Tekken Card Tournament: Take it to the Streetz! With a Z!

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A different kind of Tekken.

Okay, let me say this right up front- I am NOT a card game kind of person. When I first heard (and saw) Tekken Card Tournament (iOS/Android) several weeks ago, I just slapped my forehead in exasperation. I’ve been waiting for Tekken X Streetfighter or any hint of Tekken 7, and we get… THIS. Well, it’s a way of reaching a new crowd with a new direction or genre that should grow the franchise I guess. And to be fair, the game isn’t something like Yugioh or even Pokemon. It seems more like a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors where you choose your moves and see how they match up. Physical cards you can buy will let you setup a deck to use, and AR functions look neat. I just wish this game had incorporated Character Customization- that would have gotten me into it more.

As it is, I will try it this at least, but I can’t see myself buying the physical cards (not even sure they’ll be available in my neck of the woods). But hey, if you like card games why not give this a try? I’ll be playing Tekken 6 or Tekken Tag 2 in the meantime though, as I await a fighting game Tekken.

Tekken CARD Tournament Beta Gameplay

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Fast Tube by Casper

Time to deck your opponent.

Fighting Youtube gamer BuildingtheMeter posted quite a bit of footage of Namco-Bandai’s upcoming Tekken spinoff, Tekken Card Tournament. The game will be playable on browsers and smartphones when it comes out ‘soon’. TCT is a free-to-play game that features 3D models, AR (Augmented Reality) card support and cross-platform online play.
Judging from the footage, this is something more akin to rock-paper-scissors in a way, with cards corresponding to various moves. The graphics look like assets from Tekken 3DS, but I actually appreciate the game having at least new KO animations and lose poses. Hah.

Fast Tube by Casper

More Card Battlin’ Action.

Really though- while I do like the animated parts, this isn’t for me. If I wanna pass the time till the next Tekken, I’ll play a Tekken game- a REAL Tekken game. Card battles… nope. Still, since it’s free I may check it out and put it on my iPad or Android phone when it comes out. Still hoping that Harada isn’t concentrating too much on this, and is really actually working on something with more real-time action. More as we get it then.

Tekken… Card Tournament?

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Prepare for the Next CARD Battle!

We’ve got good news and bad news… Okay, it’s the first bit of Tekken we’ve been given in a long time, and it’s about… a CARD Battle game. Not only that, but a mobile card battle game. Sigh.
Tekken Card Tournament is an upcoming free-to-play mobile game for Android, iOS web browsers and mobile phones which will also involve actual, physical booster cards that will be made available in stores in Spring 2013. Fortunately, it’s not all just booster cards and stats- scanning cards has an Augmented Reality element, letting you add your favorite Tekken fighters to your deck through your phone/tablet camera. There will also be animated segments showing characters performing their deadly moves.
Okay, on one hand I guess this is better than that lamentable Tekken Bowl app. But… a card game. I’d actually prefer a match-3 fighting game than a card game. But hey, there are countless gamers out there into this genre- just not me.

No exact date yet for TCB’s release, but it is billed as coming ‘soon’. Physical booster cards will be on sale in stores in Spring.

I’ll pass and wait for the actual fighting game, thank you very much.

Bikini Karate Babes… on Your Phone?

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Creative Edge Studios is working on bringing their fan service fighters to the appstore.

A few years ago, Bikini Karate Babes hit the PC with its all-female cast of digitized combatants, eschewing skin in place of blood, silliness in place of gritty violence. Some years later (and many, many releases of DVDs featuring the games’ actresses and models), the sequel, Warriors of Elysia was FINALLY released after a prolonged development time, and tried at least to be less silly and more credible as a fighter. Well, you won’t find WOE in any fighting game tournament anytime soon, but still, Creative Edge Studios, the producers of the game, has still managed to keep a loyal following of gamers and fans supporting their endeavors.

