The Lone Gamer’s Infinity Blade III Review

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The original swipe n’ slash saga reaches its finale.

It’s kind of weird that there have been three Infinity Blade games, but I’ve only now posted a review, apparently. But suffice to say that I enjoyed the first two games greatly- being an iPadder, having Chair’s premiere title on the platform is almost a prerequisite. But heck, I got the game the day it was released, been playing it since and have the scars and the smiles to show for it. So here’s my review of the flagship swipe n’ slash title on portables.

Many have imitated, but none have equalled Chair’s Infinity Blade series. In terms of gameplay and polish, this series is the top of the finger-fighters. So it’s kinda sad that with Infinity Blade III, the saga ends (more so with the cancellation of IF Dungeons- sad, that). So how does this digit-drawing adventure go out?


In the original Infinity Blade, we played a nameless warrior, or a line of warriors, all fated to spend their apparently short lives trying to defeat a seemingly invincible God King. It was only after several lifetimes and the accumulation of power, skill and better equipment that the tyrant was eventually defeated, and the titular Infinity Blade won.

The sequel, Infinity Blade II, grew the world and characters, not only in the game but through novels that fleshed out the story. To put it simply, we were actually playing a single person, not a succession of fathers and sons, as we were initially led to believe. Our hero, now named Ciris, was as immortal as the enemies he faced- a Deathless himself, seeking redemption for past sins. In IF2, he sought out the fabled Worker of Secrets, an immortal who may hold the key to the salvation of the world and the final defeat of the evil Deathless overlords. But the game ended with a mammoth cliffhanger, and all held their breaths for the final resolution and comeuppance.

Don’t count on killing the dragon right away- this isn’t Skyrim.

Infinity Blade III brings back Ciris and the now-playable female warrior Isa. Things have happened in between the end of the previous game and this one, which you’ll need to read up on the novel to find out exactly. Suffice to say, there’s one big bad enemy waiting at the end of the proverbial mash, and there’s a lot of slashing to be had before Ciris and Isa finish their quest.

What can we say about IF3′s looks? The game looks as slick as slick can get. The visuals are more polished than ever, and no other game on the appstore likely has better looks and animations. Though actual flesh-and-blood characters seem to be a bit stiff, what the game does best- Intricate armors,m weapons and hulking monsters- all look amazing no matter what your iOS device (so long as you can play it).

Macho warrior Ciris is joined by his lady love Isa this time around. She kicks ASS!

The music in this game is as majestic as any fantasy epic, with some nice atmospheric tunes thrown in, like the unexpectedly tranquil keyboards in the enemy’s final stronghold. The voice acting is altogether excellent, headlined of course by the imperiously glorious and commanding tones of John Noble (The Lord of the Rings, Dark Matters) as the sinister Worker of Secrets (Noble takes over the role from Simon Templeman in IF2).

I have to say that after two games, Chair has perfected the swipe-to-slash gameplay of their fighter to the utmost. The game is as responsive as you’d want, and there’s a nice variety of styles to use between your two playables. Those who have mastered the previous game will probably find this finale a lot easier and probably a cake walk once they get the more powerful weapons at their disposal.
In any case, it’s as exciting and satisfying as ever to topple massive enemies or intimidating armored warriors with your arsenal of ever-more-powerful weapons and equipment.

Newly-added to the game are crafters. Similar to games like Diablo III, you will meet and recruit various NPCs who will serve to upgrade your equipment, sell or buy items, mix potions or cut gems. They’re a nice addition and make your little hideaway a bit more populated than ever before.
On the other hand, even with lots of new stuff, the game reuses quite a lot of assets from the previous game (familiar enemies and animations abound), and it all seems very brief- even if there is an overworld map to choose destinations from, there are actually quite few places to go to- and no backtracking once you defeat a particular region or area. I can only hope that future DLCs and expansions fill out the map with more places and more foes to take on in the near future.

Unlike in previous games, there is no ‘New Game Plus’ in IF3, but once you beat the game and go through the credits (and you WILL want to see the credits all the way through), you just replay the game from the start but with your current level of experience/skills and arsenal/items. So you can keep grinding and playing till you have all the all-powerful weapons with a character who can kick ass without trying.

