Harada Tweets: Why Eliza Won’t Appear in Tekken Tag 2

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Eliza’s indeed a treat- only for TKR players, sadly.

If you’re a Tekken player, you probably know about Eliza the Vampire Girl- the first ‘all-new’, all-original character to suddenly appear in the series for a long, long time (Nope, Jaycee doesn’t really count). She debuted about a week or so ago in the Free-to-Pay )(heh) Tekken Revolution, and if you’re particularly good or diligent at playing the game, you can unlock her once you gather the specified number of ‘Blood Seals’. But if you’re thinking to wait for her to appear as an additional character for the already-existing but sadly abandoned Tekken Tag Tournament 2, you may be very disappointed.
Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada recently tweeted (on Twit Longer) a pretty lengthy list of reasons why she won’t appear in TTT2, in response to a fan’s question. Here’s his answer:

Why not? (TKR = TEKKEN Revolution, TTT2 = TEKKEN TAG 2).

Reason(1) – Because she was elected by the vote campaign of TKR. TKR player has her preference.

Reason(2) – The engine of TKR differs from the engine of TTT2. Making her appear in TTT2 = requires budget and time (development cost).

Reason(3) – I said “I do not paid DLC (character, arts, stages) for TTT2″ before TTT2 release. If we developed “Eliza for TTT2″, the problem of cost will occur.

Reason(4) – Your parents dislike “Paid DLC”. You guys dislike “Company profits”. In addition. The base system of “Paid Character DLC” is not contained in TTT2.

Reason(5) – First of all, there was no request from TTT2 player about her.

Reason(6) – Eliza says: “I do not want to work gratuitously”.

Reason(7) – The development team cannot understand the language which she speaks.

Reason(8) – Japanese people are not knowledgeable about a vampire’s culture, We cannot do distinction of Succubus and a vampire.

Reason(9) – Almost all Japanese get drunk at an end of the year.

Reason(10) – We Japanese people eat Kentucky fried chicken on Christmas. Yes, we don’t know what is Christmas.

Reason(11) – In Japan, it is only the women who give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day. Yes, we don’t know who is Valentine.

Reason(12) – Almost all Japanese think “We can live in Germany. Because, a lots of beer and sausages are there”.

Reason(13) – Japanese people will “mechanize” anything. There is a vending machine anywhere(over 5,300,000 machines). We have Real Gundam and 30% of Japanese people is already Robocop or Terminator or Miku Hatsune.

Reason(14) – If you drop a wallet in Japan, the Wallet and money will return to you. However, only an “umbrella” does not come back.

Reason(15) – Almost all Japanese can’t do “Ninja”. But if we drink alcohol, We will transform “Super Saiyan” like Dragonball.

That’s why. That’s all.

Now I’m pretty sure Harada is very proficient in writing English, even if he can’t speak it, so I don’t think there’s much loss in translation. I think there are equal parts of real reasoning, humor, drunken weirdness and snark in the reply, and a fair bit of bitterness towards the fiasco that was TTT2. Sadly, players or the gaming public didn’t support Tekken Tag 2 as much as NB needed, so it has been left in the lurch. I’d much be more inclined to wait for Eliza to appear in a newer Tekken than hope for Harada to have her added to TTT2.

Namco-Bandai has yet to announce a new fighter, but we can all expect that Tekken X Streetfighter is still coming, and the inevitable Tekken 7. Will they still arrive on PS3 or on PS4? I suspect both. Hoping they come sooner rather than later, but at this point, even just the possibiity of them coming or the confirmation would be most welcome. But hey, the New Year is coming, and who knows- the future is full of possibilities. For now, enjoy this funny list for what it is, take a grain of salt and just get the joke as well as sober up in the reality. Merry Christmas!

Tekken Revolution: Eliza the Vampire Girl @ LevelUpYourGame

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LUYG shows off the new fighter.

Tekken’s first-ever totally-original and new fighter to join the roster is here- well, in some regions of the world. Japan and Europe apparently already have access to the narcoleptic Eliza, though it may take time for most to unlock her. She can be encountered randomly in Arcade Mode, but if you want to actually play her, she will require 20,000 ‘Blood Seals’ to unlock. You gain those in Mokujin Rushes for the most part, and perhaps winning or playing online- I really don’t play this game a lot.