Now, while they haven’t announced Bikini Karate Babes 3 or Warriors of Elysia 2 (yet), Creative Edge isn’t finished with making games based on their female fighters. Apparently their next project is a mobile version of their beat ‘em up, which actually is something I’d like to see. Hey, even with thousands of titles on the appstore and android market, actual good fighting games are always welcome.

Now, there’s no date set yet for the release of BKB Mobile- in fact, the game’s still in the works and Creative Edge is looking for backing to expedite development, via paid membership for their Fan Club. Heck, why not try Kickstarter, guys? I’m sure a lot of gamers out there would love a bikini fighter on their phones.

Anyway, it may be a while before this pans out, but I’d take a look at this if and when it arrives. Till then though, if you want girls in swimsuits brawling on your mobile, just download the FPSe app for Android (PSX Emulator), a Dead or Alive PSX ROM file and you’ll be in fan service fighting bliss in no time.

UPDATED: Asura Cross (2D Fighting on iOS) Impressions

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Fast Tube by Casper

Gamevil runs us through their iOS Fighter.

Okay, THIS is a pleasant surprise. The iOS platform has tons of games- but not that many in terms of good beat ‘em ups. Yeah, we got Soul Calibur, but that’s a port and a bit bare bones. The King of Fighter titles are cool, but again, ports from consoles, and they’re iPhone only. Original fighting games on iOS have ranged from passable (Blades of Fury) to horrific (Further Beyond Fighting).

Well, imagine my surprise to find Asura Cross from Gamevil- what appears to be a 2D fighter boasting not only smooth and fluid-looking animation but varied fighting styles and a deep combat system!
Asura Cross features a Story mode with multiple endings, various other play modes like VS and Practice, unlockable fighters and even head-to-head play via Bluetooth. Pretty full-featured and impressive-looking, judging from the couple of vids I’ve seen (and posted here). I am impressed by the relatively complex interaction between the sprite-based characters, the large number of moves and the smooth animations. Really, this looks very promising.
Oh, and best of all it’s UNIVERSAL, so I can play it in full screen on my iPad. COOL.

Asura Cross is FREE on the appstore, which means of course inevitably that it will have IAP content. This isn’t too bad- you get three fighters unlocked off the bat, with the rest purchasable (and they should be worth it anyway). You can unlock other stuff like character colors and upgrades via points scored in-game. All in all I think it’s a reasonable barter and having the full game unlocked is a good value for anyone who loves beat ‘em ups. Titles like this are few and far between on the appstore, so I really want more fighters of this quality to come. If this turns out awesome, it may just become a fixture on my iPad.

Fast Tube by Casper

Two different styles of fighting clash in this vid.

UPDATE: Played the Story Mode. No, haven’t finished it- I’ve gotten past several one-round fights, and am into Chapter 2 (don’t know how many chapters this is). The story is surprisingly engaging, as it includes weirdness like aliens and vampires with your usual Fighter’s Road kind of thing- plus a healthy bit of sexual attraction between protagonist Jinshu and a couple of the ladies (which is actually a refreshing change from the usual ‘Fight is All’ hero). Unfortunately, the later fights are incredibly hard, since the enemies are being padded with far larger health bars, huge damage output and speed. It’s almost impossible, unless you never get hit or exploit some move glitch, to win in these fights with a stock character. You’ll invariably be forced to upgrade or Power Up your character using your APs, or Asura Points, which you have a few up front, and gain a bit as you play. Suffice to say, these run out fast, which is a strong push by the game for you to buy IAP. Of course, you could always just grind, which will take a long time.
I am a bit peeved at this- I’d rather than any IAP not affect gameplay this blatantly- it takes away from the game being decided by your SKILL, rather than stats and augmented properties. I’d much rather that IAP be stuff that just adds to the enjoyment, not central to the game- like perhaps additional character colors, additional characters, etc. As it is, it’s not game-breaking or a deal-breaker, but I am a bit disillusioned by how this game is set up.

