Final Fantasy VII Play Arts

Posted in Fan Service, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII, RPGs on January 7th, 2008 by thelonegamer

The Flower Girl returns!

Over the weekend, I went over to the mall and what do I find in the hobby shops? A wave of new Final Fantasy VII Play Arts figures! These are lovely, lovely toys, and it only took one look-over for me to know that they really capture the beauty and personality of the characters they represent. At first, I was only getting my favorite, Aerith Gainsborough (truly a beautiful figure), but I eventually decided she should have a friend along so I got Tifa Lockhart as well (who is quite fine as well). The figures sport 20 points of articulation so should make for some wonderful poses- once I muster the strength to open the boxes, that is. I also got for myself the Yuffie Kisaragi FFVII Advent Children Play Arts figure, which is my favorite from that neck of the FFVII mythos.I’m quite dead-set on keeping both Aerith and Tifa in The Sanctum, but I’m deciding whether or not I should take Yuffie to the Salt Mines at work, or keep her with the other FFVII girls. It’ll all be dictated eventually by space, I realize, but what the heck. For now, It’s nice to have them all. Wonderful stuff.

If Tifa had been wearing THIS oufit instead of that Rinoa knock-off, she would have kicked Loz’s arse…