Still, she’s interesting to see in action- fireballs, flybacks, bloodsucking, breast-growing… wild. I wonder what the Tekken Team was on when they thought her up? Heheh…

Eliza in Arcade mode.

New Tekken Character Debuts! Eliza the Vampire Girl

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Now this is a surprise!

Okay, FINALLY something actually NEW in Tekken! Just less than an hour ago Tekken Channel debuted the character trailer for the long-awaited ‘Vampire Girl’. Her name is Eliza and she’s looking… unusual. For starters, she has ranged attacks like a Reppuken-like ground wave and of course, bloodsucking moves. Her English voice is kinda cheezy but nice and they’ve added in some humor with her intros and taunts- apparently she doesn’t get much sleep. Heheh. Anyway, she doesn’t look too much like a Loli as earlier thought. I have to say I wanna see her more in action.

I’m still bummed out they’re debuting her in Tekken Revolution, and I’ll be really irritated if you have to grind or have to traverse seven mountains of Pain before unlocking her, and I wanna see her story and ending. Anyways, no word on when or how she’ll be made available, but it looks like the work on her is quite a bit along- here’s to her being unleashed as a kind of Christmas gift- along with a new game announcement, eh, Namco-Bandai? For now though, check out the trailer above!

Now, how ’bout Sexy Tekken Force Girl?

Musing About Tekken Revolution and the Next Canon Tekken

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Ah, Tekken. It’s been so freakin’ long since the last good one- in my book, that was Tekken 6. That was the last time I was excited and addicted to playing this fighter- in arcades and on my PS3, trying to master Bound combos, unlocking customizations and dressing up my fighters as silly or as sexy as I could (as could be allowed by the customizations, that is).

Then came Tekken Tag Tournament 2, with its noob-unfriendly complicated fighting system, maddening cutbacks to the customization, the loss of everyone’s individuality in terms of intros and win animations, the setting aside of the canon storyline from T6 (leaving us hanging with what has since happened to the Zaibatsu-G Corp War and the fate of Jin Kazama after the events in the Scenario Campaign storyline) and basically just putting Tekken at its current tenuous situation.

Yeah, you may say I’m being overly negative with TTT2- to be honest, I don’t hate the game, but it sorely disappointed me in that it could have been so much more, but the content just went off in some off directions. In any case, if the game was successful, then why has it since been abandoned by the Tekken Team after launch, with them putting all their focus since on the atrocious F2P Tekken Revolution?

I am hoping though that Tekken Revo, as much as I dislike it and have refused to get into it- is a sign of a return to classic Tekken. Classic meaning single player focused play. Yes, Harada talked before of how TTT2 changed the game landscape of the franchise and how many supposed that tag team play would remain in any future Tekken titles- but that was a different time. Tag Team play has since proven to be unpopular save to the elite players who master the complex combos. Tekken Revo was a return, a back-to-basics game… and perhaps something to prepare the public and the gamers for the next and canon Iron Fist.

When the next Tekken- ideally Tekken 7 (Tekken X SF will probably be a separate entity altogether, although I am indeed intrigued and expactant of that)- it will be a deeper, more involved Tekken Revo. Redo the graphics and elevate it to Next-Gen quality, redo the animations as Tekken 6 did for Tekken 5/DR, give everyone on the roster updated looks and return/update their individual styles, intros, win animations. Get back into the storyline and fill out the game with the requisite single player and multiplayer modes- Arcade, Story, Team Battle, Survival, Team Attack and such. Make space for a fan service mode. Give the CG endings more length AND substance this time, and not just incomprehensible or pretentious shit too- just TELL the character stories. Push the plot forward.

New characters- I say add some of the new concepts talked about recently into T7 instead of wasting them on TR. Vampire Girl? Fine. Tekken Force Lady? Sure. Ganryu Girl? Why not. Salmon? Are you goddamn crazy?

I am not sure when the next canon Tekken will arrive. I think for sure it will arrive on PS4 and XBox One, as part of the 2nd or 3rd generation of games on the systems. The Japanese devs are just playing it safe and making sure of the installed user base. But inevitably, they’ll come.