It’s still an exceptional fighting game on iOS, but make no mistake- it’s a money sink as much as it is a game. It’s best for me to just keep this a casual thing, to just play for brief spurts. Maybe someday I’ll level up Jin enough to find out if he ends up with Judo hottie Yuuka or tomboy Nemo. But not today.

God of Blades: Chop ‘Em Up On the Go!

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Fast Tube by Casper

This atmospheric, stylish run-and-slash is bloody cool.

Just recently, I tried out a game called Infinite Warrior- basically a variation on the ‘Endless Runner’ series of games on the mobile platform (Temple Run). It was kinda neat, but I have to confess that it was pretty shallow and dying instantly when you miss is pretty annoying and disconcerting. Well, this is addressed quite a bit and then some by the newly-released run-and-slash iOS title, God of Blades.

Similar to IW, GOB basically has you taking the protagonist- a mysterious figure known as the Nameless King, from left to right. Simple, right? Well, not really- there are enemies coming in the opposite direction, and you have to chop them up on the fly as they come. Luckily Ol’ Nameless has a penchant for big, fearsome two-handed swords- the kind that would make Soul Calibur’s Nightmare go green with envy. You start with one basic blade and can unlock more as you earn points to ‘unlock memory’ and add new swords to your arsenal. Aside from the standard upward, downward and forward slashes (all done with a simple finger swipe in that direction), each sword can be used to parry (swipe left) or unleash a power which differs with each blade and has their own unique cooldown time.

The Campaign spans several stages across a pretty epic looking backdrop of an alien landscape, with armies battling it out in the background as your warrior spreads carnage up front. The HD, fullscreen visuals and art all brings to mind pulp fantasy and rock and roll fantasy albums, which is the intention. Pretty atmospheric, stylized and just plain cool. You’ll face off with a variety of enemies, from peons who basically just run up to you to die, to more formidable foes who come armored and have to be outwitted a bit with some timely parries and quick thrusts. An extra character can be unlocked for play as you progress, and there’s an Endless mode to test your skills.

This is a very well-done variation on the endless runner/slayer theme, a refreshing take that gives you more control and interaction, and a bit more depth. The ragdoll animation makes for some pretty satisfying kills, and the simple but nuanced gameplay will have you running your device’s battery to death as you just try for ‘one more kill…’

If you’re into fast action, you can do a lot worse than God of Blades. Try it out on the cheap at just $2.99 on the appstore.

Streetfighter X Tekken on iOS at PAX Prime

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Fast Tube by Casper

Really… this is looking awesome.

Okay, I’m a beat ‘em up fan, and I’m always looking for a great fighting game I can play on the go- yeah, my iPod Touch has got quite a few- Streetfighter IV Volt, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, King of Fighters. These games are all low-res though, more suited to the small screen. What about for my iPad? Again, there are quite a few- Soul Calibur is easily the best-looking fighter you can get on your large iDevice, and it plays a treat too. Perhaps Capcom can add one more title to my iArena with the upcoming iOS version of Streetfighter X Tekken.

Unlike the previous SF titles found on the appstore, SFxTK iOS is in HD, and features the 3D character models from the game. Judging from the video above from Gamesradar, the game seems to move very smoothly and play very well- if you’re not averse to using the touchscreen. On the other hand, the roster is pretty slim, but I guess more fighters will be added in updates after release. I have to say, I am liking this and this is an easy buy for me- if I can have Juri, Ibuki, Asuka and Lili on my iPad, this may become an all-time fave of mine.