More so than any of the previous titles, Infinity Blade III is very heavy on asking you to spend real money. Tantalizingly out of reach, monstrously powerful weapons, gems and items are ready to be used- if you spend some cash. Thankfully, this shouldn’t be a problem if you slog it through and just PLAY the game. Special Credits can be earned by meeting in-game challenges or achievements, which should accumulate at a very rapid rate- save these for buying sometimes all-important Health potions or the occasional key.
Gold, accumulated in-game both from enemies or from pouches lying all over the place- will eventually be plentiful, though probably not to the many hundreds of thousands needed to buy some of the more high level stuff. Still, you can very much enjoy the game and have great equipment without paying a single real cent. Pay only if you’re extremely impatient, are a completist and have a good credit line.

There are some funny quirks with this game… I STILL hate fighting those blasted behemoths (learning their damn patterns is just so darn hard) and I find it hilarious that you spend whole battles trying to cut an enemy to ribbons with your sword but often finish them off by snapping their NECK. Oh, and Isa, why do you even bother with that darn crossbow?

Even if Infinity Blade II may be the best chapter for many, I think the additional playable character and the fully-fleshed out world, along with a cool ending (that actually keeps the franchise open to another sequel) makes this a no-brainer buy for anyone with a capable iDevice. Heck, if you have a new iThing, you probably already have this anyway. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? This is the game that should be seen on your screen, peeps. So get swiping!

Infinity Blade III is now available for iPhone and iPad on the Appstore for $6.99.

Samurai Shodown 2 on iOS: A Beautiful but INFURIATING Port of a Fighting Classic

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Perhaps the best 2D one-on-one Slash ‘em Up ever arrives on iOS!

Some time ago, it was announced that SNK-Playmore was porting the classic Samurai Shodown 2 to iOS and Android- and that filled me with elation. I do not exaggerate when I say that I consider SS2 as one of the best, if not the best, 2D fighting games of all time. I played or watched this for countless hours in arcades, and even today while 3D fighters have come and mostly dominated, Shodown 2 is still a nostalgic favorite. In terms of roster, you’ve got 16 unique brawlers, each a wonderful and interesting design- from Shodown poster boy ronin Haohmaru and his spiky hair and katana to the massive German knight Sieger with his freakin’ iron arm- you’re sure to be intrigued with each warrior and their cool fighting styles/weapons.

THis SEEMS to be an excellent port- in simple graphics, look, animation and feel it seems to be all here- characters retain all their attacks, win animations and often amazing and flashy desperation moves.
Stages retain their lush detail and animated elements, along with the ever-present hooded referees and the occasional special item thrown into the ring that can affect the tide of battle with a health recovery or a punishing bomb. The short story cutscenes and assumedly the character endings are there And yes, the signature fatalities (Yes, SS2 has fatalities) are in- the fatal arterial spray or the enemy getting sliced in half (it’s not as gory as it is stylish) is in.

There seems to be only a couple of modes- Single Player and Multiplayer (not into that but I’m sure it’s great), but that’s really all you need. Options include some visual tweaks (ability to enable or disable scan lines for that old-school arcade look) and screen format from 16:9, 4:3 or windowed mode, and the ability to adjust button placement on the screen. Loading times are pretty much non-existent. I was expecting extras like a gallery of unlockable art but there seems to be none, but that’s no biggie.

This would be all well and good but UNFORTUNATELY…

This game is hamstrung by two glaring issues that pretty much kill the enjoyment.

ONE, the controls. The Touchscreen interface seems to have a workable interface of delivering the required game controls- you can switch between the classic/original 4-button layout or a 6-button one that has buttons corresponding to AB and CD button combinations- which makes executing the two-button commands a bit easier.
Sadly, the touchscreen is NOT as responsive as it NEEDS to be, at least against the CPU. You will not be able to pull of the fast jabs and fluid moves because the joystick cannot follow your movements perfectly, nor can the buttons respond to fast sequences of attacks. More often than not you’ll be jamming on the buttons and seeing your character do one slow attack when you were intending two. Or more often than not you’ll be pressing in the wrong place as you can’t actually SEE the buttons, since the buttons disappear when the fighting starts- a design choice to keep from impeding the game visuals, but I wish the devs had given the option to toggle this.

