Wayward Souls: A 2D Dark Souls on iOS?

Posted in Action Adventure, DLC, Fantasy, Game Advertising, Game-related Events, Gaming, iGaming, iPad, iPhone, RPGs, Wayward Souls on April 24th, 2014 by thelonegamer

Pixelly dungeon-delving from Rocketcat Games.

It’s been a while since I posted about something from the Appstore, but this looks to be quite a gem. Wayward Souls has just been released for iOS (iPhone 4/iPad2 and Higher) by RocketCat, developers of another awesome RPG action title on the platform, Mage Gauntlet(Also worth a look, BTW).

A Fantasy Action-RPG, Wayward Souls lets the player don the boots of one of six different heroes to explore and battle their way through procedurally-generated stages- which means every time you play you get a different layout and apparent scenario to frame the quest. Each character is unique and has their own equipment, weapons and skills. The graphics are pixelly but hardly retro- it’s a simple but very expressive graphic style, and works well with detailed environments and the wonderfully complementary musical score and SFX.

This game also looks to be iOS’s answer to the notoriously difficult but addictive Dark Souls, wherein once you die, you DIE. Progress however is kept in the form of gold you gather and permanent character upgrades that carry over into consecutive plays. But still, you’re going to have to master your character and know enemy patterns to truly excel at this rogue-like fantasy dungeon crawl.

With killer looks, simple and intuitive controls and frenetic gameplay (tons of enemies onscreen at a time look particularly impressive), surprising interactivity and an amazingly SMALL file size (36 MB?!), this is a steal on the Appstore at $4.99. This is a premium title to be sure, with NO IAP and free expansions and upgrades to look forward to.

In these days of F2P garbage, games like this are things to be grabbed, supported and savoured. Go get this and give it a hallowed place on your iDevice.