So What Games Did You Get from the Steam Sale?

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So many titles, so little HD space…

As if synced perfectly with my recent acquisition of a Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Valve’s Steam Store went on their awesome Christmas Sale, so gobs and gobs of games can be bought at wondrously low prices- I mean, these are appstore-level prices with a lot of cool titles under $5 or so. So like any steamy gamer, I’ve been buying my own share of titles and downloading them to my Surface’s meager hard drive for playing next year. Yeah, I have to stuff them with Skyrim, so space is a premium but hey- I can install or reinstall at my leisure anyway. So, what titles have gotten your attention and made you click that Buy button? Here are the games I got during the past several days.

FTL (Faster-Than-Light). I’ve been hearing great things about this starship simulator, which puts you in the role of captain, trying to keep your command together despite everything from alien attacks, hull breaches, supernovas and lordy knows what else. This may be what inspired Star Command on iOS, which I love but felt could be a lot deeper. I love these kinds of games- it satisfies my inner Captain Kirk.

Don’t Starve. I saw this on Giant Bomb’s Quick Look a long time ago, and it stuck on me. The odd but endearing art style and the creative gameplay which has you trying to survive in a harsh wilderness like a cartoony Bear Grylles, trapping and eating the local flora and fauna to keep yourself breathing (though I doubt you’ll need to drink your own pee). Can’t wait to get into this.

Castlestorm. A mix of Angry Birds-style demolition, Tower Defense, RTS and hack-and-slash where you get to command knights or vikings? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

The Typing of the Dead Overkill. Sega’s foul-mouthed grindhouse-style on-rails shooter turns into an on-rails typer on PC. What better game to make use of my Surface Pro 2′s overpriced Type Cover 2?

Legend of Grimrock. A first person RPG/dungeon crawl that puts you in command of a party of four prisoners who have to make their way out of a deadly labyrinth. Old school values and concept, slick and modern execution. AND it has a tiny install footprint. YAY!

Age of Empires II HD. Yeah, it’s old but the gameplay of this classic is timeless. Sometimes you just want to kick back and build a castle, raise an army and watch them pillage the countryside like a plague.

Left 4 Dead 2. It’s FREE. Really! Well, for today that is. So download it ASAP if Steam doesn’t crash on you first.

Without a doubt, I’ll be getting a lot more games as they come in the months ahead, whether there’s a sale or not. A lot of titles I want are still in development or Early Access titles. I intend to make the most out of my mobile gaming rig as much as I can. HAH! Who needs Next Gen consoles? Whahaha!

Gaming with the Surface Pro 2 (and Ignoring the Next-Gen)

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Another gadget joins the Lone Gamer’s arsenal.

Yep, I now own a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. It joins my iPad Air in the same room, which makes me a bit of a double agent and one true gadget freak who must have it all. You would ask, why would I want a SP2 when I already have the Air? Well, simply put, they are two different animals, two things that give totally different pleasures. Whereas the iPad Air is the true great tablet of our time, portability and mastery of all in a slim, light and lovely package, the Surface Pro 2 is a mobile PC base camp- not really a tablet per se in truth, but a most capable ultrabook you can have for almost-anywhere PC computing.

First and foremost, I AM after all the Lone GAMER. So there’s the main reason I got the Surface Pro 2. To enjoy and play my PC games- to be more specific my Steam library- even when I’m away from home and my desktop gaming PC. There are of course, other ways to do this you may say- for the price of my 128 GB Surface Pro 2, I could have gotten much cheaper full laptops. Thing is, I have gone through two laptops before and they just came up short. Also, I don’t want to lug around full laptops- and the really slim, really powerful notebooks aren’t really for gaming, and are very pricey as well.

Then there was the Razer Edge (or Razer Edge Pro). To be fair, this device was a possibility, but reviews weren’t stellar, it was bulky (especially with the game controller attached!) and heavy and ultimately, much too pricey.

I guess when I got the means late this year, the one gadget that kept popping up in my mind (after I got my iPad Air) was the Surface Pro 2. The reviews were great and numerous vids online confirmed that the tablet could play games excellently- in particular, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (at low settings) played smoothly on the device. I was sold.

