The Fighter Within Revealed (Gamescom 2013)

Posted in Fighting Games, Gadgets, Game Advertising, Game-related Events, Gaming, Kinect, The Fighter Within, Xbox One on August 22nd, 2013 by thelonegamer

A Kinect Fighter?

Okay, Ubisoft’s The Fighter Within probably the newest fighting game revealed so far now, and I have to say- I am torn. On the one hand, I am really liking the art style, the graphics, the realistic/gritty feel of the characters and the obviously more grounded fighting action… but DAMN aside from being an Xbox One exclusive it’s also a Kinect fighter. Really, I do not fancy flailing my arms and kicking stupidly for this. I’d rather have this as a regularly-controlled fighter.

Still, hell, if it actually plays awesome who knows- maybe this may be the fighting game to make me actually work out regularly. Or not. Who knows? I’ll keep this on the rader, as there are so few fighters coming these days. This is supposedly due out this coming holiday season.