The second big issue is the CPU AI- it is FAR too hard. Even at the LOWEST setting (1 of 9), I could not, for the life of me, defeat the fourth opponent (or second, depending on who I am facing). The CPU is just too fast, too quick on their feet. They evade your blows or block everything perfectly, they counter everything you do, punish any missed moves with maximum damage, and whenever you get in close they will THROW you. And again. And AGAIN. I am not a Samurai Shodown expert, but damn, at lowest setting you’d expect to do progress, but this is murder. At one point I was ready to smash my iPad into the wall.

If you have some mates with an iOS device and this game, multiplayer would be a finer proposition, but the single player campaign and story endings are worth seeing, but are locked behind this almost impenetrable difficulty. Yes, you have endless continues, but good luck on beating the game before your battery runs out unless you’re a Shodown God.

Unless you get controller support or the AI gets a good tweaking, this is a game for SNK loyalists or gaming masochists only. Shame that such an awesome game could deliver such pain. Well, I guess it’s a great tool for anger management.

Tekken Card Tournament: Take it to the Streetz! With a Z!

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A different kind of Tekken.

Okay, let me say this right up front- I am NOT a card game kind of person. When I first heard (and saw) Tekken Card Tournament (iOS/Android) several weeks ago, I just slapped my forehead in exasperation. I’ve been waiting for Tekken X Streetfighter or any hint of Tekken 7, and we get… THIS. Well, it’s a way of reaching a new crowd with a new direction or genre that should grow the franchise I guess. And to be fair, the game isn’t something like Yugioh or even Pokemon. It seems more like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors where you choose your moves and see how they match up. Physical cards you can buy will let you setup a deck to use, and AR functions look neat. I just wish this game had incorporated Character Customization- that would have gotten me into it more.

As it is, I will try it this at least, but I can’t see myself buying the physical cards (not even sure they’ll be available in my neck of the woods). But hey, if you like card games why not give this a try? I’ll be playing Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag 2 in the meantime though, as I await a fighting game Tekken.

Tekken CARD Tournament Beta Gameplay

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Fast Tube by Casper

Time to deck your opponent.

Fighting Youtube gamer BuildingtheMeter posted quite a bit of footage of Namco-Bandai’s upcoming Tekken spinoff, Tekken Card Tournament. The game will be playable on browsers and smartphones when it comes out ‘soon’. TCT is a free-to-play game that features 3D models, AR (Augmented Reality) card support and cross-platform online play.
Judging from the footage, this is something more akin to rock-paper-scissors in a way, with cards corresponding to various moves. The graphics look like assets from Tekken 3DS, but I actually appreciate the game having at least new KO animations and lose poses. Hah.

Fast Tube by Casper

More Card Battlin’ Action.

Really though- while I do like the animated parts, this isn’t for me. If I wanna pass the time till the next Tekken, I’ll play a Tekken game- a REAL Tekken game. Card battles… nope. Still, since it’s free I may check it out and put it on my iPad or Android phone when it comes out. Still hoping that Harada isn’t concentrating too much on this, and is really actually working on something with more real-time action. More as we get it then.

Tekken… Card Tournament?

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Prepare for the Next CARD Battle!

We’ve got good news and bad news… Okay, it’s the first bit of Tekken we’ve been given in a long time, and it’s about… a CARD Battle game. Not only that, but a mobile card battle game. Sigh.
Tekken Card Tournament is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game for Android, iOS web browsers and mobile phones which will also involve actual, physical booster cards that will be made available in stores in Spring 2013. Fortunately, it’s not all just booster cards and stats- scanning cards has an Augmented Reality element, letting you add your favorite Tekken fighters to your deck through your phone/tablet camera. There will also be animated segments showing characters performing their deadly moves.
Okay, on one hand I guess this is better than that lamentable Tekken Bowl app. But… a card game. I’d actually prefer a match-3 fighting game than a card game. But hey, there are countless gamers out there into this genre- just not me.

No exact date yet for TCB’s release, but it is billed as coming ‘soon’. Physical booster cards will be on sale in stores in Spring.

I’ll pass and wait for the actual fighting game, thank you very much.

Bikini Karate Babes… on Your Phone?

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Creative Edge Studios is working on bringing their fan service fighters to the appstore.