Funny thing is, for the price I paid for my Surface Pro 2, I could have easily gotten both an Xbox One AND a PS4 (whether any were available readily is another matter though). However, as of right now, I have no inclination to get either. Simple reason- NO GAMES. Well, no games are screaming at me to ‘GET ME’.

Where is my Next Gen Tekken? Streetfighter? Still no word. I feel that they are inevitable, but I’ll pony up when Namco, Capcom and maybe Sega or Tecmo commit.

As for the games that look awesome- Metal Gear Solid V, Dragon Age Inquisition and such- they’re far, far away. When they’re available months down the line, conceivably it will be easy as pie to acquire these next-gen consoles, at a much more reasonable price rather than the amounts early-adopters are shelling out now. This is, I guess, a first for me- this is the first wave of Next-Gen consoles which totally underwhelmed me. Really- the launch lineups of both Microsoft and Sony are SHIT. They are. They really, really are.

Till you get your goods together, Microsoft and Sony, I’ll be playing my PS3 games and my Steam library of not-new but still awesome games (which is growing by the day, actually). I’ll be playing a 2-year+ game named Skyrim. And I’ll take the ever-growing FREE universe of mods with my ESV than any DLC of these next-gen crap.

What can I say? This Next-Gen can’t stand up to Then-Gen and Now-Gen. At least, for now. In some ways, that’s awesome.

The Lone Gamer’s iPad Air (128GB) Review

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Yep, it IS about as thin as a pencil.

About a month ago, I got myself an iPad Air. By this time, I was still the owner of a ‘New’ iPad in good working condition, but I just felt I needed some change. It took some wrangling and dealing but I was able to purchase an Air online at a very good price (KimStore). Yeah, I had seen the cool ad from Apple, so the first thing I did when I unboxed the thing was look at it from the side behind a pencil. Yep, that was just about right.

Anyway, that important matter aside, I had just about time to stuff my iTunes library of videos and games into the thing before I had to fly off to Thailand for about a week. So in that week of running around Chiangmai, Chiangrai and Bangkok I was never without the Air (in a nice Case Logic bag at my side) whether it was climbing the steps to some temple, eating at some out-of-the-way resto and replacing my blood with Tom Yum soup or hiking up some forested trail. So I can very well say the iPad Air is a perfect companion for the techie traveler.

The best version to get of course is the 128GB version- even a media file pack rat like myself was unable to totally fill up this space, even with more than a week’s worth of video and more games than I would play in a year. The point is that if I needed to, I could. But still, during the times when boredom approached- usually when waiting at airports or on the long, long bus trips- the Air came to the rescue with sessions of gaming or episodes of Agents of SHIELD or Legend of Korra.

Surprisingly for a supposedly prosperous and modern ASEAN country like Thailand, free WiFi spots were at a premium. At least two of the three hotels we stayed at during the week had free and adequate internet- the third (ironically the one in cosmopolitan Bangkok) offered only prepaid internet cards (Hotel Arnoma SUCKS) for sale at the counter for their guests.

Still, when there was free and open WiFi, the Air connected without a problem and kept me connected to the world I left behind in Cyberspace. I was even able to update apps and download new games along the way. Surfing is a great time-waster, and on the go the Air’s lightness and ease to use was a godsend.

The camera was also surprisingly awesome. Despite being not so high in the Megapixels, taking 1080p HD video was pleasurable (and no, it was not a problem to hold up an iPad to take video when there are about a gazillion other tourists doing the same thing). Pinching to zoom in or zoom out was intuitive and resulted in some nice footage of elephants doing some amazing feats. Still pics were also good- despite not having a built-in flash.

Gaming on the iPad Air is about as good as it can get on iOS thanks to the zippy new processor. Infinity Blade III loads twice as fast compared to my older iPad, and the added graphic effects are easily noticeable- such as actual depth of field in some scenes, or the inclusion of water reflections in games like Dead Trigger 2. Oddly enough though, cutsie ant farm game Tiny Death Star loads slower than IBIII. Huh.

