Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Trailer and Release Date Revealed!

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The most faithful live-action adaptation of the Shoryu-Saga is almost here.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist, the web/TV series adapting the origin story of Ryu and Ken just got a new trailer (seen above) showing off a ton of new footage and intense fight scenes. We also get the release date- the series will be upped on Machinima on May 23, and ala Mortal Kombat Legacy ALL 12 episodes will be available for viewing on the same day (so you can watch everything in one long marathon viewing).

I am thinking though- 12 episodes? How long is each episode? This may be the most extensive telling of the Hadou Origin ever. Hoping it’s really as good and engaging as it looks. I am also hoping this lasts a lot longer and proves more successful than MK Legacy was. We’ll see though, in a couple of weeks.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Ryu and Ken Trailers

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It’s about a couple of weeks away and I’m seriously stoked for Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist. This online/TV series based on Capcom’s flagship fighting game seems to have it all- the look (actors who actually look like the characters instead of some director’s ‘interpretation’), the action (hard-hitting fight scenes AND fireballs), serious acting talents and a true love and respect for the source material. That all just screams high quality product, and from these two trailers featuring the two protagonists, Ryu and Ken, I can just feel this is going to be something special- in particular for fans of Streetfighter who have waited years and years for a truly good live-action adaptation of the World Warrior saga.

Remember kiddies, if this pans out, we may see the rest of the roster follow. Live-action Chun-Li and Cammy that do not suck? PLEASE support this and then some! Heheh.

The show premieres on Machinima this May.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist B-Roll Footage

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Impressive. MOST impressive.

Here’s probably the best look so far at the upcoming Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Web/TV series by Joey Ansah and Christian Howard. It’s Behind-the-Scenes footage, but man- just from a look at Ken (Christian Howard, who looks like he jumped off the videogame) and Ryu (Mike Moh) makes me feel this is probably the most true and authentic Streetfighter live adaptation ever. I get a totally awesome vibe from this, and I truly hope it turns out something special.

This project started out with the short film Streetfighter Legacy several years ago (which was made as a proof of concept), and won the rights from Capcom to the SF franchise. The actual series was at first put out for crowdsourcing, but eventually private backers stepped up to finance the project. If this initial chapter succeeds, a World Warrior story may continue with Guile being taken up, according to Ansah.

Damn. This looks goddamn awesome. Can’t freakin’ wait.

Mortal Kombat Legacy II: Second Season Review

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Behind the scenes with MK Legacy 2.

And here it is. When Kevin Tancharoen first burst onto the MK scene with his revolutionary short, MK Rebirth, fans all over were hopeful that there would be a great resurgence in the franchise’s storytelling. In a way, that has certainly come to pass- the first web-series was well-received… at least, well enough to spawn a second season. Eventually, we expect a full movie, which hopefully will come within sight of the next actual GAME. Anyway, that’s still far into the future; the Second Season of Mortal Kombat Legacy, named Mortal Kombat Legacy II, is here now, released in its entirety online (at Machinima) on the first day of release. What can one expect from the sophomore outing of this subset of the MK mythos?

The first season was ten episodes long, and was composed mainly of single or two-episode character arcs, each one taking on one or two characters’ stories- such as Sonya and Jax, Raiden, Kitana and Mileena, Johnny Cage and so son. Each character arc was more or less a complete story, making the first season an anthology. The quality was overall good, in terms of production value it all looked slick and above your usual live-action fan flick. I even found myself really into the unusual treatment of some of the episodes, such as the quite disturbing episode starring Raiden, which put the thunder god in a mental institution where we all questioned his sanity. Some were by the numbers or expected, but it all came off as a good-natured, well-meaning MK romp. They were all prequels and served to enrich the existing mythology.

Now, MK Legacy II. The schtick here is, the second season is not an anthology anymore- all 10 episodes tell one linear story, and is set in the time of an actual, or in this series, the current MK Tournament. This IS the game, within this corner of the MK universe.
As expected, both the champions of Earth Realm and Outworld are being gathered- by Raiden (David Lee McInnis) and Shang Tsung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) respectively. Of the fighters, there are changes to the casting from Season 1, with key characters Sonya and Jax missing in action during the actual Tournament. The good guys include Johnny Cage (newly-casted Casper Van Diem), Kurtis Stryker, the New Sub-Zero and Kung Lao (Mark Dacascos). On the Outworld side are Kitana and Mileena, a demonic and feral Ermac, Scorpion (returning Ian Anthony Dale) and Lui Kang (Brian Tee).

More on MK Legacy 2′s Behind-the-scenes.

Yep, Lui Kang. Perhaps following the events in the game, MKL2′s Champion of Earth Realm is a disillusioned, bitter and violent, given to drinking and brawling. Oh, and he apparently works as a paid assassin. Not quite the thing expected of a supposed Hero and former member of the White Lotus. Well, having your fiancee murdered can expectedly change you. The scene though where the fiancee is apparently killed is pretty vague (how did it happen and why couldn’t Lui Kang stop it?). Given as well that Kung Lao and the White Lotus have become Jedi-like in their intolerance of human love and relationships, you perhaps can’t blame him totally.

There are sadly glaring problems in MKL2. The first being the cast seems full of holes and ragtag, with no one to really root for. Lui Kang has turned evil, while Kung Lao is so vapid and cold in his purity that he is borderline unlikable. Johnny Cage remains clueless until it’s too late, and Stryker is… well, Stryker and Sub-Zero… well, he’s spineless. Heheh.