A few years ago, Bikini Karate Babes hit the PC with its all-female cast of digitized combatants, eschewing skin in place of blood, silliness in place of gritty violence. Some years later (and many, many releases of DVDs featuring the games’ actresses and models), the sequel, Warriors of Elysia was FINALLY released after a prolonged development time, and tried at least to be less silly and more credible as a fighter. Well, you won’t find WOE in any fighting game tournament anytime soon, but still, Creative Edge Studios, the producers of the game, has still managed to keep a loyal following of gamers and fans supporting their endeavors.

Now, while they haven’t announced Bikini Karate Babes 3 or Warriors of Elysia 2 (yet), Creative Edge isn’t finished with making games based on their female fighters. Apparently their next project is a mobile version of their beat ‘em up, which actually is something I’d like to see. Hey, even with thousands of titles on the appstore and android market, actual good fighting games are always welcome.

Now, there’s no date set yet for the release of BKB Mobile- in fact, the game’s still in the works and Creative Edge is looking for backing to expedite development, via paid membership for their Fan Club. Heck, why not try Kickstarter, guys? I’m sure a lot of gamers out there would love a bikini fighter on their phones.

Anyway, it may be a while before this pans out, but I’d take a look at this if and when it arrives. Till then though, if you want girls in swimsuits brawling on your mobile, just download the FPSe app for Android (PSX Emulator), a Dead or Alive PSX ROM file and you’ll be in fan service fighting bliss in no time.

Gaming Gems: Puzzle Quest (Challenge of the Warlords)

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Not quite Skyrim meets Bejeweled, but still the best Match 3 RPG.

There are some games that are just so good, you can play them forever. Or, at least, will stay on your game device/library of choice indefinitely. This choice collection of titles for me includes the original Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Again, not a new game at all… it’s probably been ported to every console and gaming platform out there by now… but I just happened to look at my iPad and seeing the app icon I just began to wax nostalgic.

One of the first Match-3 RPG hybrids, Puzzle Quest took the Bejeweled style of gameplay and made it the fighting arena of choice between your chosen hero/heroine and various enemies in a pretty sizable fantasy realm. Various spells and powers came into play to affect matching gems and skulls in the field, and the battle would rage until one side was obliterated. Though there have been many, MANY Match-3 RPG titles since, I think none have ever surpassed the original PQ… not even its own sequel, Puzzle Quest 2.

Puzzle Quest’s long adventure is no LOTR, but it was loads of fun and had many a colorful character to encounter along the way.

My favorite aspect of PQ was the story, which followed your character throughout their illustrious adventuring career- from being just the son/daughter or a noble running errands for dear ol’ dad to managing a vast empire of captured cities and holds. Yep, in Puzzle Quest you can pretty much eventually take over the world as a benevolent conqueror, so that cities will pay you tribute like the badass fantasy capo don you are. While the story stays mostly the same (though choices probably vary depending on your character), you do have a choice in choosing your hero/heroine’s class, and this will affect gameplay. Fighters will have powers that directly assault the enemy, while mages have spells that affect the field and gems. There are quite a few classes and I’ve really only played ONE (a Wizard), so there’s tons of gameplay I can still get from PQ simply by starting another game as another class (and different gender).

Sadly, Puzzle Quest’s sequel took a different route, eschewing the more epic scale of the original for a more personal, smaller quest. While Puzzle Quest 2 has it’s appeal and is more intimate in the duels, I miss the anime style art, the huge map to explore, the empire-building and tinkering in my citadel, and general epic feel of the original.

At present, while the game has been ported to many platforms, Puzzle Quest is apparently unavailable on the Apple appstore (not sure if they’ll re-release it), which is just too bad.

Luckily I bought the game years ago from the appstore and still have it on my iPad right now (the iOS version is one of the best ports, I think), so I can always revisit this world anytime I want to. If you somehow missed this gem of a Bejeweled spinoff, try to find it. And once you do, grab it and don’t let go!

FINALLY Played The Walking Dead: The Game…

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The Walking Dead’s protagonists: Lee Everett and Clementine.

… and wow, that was pretty fantastic.

