regulate these surely potent techniques.

Another important bit will be- what will the overall game mode be? Will Tekken X Streetfighter be a Single Fighter or Tag Team-based fighter? I actually hope it’s the former- there have been too many tag team beat ‘em ups already- I crave a return to deeper, one-on-one fighting with more emphases on individuals, more detail and interaction between fighters rather than seeing just generic team winposes and routines.

I wonder about the Story. Streetfighter X Tekken had the Pandora Plotline- what will tie the warring factions together in TxSF? Will there be a narrative? If so, I hope we do see the characters actually talking and dealing with each other; I hope good guys/girls hook up (perhaps after some knocking heads), rivalries and friendships to form. I want match-ups to be made, but more importantly I wanna see conclusions to these epic fights, something glossed over in SFxTK. What lies at the very end? Have a Rival fight and a Boss who embodies a danger to both sides- maybe a totally new character introduced would be in order.

As for extras, Character Customization is a no-brainer. I hope the Tekken Team takes the learnings they got from TTT2 on what the fans want- more detail and control over what you can dress up your fave fighters should be key. Give everyone a nice range of outfits or pieces/customizations, the ability to mix colors and allow players the ability to get their fighters looking as cool and badass, sexy or silly as they want. Allow the Tekken and SF fighters to swap outfits/looks. Oh, and make every spot- tops, bottoms, hands, feet and heads all separate and customizable this time.

While we haven’t heard anything about this future fighter yet, I do believe that it is still coming. For all we know, Harada may start teasing about it tomorrow, or next week, or next month. It surely will be something that will come on this generation of consoles, and hopefully within next year (thankfully it’s a console release, so no need for any lengthy arcade run waiting time). As of right now, there’s no other big name fighting game announced yet, so this is IT as the future of fighting games in the next few months (yeah, not really that much hyped for Injustice, am I?). I expect we’ll hear something from this soon. Crossing fingers on that.

Till then, I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled online. More as we get it then!

Tekken X Streetfighter Pics Leaked? (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: False alarm, folks…. apparently the pics are just from TTT2, not from TxSF. Apparently Michael Murray was messing around with Tekken Tag 2′s customization mode (Arcade debug) and sent those pics to Harada. Well, that’s good in a way. Another nice little bit is that when I asked Mike if the Customization mode on the console will be improved from the Arcade version, he said ‘Yes.’ No details of course, but I guess that’s something. We’ll see then as we work our way to September.

Tekken team member Michael Murray (mkeryu@Twitter) posted some intriguing pics recently, which some are assuming are from the in-development crossover fighter, Tekken X Streetfighter. The pics aren’t exactly on the polished side, showing off what appears to be Ganryu dressed up as Ryu, Bob as Ken and Heihachi as Akuma. Does this point to some sort of costume-swapping feature in the final game? Anyway, to view the pics posted, head on over to this article by Tekken-Nation, where all the images have been conveniently posted.

I am looking forward to this game, although that excitement IS tempered by the knowledge that we won’t be seeing TxSF anytime soon. As of now, Harada is concentrating on TTT2 Console, which releases in September. That means we’ll be playing TxSF perhaps sometime in mid-to-late 2013… assuming the Apocalypse doesn’t happen. Aren’t we all so optimistic?

More as we get it then!

Mystery Game Teaser Site has Me ‘X-CITED’!

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Okay, a new Teaser Countdown Page has just been set up by Namco-Bandai of Japan, with a pretty basic ‘X’ pulsating to some unknown cadence. WHAT could this be about? I mean, it’s not like NB has anything with an ‘X’ coming up anytime soon… right? I mean, this could be a MILLION things. Perhaps a new Tales game? A reference to the rumored Dark Souls PC version..?

Okay, sarcasm aside, I think we may all be forgiven to thinking this may be our first teaser to Tekken X Streetfighter, which up to now still has the same air of enigma as the Bermuda Triangle and Bigfoot. No, wait… there are TONS more evidence and material on both of those other things… we know pretty much a thimbleful of factoids about TK X SF. Here’s to the hope that our questions are finally answered and this mystery fighter finally spills the beans before we all grow too old to remember our favorite combos. We’ll be on this like a freakin’ T-Hawk, then.

UPDATE: Well, apparently this mystery site is NOT about Tekken X Streetfighter- Harada has given this assumption a negative over at Twitter. So probably something else. Oh well… nothing to see here, folks. Heheh…

Tekken X Streetfighter Character Voting Poll Now LIVE!