Aside from that, it’s readily apparent that each of the episodes is short on content. At about eight or so minutes for most, an episode seems to contain one main scene, a tease of the next scene and that’s it. Add to this padding of recap footage from the previous episode, or one of the various pace-slowing flashbacks and the final ‘Next Episode’ teaser footage at the end and you have just a very bit of actual real time action to chew on per ep. I think that’s the main reason why they released every episode of Season 2 all at once- watching just one episode a week is too lacking in content and oomph. There’s actually basically just barely enough for a feature film before us, and even then, it finishes with the main fight that was being built up for the whole time STILL not happening. On the bright side, at least we get quite a few fatalities, even if the fights themselves (and the tournament as a whole) seemingly feeling and looking… small.

Still, the series looks great, with good fight scenes and decent to very good performances from most of the onscreen performers. At no point is it ever too slow or boring. But I just want more.

On the one side, I guess it’s good that the season leaves us wanting more and expectant of the next installment. Do we have to wait another year till Season 3? MAN. On the other, I hope that director Kevin T. returns to making the eps. each more substantial and perhaps less seemingly by the numbers. I’ve seen better from this franchise, and I hope it gets even better from here.

Mortal Kombat Legacy II Entire Season Now Online!

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Ready for a new season of GET OVER HERE?

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever, but the vigil has paid off. Mortal Kombat Legacy by Kevin Tancharoen is now on its second season, and Machinima once again brings us the goods. The webisodes are a separate entity from the upcoming movie (also directed by Tancharoen), and will tell a cohesive, linear story unlike the single or two-part character vignettes in the first season. Me, I’m still waiting for news of the next game though.

Anyways, in a pretty unprecedented move, Machinima has released ALL the episodes of Season 2 today. You read that right- ALL episodes. So no more waiting for the next installment of MK Legacy 2 every week (unless you want to). Me, I’m going on an MKL2 Marathon over the weekend. WOOHOO!

You can find the whole Season 2 Playlist here.

Mortal Kombat Legacy 2: New Trailer, Release Date!

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It has beg- well, it will begin later this month.

Yep, you’ve been wondering haven’t you- like me as well. Wonder no more… Mortal Kombat Legacy 2‘s debut has been given a date. The continuation to Kevin Tancharoen’s MK web series returns on September 26, on Machinima. The new, 3-minute trailer above shows off quite a bit of new footage and quite a lot of characters. We can see quite a bit of action and it seems that this season will surely top the first in terms of blood and secrets. Can’t wait!

Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 ‘Fight’ Clip

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Looks like Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 starts off kicking.

Here’s a quick peek at the action that will be Koming soon, via director Kevin Tancharoen’s second stab at the Mortal Kombat franchise. Mortal Kombat Legacy’s second season sees several new faces even as we say goodbye to some old ones (Sadly Jeri Ryan and Michael Jai White won’t be back this time). Mark Dacascos and Casper Van Dien join the cast as Kung Lao and Johnny Cage, respectively, as two of the main heroes of Earth guided by Raiden (David Lee McCinnis). Meanwhile, Shang Tsung (played by the one-and-only Cary Tagawa) is also gathering his forces, including, surprisingly enough, a certain fighter named Lui Kang (Brian Tee).

Anyway, the fight scene above portrays the vengeance of Scorpion on Sub-Zero (who was sadly framed by Shang Tsung in Season 1), and the fighting looks aces as ever. According to Director Kev, this season will portray the actual MK Tournament, and thus will have more action and fatalities portrayed onscreen. Can’t wait!

Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 2 Trailer!

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Fast Tube by Casper


We’ve all waited patiently, and over the weekend director Kevin Tancharoen made the internet’s collective mouths water in anticipation. Well, the wait is over and it’s HERE. More Mortal Kombat Legacy (well, a taste of what’s the come at least) in the two minute plus trailer above.

What do I think? The trailer looks fantastic, as trailers go. I expect a lot more action this time, as the events go into the actual tournament instead of just focusing on individual characters and their origins. Pretty sure there will be some cringe-worthy bits as well as the expected lip service (‘Get Over Here’ was used one too many times though heh) that makes this an MK series. In any case, this got me excited in MK again, and perhaps warrants a look at the first season to refresh my memory at what worked, what didn’t, and what I hope to see. In any case…

IT HAS BEGUN. Mr. Tagawa is THE MAN. Heheh.

Paperman: The Full Animated Short Film

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Fast Tube by Casper

Art. This is Art.

For those who were able to catch the adorable Disney videogame-based flick Wreck-It Ralph a few months ago, this animated short, Paperman, as the front act to the main show. No, it doesn’t have the action of Read OR Die but the animation and art style are nothing short of jaw-dropping the first time you see it, the music utterly beautiful and the story loaded with that perfect amount of whimsy. I honestly believe you will be a better person after watching this, so check it out. Hey, and it’s FREEEEE.

Elder Scrolls Online ‘Alliance’ Cinematic Trailer

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Fast Tube by Casper

Videogame War never changes. Lots of guys die, people get to look badass.

As is the usual case with MMO’s, here’s the inevitable super-slick CG cinematic trailer for Zenimax’s The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s an impressive, almost 6-minute long action epic portraying the game’s three warring factions- The High Elves of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Breton-led Daggerfall Covenant and the Nord-championed Ebonheart Pack- racing to be the first to occupy the central Empire of Cyrodiil.

As spectacular as it is, of course the actual game won’t be anywhere as eye-licious. Still, there’s a lot riding on this upcoming, upstart MMO, and from all indications it may be something Elder Scrolls and Skyrim fans may want to check out. We’ll see.

Fast Tube by Casper

Some reasons why you may wnat to check out ESO.