The iPad Air I guess is as close as the iOS platform gets to an all-in-one, everything-in-it device. You can work and play on the thing, keep in touch with the workplace, stay entertained or occupied and capture data or media. All this and the battery life kept up throughout the day with medium to heavy use.

The added speed and power may not be necessary to anyone who already has an iPad- the Air is best for those who want the best, for the real techies who gotta have the slickest, sharpest toy around. As gorgeous and slick as a tablet can get, the Air is something you’ll fall in love with at first sight and first touch.

Philippine Playstation 4 Launches in January!

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In previous years and game console generations, us here in the Philippines have been woefully ignored. There has never been an official console launch here, and consoles have never been officially supported- leading to rampant piracy and numerous dubious workarounds to getting into PSN, Xbox Live and other such channels. Well, in recent years the shadiness has lifted, nicely with Filipinos eventually getting access to online services like PayPal and the iTunes Store. Local store Data Blitz bucked the trend of local sellers distributing only bootleg copies by selling only original PC and console games in their inventory- something that was enthusiastically supported by consumers, judging from the company’s continued succeess.

Now, finally, we got ourselves an actual Playstation 4 official launch.

Here’s something Filipino gamers have been waiting a long time to see.

As the poster from Sony Philippines shows, their latest offering, the Playstation 4, will be officially released in the country this January. The price- Php24,999 for the basic PS4 package- is a much more reasonable price compared to the early mid-30sK prices of the XBOne. Looks like Sony has trumped Microsoft in this case- perhaps if you launched your Box similarly, MS?

Like XBOne, which apparently now accepts local credit cards on XBox Live (according to some early adopters), I am hoping now that on PS4 Pinoy Gamers will be able to use their own cards for purchasing power, instead of piggybacking with Singapore and buying PSN Cards all the freakin’ time. I think it’s high time Sony recognized PH. Man, I can’t wait.

January okay? Get your wallets ready, Pinoys.

XBox One Now in Manila! (UPDATED)

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Just this past weekend, I went by the local Data Blitz over at my local mall and saw an XBox One sitting in the display window. The price was Php36,500 (about $830) with the box containing the console, the bundled Kinect 2, one controller, HDMI and power cables. No game included (games cost about Php2.5K).

Pretty pricey when you consider previous consoles were in the 20K++ prices. This new Xbox comes with a non-replaceable 500 GB Hard Drive, which will surely run out of space quickly if you buy whole games (which are pretty huge) from the online store.

Conceivably I could have gotten myself a console, but the available games weren’t calling out to me- XB1 version of Assassins Creed: Black Flag? Meh (just got it for PS3). Forza 5? Nope. Call of Duty Ghosts? Maybe as an extra game but not as my first game. If they had Dead Rising 3 in stock, maybe I would have considered a buy. Yeah, Killer Instinct would probably be available online, but I wasn’t sure.
This was a US XBox, and would need to run on the US XBL. I guess it would be playable, though i would need to make a new account. It’s still all pretty new and scary for me right now. Can us Pinoys use an Xbox One the the fullest at this point in time? I’m just not sure yet.

Anyway, I’ll do a little bit more research and wait it out for now. Maybe I’ll have my new console (PS4 supposedly will be out this week) in late Christmas or Early 2014. With no game really urging me to buy, I think I’ll take my time a wee bit more.

UPDATE: Apparently if you log onto XBox Live (US) using the XBox One, you can set the region to your own (well, ours at least) and use your local credit card. That will make getting games easy, although the downloads may take days for big games. This makes me want to get my Box even more now… hmmm…

Xbox One VS PS4: Decisions, Decisions!

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Next-gen? Now-gen, actually… so which way will we go?

Okay, this is actually a bit of a trick question. To be honest, I will most probably be getting BOTH consoles in the long run, so the question, to be more exact, would be- where do I go FIRST?

At this point, the answer (so far) for me is pretty clear- Xbox One. Which may be a bit of a surprise given that I have always had a Playstation in all previous gens. But this time its kinda different. Really, for me, it has nothing to do with tech stuff, guts, graphic quality and processor speed- all that is jargon and at this point there is basically near-parity between the competing sides. It all comes down to the GAMES.