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Hopefully we’ll see more assets from TxSF soon aside from just concept stuff.

Right on the heels of the impending release of Capcom’s Streetfighter X Tekken is now the FIRST major hype-making salvo for Namco-Bandai’s Tekken X Streetfighter! Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada has been tweeting about this for a while, and now it’s here. Fans and gamers are now encouraged to vote for up to five (5) characters from each franchise they want in.

Harada cautions though that any results from this poll won’t necessarily decide whether or not a particular character makes the cut- however this will be something the devs can take into consideration as they work at this much-anticipated brawler. Also, if you have additional comments of suggestions for the game, you can always send a tweet over to Harada on Twitter. Please though- no spamming crap.

So what are you waiting for? Go and cast your vote here!

Tekken Tweetbits! Clues to the Next Tekken Games?

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Katsuhiro Harada, head of the Tekken Project, let out some intriguing little tidbits for fans on Twitter today. They may be just little farts of info, but they may also be something to think about going into the next couple of Tekken titles. The first bit regards Tekken X Streetfighter- supposedly Harada is considering that the Streetfighter characters will play with their usual 6-button configuration, while the Tekken fighters retain the Iron-fisted 4-button layout. Will TxSF be literally a game that clashes two totally different play systems?

The other little bit may potentially be something that affects perhaps Tekken 7- or whatever the next canon Tekken chapter will be called. As one gamer asked Harada who won Tekken 6, the replay that came was a simple ‘Not Jin’.

That sadly only opens this subject up to a lot more questions. Were the events in Scenario Campaign canon? Was the winner Lars? Or perhaps Kazuya and his ending showing him carrying a defeated Devil Jin? Intriguing and maddening but sadly, we won’t probably learn the true answer for a good long while. This year will see the development of Tekken X Streetfighter and the eventual release of the console version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Tekken 7 is still at least a couple of years away. I’ll probably still be a gamer and Tekken fan then, so no skin off my teeth. But will you? Stay tuned then, gamers! We’ll get there together… someday!

Tekken X Streetfighter Tweetbits!

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So far the latest visual bit from Tekken X SF is this artwork by the official Tekken artist. Hmmm…

Katsuhiro Harada has been tweeting a lot recently about Tekken X Streetfighter, which is great since I am really getting hyped up for the Namco-produced crossover. I don’t know about you guys, but while seeing the Tekken fighters in the cartoony SFIV-style is cool and all, seeing the World Warriors in the more realistic Tekken visual style is even more intriguing and exciting. So far Harada has tweeted some elements which we can consider actual game info and not just random trolling…

Harada may eventually hold an online poll for fans and gamers to vote on which fighters will make it into the Tekken X Streetfighter roster. If this really happens, expect it to take place at the official Tekken Facebook page.

Harada is considering implementing a Super Meter system for the Streetfighter characters. ‘Something Simple but Cool’, says the Tekken boss. Perhaps it will be to regulate those pesky fireballs? Or will we see Ultras and Super Attacks in TxSF?

Like previous Tekken installments, TxSF will feature Character Customization. Hoping that it’s more like the system in Soul Calibur V or even Tekken 6 instead of the somewhat unsatisfactory system in TTT2…

Harada may be considering releasing the game on the PS Vita.

The Namco-Bandai director is still coy on hard info- there’s no firm release date on the game yet, but then again- we haven’t even seen ANYTHING solid on it. Perhaps once we see the first trailer or real stills from this mystery fighter, we’ll get a clearer idea of when to expect this anticipated fighter. Of course, I’ll be on this like a freakin’ hawk. Stay tuned.

2011 Beat ‘Em Up Roundup!

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With just a few weeks left before we end 2011, the big fighting games have made their mark and are set for our very near future. I think it’s a good time to just look back and forth at what came, what’s coming and what we have to look forward to.

Namco-Bandai’s flagship fighting franchise had a pretty interesting year, with titles being announced en masse. The Iron Fist crew made or will make an appearance pretty much on every platform- from PS3 to Xbox360 to Wii and 3DS, PSP and even a presence on iOS via the cute free Tekken Bowl app. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hit arcades in Japan and Korea, and is primed to head off for international venues later on. A Holiday 2012 release for TTT2 on console has just been announced during the Spike TV Videogame Awards, although details are still pretty vague.

