Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN E3 Stage Demo

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Frustrating watch for one of my most-wanted games coming this year.

Okay, the video above- Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN’s stage demo feature from Gamespot- is just yet another example of why Japanese fighting games are sadly hamstrung whenever they present on shows like this. The actual guy who knows everything (in this case GG’s creator/game dev Daisuke Ishiwatari) can’t speak a word of Japanese, so half of the time is wasted on him speaking in Japanese and for his translator (whom I think they just sourced externally since she also plainly knows NOTHING about what she’s trying to explain) to try and figure out how to relay his words to a reporter who ALSO knows nothing (I love Cam on the Skyrim Mod series but DAMN he’s out of place here). It’s sheer frustration. Harada of Tekken should really value his English-speaking colleague, Michael Murray.

They barely talk about the game, the story, the modes, any home-only features… they can’t even show more than the series’ two most common ly-seen characters when you have a whole roster of awesome and interesting fighters to show off. DAAAAMN. Such a wasted opportunity.

ANYWAY… Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN features awesome, awesome-looking 3D anime art and graphics, hardcore fighting action, a more expanded Story mode and will feature at least one new character exclusive to the console. It will be out on PS3 and PS4 this Holiday 2014. Can’t freakin’ wait.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Web-series is Now LIVE!

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It begins here.

It’s been long in the dreaming and the making, but Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist is FINALLY here. Once just a pipe dream in the minds of friends Joey Ansah and Christian Howard, this amazing endeavor has hurdled over obstacles to become reality- and is now quite possibly the most true-to-the-source and game-accurate live-action adaptation of Capcom’s Streetfighter ever seen. Just from the first ‘Episode Zero’ video above, which is pretty much just a 2 and a half minute fight scene, you can see the respect and adherence to the videogame that spawned this web-series; the performers look as close as they can get to the videogame counterparts. The fighting action is hard-hitting and fierce, and straddles the line between fantasy and real almost perfectly; if I didn’t know any better, I’d really believe these guys are performing freakin’ Fireballs and Hurricane Kicks. The action onscreen is that legit.

Just from this first vid, I am convinced. There’s still of course 12 episodes to go for me to watch, but I think the cast and crew of Assassin’s Fist has done what so many others have failed to do in the past, and that’s create a live-action Streetfighter that’s true to the game. Awesome.

The Entire First Series (which I hope is just the first of many) has been uploaded and ready for watching on Machinima. You can also visit the Assassin’s Fist official site here. If you’re a fighting game fan, you simply cannot miss this. Go and watch it. NOW!

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist Trailer and Release Date Revealed!

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The most faithful live-action adaptation of the Shoryu-Saga is almost here.

Streetfighter: Assassin’s Fist, the web/TV series adapting the origin story of Ryu and Ken just got a new trailer (seen above) showing off a ton of new footage and intense fight scenes. We also get the release date- the series will be upped on Machinima on May 23, and ala Mortal Kombat Legacy ALL 12 episodes will be available for viewing on the same day (so you can watch everything in one long marathon viewing).

I am thinking though- 12 episodes? How long is each episode? This may be the most extensive telling of the Hadou Origin ever. Hoping it’s really as good and engaging as it looks. I am also hoping this lasts a lot longer and proves more successful than MK Legacy was. We’ll see though, in a couple of weeks.