I’ve always looked to Sony for the bread and butter titles that I love- Tekken, Metal Gear Solid. Sadly, Namco-Bandai has chosen to muffle its fighting game development and for now focus on Free-to-play crap (and doing it rather badly, I may say). I have no doubt that a Next-Gen Tekken will eventually be revealed, but for now let Harada dish out whatever he wants on Twitter. Tekken X Streetfighter is still supposedly coming, and there’s that Hadoken Cab business as well. For now though, it’s all vaporware until we see the goods. Metal Gear Solid V is still months away (and will probably be delayed anyway) and after that, nothing else makes me spine tingle.

XBox One though, has some pretty cool games now. Dead Rising 3 has had some mixed reviews, but you can’t argue how awesome it is to see literally hundreds of zombies onscreen for you to rip, tear and crush- plus the cinematics really show pretty wonderful character models.

Then there’s Killer Instinct. It’s about as bare bones as Spinal, but it looks promising- if they put in a healthy roster with all the classics and some slick new faces, fill in the gaps like a good Story mode and more content like costumes and customizations, this may be a great title overall. So far the response to it has been very good, so it will most probably continue onward. Definitely a title I’ll be having on the Box from day one.

And well, it may be a bit embarrassing to say, but I am interested in getting Fighter Within (yeah, and a Kinect 2). Again, reviews are mixed- some very harsh, some promising. The controls look wonky but you can get used to controls- irritatingly game sites have so far insisted on showing the damn players looking like idiots flailing about instead of the actual game itself, which looks pretty slick. I actually like the character models and fighting animations, and if this gets me to sweat a bit and have some exercise while having fun, all the better.

So far though, neither XB1 or PS4 have shown up locally, but again, it’s all just a matter of time. Hoping the starting price isn’t too high, but heck, like that’s ever stopped me, or any true-blue Pinoy Gamer. We’ll be next-genning it soon enough. My body is ready. CONTINUE!

Musing About Next-Gen Consoles, Gaming

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So, apparently the Playstation 4 is launching very soon- this week leading up to next week; then afterwards its the Xbox One. We’re all on the cusp of the release of these new big boy toys, and here I am… underwhelmed.

Perhaps I’m getting old. Or perhaps, I’m kinda jaded about being too much of an early adopter.

I remember the past several console launches- Playstation 2, Dreamcast, Playstation 3- I was totally excited for these new boxes. I made it a point to get them by doing special out-of-office gigs and jobs. Money was a bit harder then, so I had to work a bit harder to afford that shiny new console. But ultimately, what happened? Every time I did, I’d make do with the inevitably lackluster first-gen games. Granted, all these consoles (well, aside from DC) game me long years of playing pleasure after, but that came quite a bit after launch. The PS3 I have to say, is STILL a viable console today. But it goes to show that the launch glitter is easily blinding but in that way, deceiving.

But heck, now we’re at the even of the PS4 Launch, and I have no intention of getting a PS4 soon. I don’t care about specs, memory, graphic capabilities- it’s all about the GAMES. And well, the games on the launch lineups frankly bore me. Where are my Next-Gen Tekken or Streetfighters? My big RPGs and action titles? Resogun? Knack? What?

Down the line though, there are titles I know will drive me to buy- Metal Gear Solid V is one. On XBox One, Killer Instinct is promising, but at this point- that’s all there is- promises. With a small dev team overworked and pushed to the limit, content is scarce and really, a barebones fighter is not something to upgrade to.

At this point in time, I have to admit- I play more games on my iPad or phone than on the console- or more on my PC. It will take quite a few really good exclusives to get me into the Next-Gen Consoles. But I know they’ll arrive- somehow, some way, eventually.

For now though, my butt is firmly planted on this comfy fence. But I got the cash to spend in a moment. Just give me a reason.

Hyper Light Drifter: WOW. Just… WOW.