Tekken X Streetfighter, the Tekken Team-produced crossover fighter we know pretty much nothing about, is supposedly underway in development. We’ve seen some art of Ryu and Chun-Li rendered by Tekken’s official artist, and they look pretty good. Harada and company are apparently still deciding whether the game will be tag or single play-centered; I’m hoping for single… Tag Team is a bit overdone by now. I’m really much more intrigued and excited for this than the Capcom equivalent, due to the conceivably much more radical change of seeing the cartoony World Warriors in the semi-photorealistic Tekken style.

On the portable side, Tekken 3D Prime Edition hits the Nintendo 3DS in early 2012. What this package seems to be is a straight port of Tekken 6, with the full lineup of characters. Disappointingly, the game apparently has no customization feature, and touts only new stages and card collection as it’s extra activity. Yeah, I’m buying this but it looks pretty meh.
For now though, fans have the Tekken Hybrid package to chew on- while the visually impressive Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie will entertain for a while, it’s probably the Tekken Tag 2 Prologue demo which will occupy players for the duration. At just four characters available it seems kinda slim, but it’s a pretty good way to dip your toes into the game’s initially intimidating Tag mechanics, as well as a tantalizing glimpse of the fighting game awesomeness destined for consoles in late 2012.

Soul Calibur V
The return of this classic fighting series happens in late January or early February, with new fighters and old in the lineup. With a few slots still unrevealed, we may see some character surprises very soon. Really something to look forward to, thanks to the new gameplay mechanics, the truly impressive Character Creation mode and an intriguing storyline in a Story Mode apparently influenced by the impressive Mortal Kombat in-game narrative.

Surprisingly, we’ll also be seeing the Tale of Souls and Swords on Apple gadgets, as Soul Calibur will be released soon on iOS. Looks cool- if it plays great, it should be pretty awesome. With Streetfighter IV Volt and King of Fighters already on iOS, this makes the appstore a force to be reckoned with in terms of fighting games. What’s next? How about a real Tekken on my iPad?

The past couple of months have seen a lull in the previous steamroller of a marketing train for Capcom’s current baby, Streetfighter X Tekken. This came after a pretty controversial reveal of the game’s Gem System- a way for upgrading or augmenting characters that has raised the hackles of many players. We’ve gone quite a while without any new character reveals, but Ono has given teases that there may be announcements made in January and perhaps late December- still many fighters to be unveiled, apparently. The game is supposedly in the home stretch of development, and should be ready for release in March 2012.

Released last month on PSN and Xboxlive was Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with new characters like Dr. Strange and Phoenix Wright joining the chaos. UMVC2 will join Streetfighter X Tekken among Capcom’s offerings on PS Vita. Upcoming is a new mode called Heroes and Heralds which will have players either becoming the world’s embattled defenders or throwing their lot with Galactus as his silver-skinned servants.

Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition just saw a free update that further tweaks the gameplay and character balancing.

I’m really intrigued at this gorgeous 2D fighter. The last couple of months have shown off two more character reveals in the dismember-happy Miss Fortune and the thuggish Painwheel. This looks promising and should be a hardcore beat ‘em up fan’s fave once it actually launches next year.

Dead or Alive 5
Got mixed feelings about this. The game visually has gotten upgrades, and Team Ninja is promising a lot- some of it not totally appealing. The game may become a QTE-fest, with flashy stunts in place of actual technique. Still, an upgraded, refreshed DOA is surely something to look forward to. I just hope it’s a real change and revision from the last game, and not just a slight inch-forward. The game’s currently at 15 percent completion, but is supposedly set for release in 2012. I say late 2012, if at all.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
Since the announcement several months ago for this humongous DLC fighting upgrade, we’ve heard little, if anything at all. Hoping that the silence means that the Sega devs are hard at work making this as complete a package as possible. Meanwhile, a new revision adding more costumes has debuted in arcades, which I hope makes it into the console release as well. I can’t wait for this- hoping it arrives sooner than later. Look for this on PSN or Xboxlive in Summer 2012.

So many fighters, so little time left in 2011. This year I think saw the fighting genre finally back in the limelight and basking in fans’ appreciation. Next year looks to be a banner year for the Beat ‘Em Up, with titles aplenty coming and hopefully more will be announced. I think we’re all going to be busy blogging and brawling all year in 2012. Awesome!