Hoping I look back on this article to see I was right on at least a couple of things. Anyway, till then, I’ll still be playing Tekken 6 on my PS3.

First New Images of Tekken’s Vampire Girl!

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Magazine scans from Japan show us our first look at this bloody newcomer.

Fighter’s Generation just posted an article about the new ‘Vampire Girl’ in Tekken. As most of you may recall, The Tekken Team held a character poll for a new, all-original fighter to debut in Tekken Revolution, and the character than won that was a ‘Sexy Goth Vampire Girl’. Well, after all this time we finally get a small glimpse of how this new fighter will appear in the game. Check out the pics of the magazine scans over at Fighter’s Generation.

I actually voted for the ‘Female Tekken Force Member’, which came in second place in the poll IIRC. Hopefully we’ll see more of these newbloods in both TR and future Tekken games. For now though, check out the new pics. It’s the first totally new Tekken Fighter in years, which is I guess kinda something special. Let’s hope it translates to interesting gameplay- interesting enough for me to venture back into Tekken? We’ll see.

Tekken Revolution Interview

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Siliconera followed up their earlier interview with Katsuhiro Harada, this time focusing more on the Free-to-Play Tekken Revolution. It’s not that long but there are some nice tidbits to get- such as for whom this particular Tekken really is for, that hopefully there will be a new Tekken in the near future that won’t be like it, and some plans for Ghost Battle which I particularly like.

Check it out over here.

Tekken Revolution New Character Poll brings the Weird

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Going into the weekend, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada announced that Tekken Revolution will be getting a new fighter- and no, I’m not talking about the recent news that Hwoarang and Dragunov are joining the current roster. Nope, a totally new fighter will be chosen from the Tekken Team’s vaults by fans and gamers via a poll on Facebook and developed all-new for the game.

The weirdness comes in the form of the Character Concepts being presented for selection- we’ve got ten, ranging from the more conventional (like a female Tekken Force member) to the strange (Female Paul?) to the even stranger (an actual Salmon fish, helpless and flopping) and even STRANGER (Zombie Bride!? Miguel’s Sister Resurrected!). Let me say I would be amazed to see any of the choices come out, but man, I really hope the Salmon does not win. For the love of Tekken please no.

Check out the Tekken New Character Poll to see the potential new character concepts in detail… and if you care about Tekken, cast your vote!

Tekken Revolution Reaches 1 Million Downloads, Getting Updated in July

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It seems that Tekken Revolution, the latest and first F2P Tekken title, is proving quite popular- according to a posted article on Dengeki.com the game has been downloaded more than 1 million times since its June 12 release online.

As a token of appreciation from Namco-Bandai, from July 1 to 8 there will be a Special Event with bonuses aplenty for players who go online and play Ranked and Player Matches. They can earn 1.5 times the fight money, and there will be a 1,000,000 gold bonus for those who log in.

In addition, this month sees the addition of Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu to the roster (who need to be unlocked with player-earned Gift Points.
There will be more updates this month for the game, which we hope includes even more characters and more modes and perhaps customizations.

Can’t wait to see more updates to this as-yet barebones fighter. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this.

Tekken Revolution E3 Stage Demo

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Gamespot corners the Tekken Team for some answers.

Namco-Bandai’s flagship fighter has, with Tekken Revolution, gone F2P in what appears to be a throwback to the days of the arcade- where you have to fight for your coin and the right to play. Well, that’s according to Katsuhiro Harada, who with Michael Murray consisted their company’s somewhat subtle presence at this year’s E3. Sadly, we didn’t see anything of Tekken X Streetfighter, but I remain hopeful even if this is a bit of a huge cutback from the full support of beat ‘em ups NB has shown in the past several years.

I am not that big into the arcade style of TR, but I am hopeful for stuff to come along in future updates, such as Character Customization, to give this Skeleton of a fighter more meat. The game does play well, albeit aside from that I have little else to do. Anyways, fight fans seem to be liking this free title, so more power to it. Check out the Gamespot stage demo vid above for more info on this game.