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A world inspired by dreams and nightmares. Yep, that sounds about right.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are awesome. Well, barring any potential mishaps or hanky-panky, the possibility for wonderful yet unfortunately underfunded ideas, concepts and in this case games to see the light of day is truly a great thing. Many months ago the first-ever such venture I funded (on Indiegogo) was Skullgirls, which went on to smash its initial goal and earn enough to keep the game updating with new characters for the foreseeable future.

How here’s THIS game, Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine, which I just saw a while ago on Kotaku. Nope, it’s already done and gotten its financing, exceeding its initial goal of $27,000 and earning, oh, $645,000(!!!), which nicely means this game is on its way for its mid-2014 release on pretty much every platform except iOS and Android.

Which is GREAT since the game looks gobsmackingly stunning. It’s got the retro look of SNES games in our wildest, glossiest memories coupled with more modern takes like Sword and Sworcery and elements of enchanting worlds like Zelda, Mana, Final Fantasy and even sprinklings of Miyazaki and Moebius. Suffice to say the trailer above has made me want to break out my PayPal password and throw some cash at this beauty.

Anyway, that’s no longer necessary- let’s all just wait for it to come sometime next year. I’ll probably be getting this on PC and on my Vita. To keep us reminded, I’ll post the trailer here on the blog. Check it out and see if it doesn’t inspire you to dream yourself. Wowness.

You can find out more about the game on its Kickstarter Page.

So Many Zombies! The Lone Gamer’s Dead Trigger 2 Review (iOS, Android)

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Get your Trigger Finger ready, friend. The Hero from the first Dead Trigger is back for more killing.

More than a year ago, MadFinger Games released the first Dead Trigger, and it was suitably controversial among iOS gamers. For the most part, the game looked amazing- perhaps one of the best-looking games on the platform at the time. It succeeded in making its zombies look amazingly horrible, evil-looking and chunky-bloody fun to kill. On the other hand, the gameplay was repetitive (although satisfying) and there was little depth of nuance other than upgrading guns and your character to be a better zombie killer. Once you reached a certain point, you will most probably be plowing through the undead like a snowplow.

Upgrading your guns is key to surviving in Dead Trigger 2. Of course, more powerful guns means more cash to build (and more time as well- dammit, MadFinger!). So far, my winning combo is the M1 Garand and Dual Glocks.

For the record, I enjoyed DT from day one up to today- as a simple shooter it wasn’t perfect; but as a mobile game you can just pull out and play for short bursts (of machine gun fire and zombie flesh), it’s quite a value. I bought my copy (99 cents) before it became F2P, and spent quite a bit on IAP funds to get a big and freakin’ cool arsenal- which I am still enjoying today.

Now, Dead Trigger 2 is out. How does the sequel stack up, and what changes have accompanied this latest portable plague of the hungry dead?

Your Zombie Fighting Cell is a smooth, cozy operation, complete with NPCs to keep you armed and ready for every mission- is that a chicken..?

WHOA! Yeah, there’s actually a narrative. It’s no World War Z, but it’s there at least to give sense to all the senseless action. This is a step up from the interstitial text pages of the first Dead Trigger, whose storyline was little more than tongue-in-cheek nonsense (they had a character named Dr. McGuffin, for crying out loud).

You still play as The Hero, that square-jawed male who battles zombies with gusto while mouthing one-liners like a cross between Duke Nukem and Christian Bale Batman. This time though, instead of being just a soldier working for a faction of survivors, the Hero is running his own little zombie-fighting cell- alongside a few NPC workers/shopkeepers, he’s running a cozy little hideout where he can rest between missions and upgrade his gear as they fight a war to retake the world from the zombies.

Listen to Dead Trigger 2′s Radio for the first time and get a John Connor-esque speech. Kinda neat though.

Really, it’s not that deep but it’s appreciated that they took the effort. It’s not so much a story as it is a setting though, and it’s not half bad- kinda like the storyline in Terminator, except with zombies instead of robots… heck, they even stole John Connor’s radio speech. Heheh.