Streetfighter X Tekken iOS is coming out ‘soon’ on the appstore- hopefully very soon…

Streetfighter X Tekken… On the iPhone?!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Okay, iOS can do anything, apparently…

One of the less-spectacular but nevertheless intriguing little fighting game bits at E3 is an iOS Demo for Streetfighter X Tekken. Yep, the cross-over fighter is coming to your iPhone. Well, actually, Capcom’s still thinking about it. Their Streetfighter IV and Marvel VS Capcom 2 releases on Apple’s platform have apparently pleased the company biggies, so perhaps we’ll be seeing SFxTK on the go sometime in the near future. Heck, makes sense… pretty sure the iOS gamers don’t mind DLC… heheh. Anyway, the footage above looks pretty impressive, and it’s running on an iPad, which means the graphics on this mobile game are High Res, much more so than the SFIV or SFIV Volt games, or even the MvC2 port. I’m very inclined to get this- guaranteed if they manage to squeeze in the whole roster. I think I’ll be keeping an eye on this… DAMN iOS is freakin awesome…

Marvel VS Capcom 2… on iOS!?!

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Fast Tube by Casper

Who’d have thought we’d be able to play THIS on a phone?

Darn, it truly IS the greatest time to be a gamer. It’s that day when we can have console-quality fun on devices once thought limited to just calling and texting. Yeah, I knew smartphones were supposed to be cool- and yeah, years ago I could play some PSOne classics on my Windows smartphone… but this! Arcade classic and 2D madhouse of Capcom-powered crazy brawling action, Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, is now available (or will be later today) on the iOS platform. Yes, THAT Marvel VS Capcom 2… the one with the 54-strong roster that includes Ruby Heart, Son-Son, effin’ CABLE, Blackheart and so forth. All playable, with supposedly no cutbacks- super combos, super attacks, special techniques, hidden characters… the works! Even better, this is a Universal release, meaning it’s made for both iPhones/iPod Touch AND iPads. Some bad news though- iPhone 3GS and original iPad owners, as well as those owning iPod Touch 3rd Gen and lower are out of luck… you’re going to need the more advanced iDevices to play.

That said, this is looking freakin’ amazing. I was never really a big MvC fan, but man- just the sheer ability to have this on my iPad (and yes, thankfully I have the new iPad) is amazing and just a MUST for a beat ‘em up fan. I’ll be sure to grab this from the appstore once it appears (hopefully sometime tomorrow night). At an opening sale of $2.99, this seems as inexpensive as it is awesome.

Man, if this is possible, what other fighting games may we see on our Apple devices someday? Streetfighter III? Third Strike? Darkstalkers? GIMME A TEKKEN iOS, PLEASE!

Soul Calibur iOS Arrives on the AppStore

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Fast Tube by Casper

Console quality fighting action on the go?

Perhaps as a nice prelude to the big release of Soul Calibur V at the end of the month, Namco-Bandai got their mobile guys to port the classic Soul Calibur (back from the days of the Dreamcast and Original Xbox) to their iOS platform. While this kinda sounds cool, there are a lot of caveats.
First off, the game costs $11.99- pretty pricey for an app, but still I guess nowhere near as expensive as some Square RPGs on the appstore. The complete game roster of 19 fighters is available, with Arcade, Survival, Extra Survival (Sudden Death), Time Attack, Museum and Practice modes on offer. No Story Mode it seems, at least for now.

The files size is about 215 MB, which is large but not overly so. However, it requires an iPhone 4 or 4S, iPod Touch 4th Generaton or an iPad2 to run- and from the vid above it doesn’t seem to run that smoothly. If you factor in that much of SC’s appeal is silky-smooth animation, this may dash quite a few gamers’ dreams of heavenly beat ‘em up action on the go.

Lastly, despite being called Universal, the game apparently won’t run on iPad1. So if I get this, I’ll only be able to play it (at least until some patch addresses this) on my iTouch.

My Touch is already full of fighters- Streetfighter IV Volt, King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat 3 and Infinity Blade 2. Adding in Soul Calibur would probably be another nice feather in that cap. I’ll decide if I get this or not later tonight when I get home to the Sanctum and have access to my iTunes. So far though I’m at 40-60, against getting it. What I actually, really, totally and truly want, after all, is Soul Calibur V. Oh well…