Yeah, yeah, I’m a bit late to the party. This game’s been out for months and months and already won a gazillion game awards, including Game of the Year from several game sites. Truth be told, I made it a point to get this game once all the episodes were available, but even then, while I already owned it for quite a while, the opportunity to actually PLAY it didn’t come till recently. I really don’t think The Walking Dead is a game (or perhaps an experience?) you can just pick up and play. You have to be ‘ready’ for it; you have to commit to playing/digesting it, and once that’s in, it’s just like watching an extension of the TV series.

I’ve so far only played the first episode, “A New Day”, and well, it’s certainly impressed me. I have the iPad version, which runs great and looks fabulous. The touchscreen controls are very intuitive and easy- moving protagonist Lee around and interacting with things is quick and painless. The atmosphere and tone is perfect, the artwork (which is based more on the comics) is great. Anyone expecting a Resident Evils shoot ‘em up or action game will be a bit disappointed- this is a slower, more deliberate title, an adventure game more in line with Point-and-Click classics.
This isn’t so much about surviving zombie attacks as it is about interacting with the other, live humans around you. It doesn’t hold your hand in these interactions either- you mold the game as you play, mostly via dialogue choices that will affect how other characters look or treat you. Off the bat I played Lee like myself- mostly honestly, and that earned me a stern talking-to that cautioned that I’d better be a better liar. Yikes! At certain points though, your choice will majorly affect the game, and you’ll have to live with the consequences.

After playing through Episode 1, I’m still digesting the experience, and building up the ‘mood’ to continue. Episode 2′s already on the Pad and ready to play. One problem is that it takes so darn long to download new eps, and the darn DL can’t be paused or continued if something botches it up. But I’ll get to playing this through to the end eventually. Hopefully before next year? We’ll see…

The Lone Gamer’s Gadget Gushes of 2012

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My Galaxy Note 2: Communicator, Console, Compact Cinema.

This past year was an awesome time for gadgets, and I was fortunate enough to find a couple that have since become indispensable, constant companions. It truly is a wonderful time to be a gamer, as today’s latest toys will most assuredly keep boredom at bay indefinitely with awesome apps and flawless media playing.

On the game console side, I still have to say my Playstation 3 has held the line admirably, with both disc-based games AND digitally-released titles. The best DLC game I’ve had all year is surely Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown from Sega, a classic fighting game that had, for the longest time, only been available in Japanese arcades. Thankfully Sega finally allowed us to have this sexy brawler on our consoles, with excellent online play as well as the complete suite of Character Customizations. My PS3 continues to be my main home console- not bad for a machine that’s fast approaching 10 years old (my PS3 is a first-run classic Japanese version complete with PS1 Backwards-Compatibility)!

My current mobile phone, discovered a couple months ago, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This gorgeous and uber-powerful smartphone pretty much banished the iPhone 5 from my thoughts. Even if it’s quite a handful, the large screen really is the main feature, with the ability to play pretty much any media file you can throw at it, as well as something the iOS platform doesn’t have… the ability to play PS1 Games which makes it truly a portable console that kicks ass. Yeah, PSX Emulation isn’t new- but thanks to the GN2′s beefy power, I can play Dead or Alive or any of my PS1 faves without the phone heating up or the battery running dry too quickly.

Despite the Retina-enable iPad being busted out recently by Apple, I’m still in love with my ‘New iPad’ or iPad 3. There’s no game or app this device can’t handle, and with tons of awesome titles like Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, my pad has truly become the Tablet of Tablets.

For PC Gaming, my needs are sated by my Acer i5 Laptop. With it I’ve enjoyed countless hours of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, X-Com: Enemy Unknown, Hotline Miami and more. Plus, crazy-sexy mods make the PC versions of Streetfighter X Tekken and Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition far better than their console counterparts.

Sadly I haven’t found any of the new gadgets from Sony or Nintendo that desirable as yet- but who knows- maybe some upcoming titles will make the Nintendo WiiU or the Playstation Vita viable gadgets someday. Till then, I’ll be busy playing with my gadget menagerie right now into the New Year. Have a Techy Holiday, people!

Doomsday Game Prepper: The Lone Gamer’s Top Ten Games For Apocalypse 2012

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Hey everyone! We’ve all got just about a week to go before society and life as we know it vanishes on the December 21. How’s it going to happen? Meteor? Zombie Plague? Alien Invasion? Mega Tsunami? For all we know, when we open the window or door on the 21st, all we’ll see is an abyss of darkness, or a ravaged, blood-drenched wasteland. So the best thing to do while we have time is prep- and not just with silly stuff like canned beans or tracer round ammo, but vital stuff that will keep you SANE… GAMES, man!