Your missions start off establishing your base in the US, to battling zombies and trying to survive. Eventually though the fight will take you and your crew overseas…

Dead Trigger was already an awesome-looking game; it would follow that DT2 would look even, um, awesomer. But well, not really. There’s not as much a step up in quality as there is in variety though. The zombies still look great, and the new look to the rank-and-file walkers plus the addition of new sub-boss zombies makes for a game that’s much more enjoyable to look at. There are several settings and two different campaign worlds/areas to run around in, which is great instead of having to slog around in greenish urban areas all the time. Still, this is one of the most pretty games on the appstore, and it will look better the more upscale your device is. Zombies still look gross and evil and fun to kill, and that’s numero uno on the list of need be’s.

DT2′s zombies are properly hideous and consequently quite fun to kill. Man, check out those glowing peepers.

I find myself kinda missing the somber repetitve score of the original game, now replaced by the kinda-jazzy music in your hideout. The music is pretty good, but the sound effects are noticeably not as good as the first game. For the most part, zombies still sound damn scary, and the distinct screeches or screams of the special zombies will surely raise the hair on the back of your neck when they announce the coming big bad.

But it’s with the guns that DT2 falls a bit flat. Your arsenal just doesn’t seem to pack as much punch as before- they really sounded darn awesome in the first game, and here they’re a bit restrained. Not terrible but could have been better. Maybe I just miss the roar of my Upgraded M4A1. Sigh.

As with the first game, the game controls like a dual stick shooter, with one thumb moving your Hero around, the other aiming your reticle/camera. The big change being that the game by default gives you an Autofire scheme- you no longer have to press a fire button to shoot, you simply have to run your crosshair over a target, and if it’s in range you’ll shoot.

On the one hand, this may seem to veteran shoot ‘em up gamers as a dumbing-down of the game, taking away a crucial bit of control from the player. In practice though, I found Autofire to be a boon, letting me concentrate on movement and situational awareness- invaluable when zombies are coming at you from all sides.
The game can get so fast-paced, you will welcome the help having an Aliens-like smartgun functionality. It also conserves your ammo since you only shoot when you’re on target. Another bit of added gameplay is that your character’s melee attack is a LOT more effective and very viable- I suggest you upgrade your hand-to-hand tool as much as you can.

Wait for the crowbar.

Mixing up the gameplay is the addition of Special or Boss Zombies. These each have their own trait, attack style and weakness, which you will have to deal with as they appear. Early on you may be frustrated as your dinky gun won’t do much against them, but as you upgrade the fight against these monsters will get easier. Really. Still, I suspect these creeps are just a wee bit unfair. But then, all the more easier to hate them.

Aside from a somewhat brief Story Mode campaign set of missions, you can also do side missions which can be replayed as you want. And you WILL, since you will need to grind for the tons and tons of cash needed to upgrade your weapons and the experience to make your Hero tougher. It will take hours and hours, but if you’re okay with grinding and are one of those gamers who love upgrading this will just mean a lot of replay value and gameplay time.

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the better Free-to-Play (F2P) games. Once you download and install it, you can play it to your heart’s content. You can even grind as you want to earn your cash and buy your upgrades with your own sweat. IAP is limited to gold which can either be used to buy bonus and temporary upgrades (double firepower, double money earned, etc) or used to cut down on waiting times for upgrading items/technology. Basically, it’s there for impatient but monied gamers to use. Otherwise you’re perfectly welcome to not pay anything and just play and play. Me? I have since paid for a ten dollar gold pile to hurry up upgrading. I want my gear. Sadly the permanent character upgrades from the first game are nowhere to be seen- man, I miss my Speed Boost and Health Regen…

Just like before- nay, even more so- I am enjoying Dead Trigger 2. Killing zombies this meaty and chunky never gets old, and the way you get better and upgrade your tools of destruction is satisfying. I like the ‘Global Resistance’ storyline and how your Hero and his chums move from country to country, battling zombies. Supposedly MadFinger will update the game with additional territories to fight in after release, so that should add more variety in locales, zombie skins and perhaps added new guns and equipment.

The Special Zombies have both good and bad aspects- I love the fact that they add quite a bit of challenge given how much more dangerous and deadly they are, however it is grossly unfair of the game to throw these things at you at times where it is basically a sure death. Early on you will simply have NO WAY to kill or defeat these things, and if they get too close you are almost surely dead meat.
The most annoying thing that I’ve experienced was during a Defense mission, where you’re basically waiting out a timer while limited to a small area to move in. The game waited till a couple of seconds left before throwing a Rager at me- the muscle-bound bruiser jumps into my little nest, where I was trapped, and proceeds to kill my ass a second from me finishing the mission. WHAT THE EFF? REALLY? In actuality, this happened TWICE.
I just thirst for the day when my upgraded guns can off these bastards in a few bursts. I THIRST.

Lastly though, I do NOT like how Dead Trigger 2 is ONLINE-ONLY. Yep, that’s the one big caveat; you WILL need an internet connection to play the game, as if missions were streamed in from MadFinger’s servers to play; it kinda feels like a single-player MMO. Ordinarily this would mean me turning away immediately, but damn- I’m already hooked. This is the reason why, however, that I keep the original Dead Trigger (which can be played offline) on my devices even now. Plus my guns and Hero in that game kick ass more.

For the most part, this is yet again an awesome zombie-themed shooter, and the online-only aspect aside, it is well worth looking at for iOS gamers who enjoy quite a bit of blood and gore. It’s up to you if you want or need to spend on the IAP, but even without it the game is a solid shooter and well worth checking out. If you don’t mind the grind, this is a keeper.

• Still the slickest, prettiest-looking zombie shooter you can bring on your mobile device (iOS or Android).

• Free and playable as much as you want from the get-go; IAP is not necessary (but makes the game’s best gear easier to get) so if you don’t wanna pay, you don’t have to. But I recommend paying a bit for good stuff. And support the game makers, really!

• Auto-fire is pretty good and overall gameplay is fast-paced and exciting. New Boss Zombies are challenging and fun to fight, even if they can be damn cheap.

• Requires an Internet Connection to play

• Waiting time can take DAYS. Like, WHAT THE HELL? I paid real money and I can’t even play until after two days???

• If you didn’t like the first game, you probably won’t like this one.


Dead Trigger 2 Hands-On, Release Imminent!

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AppSpy shows off a lengthy demo of this F2P Shooter.

About a year or so ago, the mobile shooter Dead Trigger wowed me on mobile. It was easily the best-looking FPS you could plan on a phone, with chunky and oozy zombies just aching to be dismembered by your arsenal of meaty guns. Yeah, it had its flaws- missions were repetitive and the story about as bare-bones as you could get. Still, as a mobile game you could just jump into for some satisfying (if repetitive) zombie shooting, this was as good as you can get on the go. It was good enough for me to sink in some change to purchase IAP gold for the more advanced guns, so suffice to say I am a fan. Now, in but a couple of days Dead Trigger 2 is about to be released, so I am suitably stoked.

After seeing the demo vid above I have mixed feelings. The game’s visuals certainly look great and the new settings look promising. The missions still look similar as before, but the promise of new things to do is interesting. My biggest gripe for now has to do with the new ‘auto-fire’ control scheme. As the vid reveals, you no longer have to press a button to fire your gun- just move the crosshair into a zombie, and if a deadite is in range, your gun will expel firepower like a Colonial Marine Smartgun.
On the one hand, this kinda takes away a measure of control I enjoy- I loved being able to leisurely aim and pick off zombie body parts, or at least hit them where I want, when I want. That being taken away irks me, I will not lie.

On a practical side, this auto-fire system I guess is more suitable to a running battle sort of game, where you have to keep moving and stay one step ahead of the slavering, nigh-unstoppable hordes. Also, I assume you no longer have to worry about ammunition much- I don’t think you have limitless ammo, but enemies seem to drop gear with great abundance.

That said, I am still pretty excited. I wanna see the infusion of friendly NPCs to interact with (though I have no illusions about them having any AI more than being just scripted companions), new zombies to fight and anything new to offer. Anyone interested should check out AppSpy’s vid preview above. Just two more days, and we’ll have gorgeous undead killing fun again for the DL.