Oh, of course when the apocalypse arrives, no more new games, since every game company will either be dust in the wind or fighting to save their own lives instead of doing something vital, like working. So before the End of All Things, make sure your Last Hidey-Hole comes with a cache of your favorite games- they’ll most surely keep you sane, and you’ll be playing them till your last dying breath. Here’s my list of games to die with come the Big Finale…

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (PC) What’s the perfect game to play at the end of the world? One that puts you into another world to live in! Bethesda’s best-selling RPG has a gazillion things to do and technically never ends, so you can play it forever (or until you die, which will probably come first). I recommend a ton of great mods to make this awesome game ten times for awesome. Heck, who cares if the outside world is crumbling when you’re searching for that last Stone of Barenziah? Or a supply of clay?

Tekken 6 (PS3) Of all the canon Tekkens, I find that this is still my favorite. The roster is nice and huge, the animation and gameplay a level best for the series at this point. Plus the home version has tons and TONS of content- yes I am one gamer who appreciates and loves the Scenario Campaign mode. Tekken Tag 2 has just as much, if not more stuffings, but it’s a non-canon, Tag-play fighter- for good, classic one-on-one Tekken action with all the trimmings, this is the Tekken I’ll be found gripping with in my cold, dead hands.

Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition (PC) I really want the World Warriors to be with me at the end of the world, and this version is arguably the best you can get for good times the biggest SF roster ever. I recommend installing sexy costume mods make this hot fighter even hotter and really, doing Hadokens and Shoryukens never gets old. Nor does seeing Cammy in a bikini doing Frankensteiners.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3) In sheer content, you can technically play this game forever- just the possibilities of character combinations you can have boggle the mind. Plus my butterfingers will ensure I’ll be trying to master the Tag Assault combos for a long, long time. Well, at least until the fuel for my Game Sanctum generators run out. Well, I have a waterwheel generator and an underground river, so technically that won’t ever happen.

Plants VS Zombies (iPad/PC) Why this? Because it’s fun, cheery and funny, as well as something you can play for a long, long time. Just unlock Survival Endless and you’ll have something to stare at till your perfect Doom Shroom defense crumbles… probably at the same time the real zombies bust through the bunker doors, but by then you’ll be ready for the end.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (PS3) This finishes my three beat ‘em ups on my list- VF5FS is the best AND latest version of the VF series you can get for the home, and this is pretty much complete including all the customizations from the arcade. Oh, and they say it takes years to just master Akira’s Stun Palm of Doom… I guess I’ll soon find the time to put that to the test.

Far Cry 3 (PC) There are literally hundreds of shooters around, so why pick this one? Aside from being new and fresh and pretty awesome with its open world setting, Far Cry 3 has a delicious theme of Insanity running through it, which is nicely visualized in game by characters like its maniacal villain, Vaas Montenegro. Once the end is near, you’ll probably be batshit crazy yourself and talking to the game as you’re playing it.

Diablo 2 (PC) Forget that crap with the ‘III’ at the end… THIS is where it is at, still the best dungeon crawler of all time. This is a game you can truly play for a long time, to perfect your killing technique and to just upgrade your armor, skills and weapons that bit stronger. Too bad you can’t bring that upgraded mega-saber into real life…

Civilization V (PC) There are great RTS and Strategy games out there, but I guess one perfect one to have at the end of the world is one which lets you start things over, and see where mankind could have gone to prevent the Cataclysm. Then your saved game would be used by later survivors to rebuild… isn’t that nice?

Dead or Alive Extreme 2 (Xbox360) Because even if the sun has been blotted out by Armageddon, nothing brightens up the day more than a hot bikini babe poledancing.

So what’s your list of Doomsday Gaming? Honestly though, I have a large cache of stuff to play on the 21st, but we’ll see. I do sincerely hope we’ll move on past 2012 and see a Tekken 7 or an Elder Scrolls VI someday. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll all be gaming (and I’ll be blogging) well into the next decade. Keep safe, everyone!